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The White-Gold Concordat scenario takes place in 4E 175, just after the end The Great War, with The Redguard rejecting the concordat

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4 Years have passed since the Great War began. Since then Southern Hammerfell has been conquered by the Dominion as well as southern Cyrodiil and even the Imperial City was sacked and occupied.
Titus Mede II, Emperor of Tamriel has made his last, bold, move, he gathered his legions for a march on the Imperial City itself to retake it from the Thalmor, in a surprise attack the City was surrounded and liberated.
The Thalmor general Naarifin who led the conquest of Cyrodiil and the infamous sacking of the Imperial City itself inflicting untold horrors on the innocent residents, was hung with a rope from the White-Gold Tower and kept alive for thirty-three days as Justice and vengeance for his actions. Yet the battle of the Red Diamond was a Pyrrhic Victory for the Imperials, they have lost too many men to keep this war going.. Titus knows that this may be his last and only chance for peace, while Alinor still reels from the news of the loss of Cyrodiil the Emperor sends word he is ready to make a peace and end the war. The treaty holds many of the same demands the Thalmor had asked for before the war, the outlawing of Talos worship in the Empire and the disbandment of the diminished Blades are both accepted terms, as well as the Emperor agreeing to cede southern Hammerfell to the dominion. The treaty is signed by the Emperor in the White-Gold Tower itself thus earning the name "The White-Gold Concordat".
Meanwhile the former rivalries of the Clans and Forebears have been put aside, the Redguards stand together against their common foe. They denounce the Imperial submission and most of all blatantly refuse to hand over southern Hammerfell to the Dominion, they continue the fight against the Elves and the Emperor has no choice but to disown them and declare them no longer a part of the Empire, this causes relations between the Empire and the Redguards to cease, and this abandonment will not soon be forgotten.
Meanwhile in Morrowind House Redoran has managed to push further south ever so slightly retaking formerly annexed lands from the Argonians, full scale war does not erupt as the Argonians begin to pull back allowing the Dunmer some small amount of their past lands.
In Skyrim the Forsworn Reachmen manage to conquer Markarth in the chaos of the war forcing the Nords out. Ulfric Stormcloack Jarl of Windhelm leads a Nord Militia in the retaking of the city with the assurance from Igmund the rightful Jarl of Markarth that the ban on Talos worship would be lifted if he retook the city. Ulfric and his militia defeated the Forsworn occupying the city and captured their King Madanach. Igmund keeps his word as Jarl allowing the worship of Talos, but when Imperial reinforcements arrived to restore rule of law Ulfric wouldn't allow them entry until they agreed to allow the worship of Talos in the Empire, with looting and death on Markarths streets the Imperials accepted Ulfrics terms thus possibly jeopardizing the peace with the Aldmeri Dominion. Eventually under pressure from the Thalmor the Empire rescinded their agreement with Ulfric and had he and his Militia are ousted from the city and arrested.
One Great War has ended, but the peace will not last, what shall be the fate of Hammerfell and the Empire in this time of TOTAL WAR...


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