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This is our first Frequently Asked Questions session. We'll be making new ones when about 10 new questions roll in.

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Q: What type of game is it?
A: Cyber Online is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game, First Person Shooter.

Q: What time is the game taken place in?
A: The game is taken place in the future of 2055.

Q: When will the game be released?
A: The game will be released in split modules to begin with; the final game will *hopefully* be released in 3 years.

Q: Will I be able to be *a crusader, a sniper, etc.*?
A: You can be anything, you are not forced to one class and you can customize your character in any way possible. Like having a phaseblade and a pistol in the other.

Q: Who is working on this game?
A: Currently only a single individual. CrimsonWingzz is the developer of this game.

Q: What will the first module be and when will it come out?
A: The first module will be a Hunger Games style gamemode; no skills, just shooting, scavenging, and a ton of combat. I'm hoping to release this in the end of 2015.

Q: What motivates you to make this game?
A: You. Everyone who is wanting to play this game and are looking forward to the next dev updates that are to come.

Q: What is YOUR plan?
A: I'm hoping to make this a good experience for myself, I'll probably be doing other stuff in the half of 2015 like school, etc. But after that, it's getting to business and getting my ass on the chair and developing the game. Once I feel that I have learned programming more thoroughly and I'm confident that I can make this game, I will start a kickstarter fund and then go from there.

Q: How much will the game cost?
A: The game will only cost a one-time payment of $20. After that, you have the choice of buying cosmetic items.

Q: Will it be pay-to-win?
A: With this type of game, I find no use in making people pay real money for weapons. No, it will not be; you use your real money on buying the game, and then if you really want to, some cosmetics that DO NOT affect gameplay; just your looks.

Terrible Constructive Criticism: You suck at making video games.
A: This is my first REAL game that is being created by only myself. I'm learning as I go but I'll make sure to prove you wrong in the near future. :)

Hope that clears a few questions that people have; if you have any more questions, just comment below and I'll answer them in the next FAQ.

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UPDATE: We are getting more members in the Covert Games team! No longer a solo job!!

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