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This scenario is an adaptation of the event of Elder Scrolls Online, taking place in 2E 582

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The Five Companions were able to retrieve the Amulet of Kings and begin the ritual in the year 2E 578. The Five gathered at the Temple of the One in the Imperial City, and began to perform the ritual. At that moment, Mannimarco immobilized everyone present and revealed his true intentions: he was an agent of Molag Bal, and the ritual did not reignite the Dragonfires, but in fact did the exact opposite, weakening the ancient barriers between Nirn and Oblivion in an event known as the Soulburst.
This event allowed Molag Bal to initiate the Planemeld. As the Soulburst occurred, aftershocks were swept across every corner of Nirn. Mages died or went mad, Red Mountain trembled in Morrowind, earthquakes shook Skyrim and heavy storms devastated the coastlines of Elsweyr and Valenwood. The constellation of the Serpent grew so large that it seemed to threaten every star sign at once.
After the Soulburst, Varen mysteriously went missing. Lyris was captured by Mannimarco to be sacrificed, Abnur simply fled from the city altogether and Sai Sahan fled with the amulet, and hid it in the depths of Sancre Tor.
Afterwards, the Tharn family, who were now the new rulers of Cyrodiil through the new Empress Regent Clivia Tharn, made a secret pact with Mannimarco who had agreed to strengthen the Imperial armies of Cyrodiil by resurrecting their soldiers. Abnur, Clivia's father, had grown a deep hatred for Mannimarco after the Soulburst, and he was soon captured, brought to the Castle of the Worm in Coldharbour and imprisoned there.


This is an adaptation of Elder Scrolls Online. Its the most detailed scenario, as it contains hundreds of characters and events from ESO. For this campaign you need to use other strategy than you usually use, as this scenario is events based.

Have you found a bug or you have ideas to improve the scenario? Or you just want to share your experience from playing the scenario? Post in the comments!

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