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This is the current Changelog (20.04.10). More will follow!

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# Factions

  • Added new faction: United Nations (UN)
  • Added new faction: US Army (USA)
  • Added new faction: Insurgents (IN)
  • Added new faction: Rebels (RE)

# Weapons

  • Added FIM 92 Stinger by REQUIN94
  • Added RPG-9 by Dice
  • Added M82A1 by Kysterama
  • Added M40A3 by SatNav
  • Added FGM-148 Javelin by SatNav
  • Added Smoke Grenades by GermanSniper2011

# Vehicles

  • Added F4 Phantom FGR2 by AIX
  • Added V22 Osprey by AIX
  • Added CH-53 Sea Stallion by AIX
  • Added AV-8B Harrier II by AIX
  • Added M35A1 by US Intervention
  • Added Ural 4320 by US Intervention
  • Added Dirtbike by SatNav
  • Added xpack Vehicles by Dice
  • Added xpack2 Vehicles by Dice# Vehicles

# Menu

  • Edited Spawnmenu

what else you have to do????

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