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With the new mod version world of paradigm will become more fluent and logic. First of many new features are 'Cycles of mayhem'. When Doomsday will count 666 in calendar, Ketele will bring punishment to all creatures on the world, including player. Those who break will become Ketele's Puppets. Here are the details...

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Is this is a hell?

As some of you know, one of the major features of Paradigm Worlds was constantly raising difficulty, due to 'Doomsday' counter. With each day life on planet was harder and more dangerous. Your goal was also to stop that counter or... or what?

Well, enemies become stronger and stronger and if player would let it happen, he would end in a world of ultimate evil power. In reality playing late-game with very high doomsday was just very hard, not to say impossible. Could be also bit annoying - everywhere potential battle with dangerous enemies. No time for fun.

With the new version of mod some things change.

Doomsday Clock counter maximum value is 666. At next day a very bad thing happens. From the void of chaos a spawn of Ketele, goddess of evil arrives on Paradigm's soil. Do not think about Ketele like she would be a woman, or like she would have any real race. This is just a name given by fearful people and fanatic cultist to something that is beyond perception of a humanoid's mind.

Ketele doesn't come alone. She has huge horror army. It is evil, aggressive and it will hunt you.

Arrival of Ketele is followed by horror event: Ketele - whoever she is, an evil goddess or an alien from outer dimension - consumes part of all vitality of Paradigm Worlds. With each arrival, with each cycle, everyone on planet (every troop in game, if you want) loses part of their attributes. That loss is more severe with every cycle. Troop will loose strength, agility, intelligence etc.

In theory, at some point, once upon arrival, may happen that attribute will drop below zero. That means that this troop, or unit will become Ketele's Puppet. It will change its allegiance, relations, everything - just to fulfil one desire: to serve Ketele.

You are only one who can stop Ketele, so her attention, unfriendly attention will focus on you. Every Ketele's Puppet will HATE you. Will do everything to hurt you, and if it would be possible, to kill you. No matter if it is a powerful lord, king or just a blacksmith, or bartender, or village elder. They will all turn against you.

[In-game terms, all troop possible variables like relation, culture etc. will change in favour of Ketele]


Typical battle against Ketele cultists. Red sky is sign of everlasting presence of danger. Danger that sooner or later will come and get you.

There are good news however. Process is rather slow, and most possible that powerful, mutating troops, like heroes have rather low chances to fall under Ketele's control.

Doomsday counter resets next day, but not to a start, but to a random value from a range of 0 to 666. So if you deal with current spawn, you can hope for some peace until next time.

To remind you about Ketele's god-like powers, she will mark every battle against her cultists. You will see a red sky, sometimes reddish mist. Conditions to fight will be always harsh and you will need to prepare that battles will be harder than usually.


Personal skirmisher's bow may be not enough to stop a single Ketele demon, not saying a word about herself.

World's events will have huge impact on Doomsday Counter. Every war, every bad doing, will bring world closer to a verge of another mayhem. Yes, cycles. Each hell-spawn is a new cycle, harder than its predecessor. You can always check 'world's status' in your reports.

[There is also a new relation, to a CAMPAIGN AI difficulty, that can be set in vanilla options screen. Every 7 days, special Doomsday Week will commence. Dependent on chosen difficulty, a few Doomsday 'clicks' will have place, and and to a Doomsday Calendar. For EASY it is 3 Doomsdays, normal - 7 and hard - 10.]


This is just one new feature that you can find in a new version of Paradigm Worlds. Very, very soon.

Some screens:

How to picture Ketele, creature out of this dimension?

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Ketele is shapeless or has to many shapes at once. It is partially 2D, because our mind cannot see entirely her true form. It has a form of pure muscles or just meat. It doesn't need skin or senses in our understanding. Hell, we don't even know how Ketele perceives our reality!

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Bow, crossbow, refurbished M4... or even energy lance. You need them all to stop Ketele armies.


Your companions will turn against you, if they become Ketele's puppets.


Cultist became something more than just annoying stop to fame. With the help of Ketele itself they can achieve goal and turn this Paradigm lands into a hell on earth.


New, powerful allies... or enemies? Zoners. Highly advanced technically...


Nice stuff!

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