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This is the Unoffical History/Timeline of Crossfire 1.82. Written By Silver Arrows Captain Ryleous Arkane (SA_ORION)

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BS21/2160A.D. - *NOW in the beginning of STARLANCER*

BS18/2163A.D. - As the century-long interstellar war between the Alliance and Coalition forces rages on throughout the Sol solar system, the weary and worn Alliance forces commanders have concluded that their resources and number of conscripts to further endure this war will exhaust itself due to a unsustainable rate of attrition within a few years. With little hope in sight to win, much less to endure this long and bloody war, a solution to save the families and next generation of the Alliance nations is formed, each major nation will construct a "sleeper ship" with light-speed capable drives and flee the Sol System to an uncharted region of the Milky-Way Galaxy to begin anew away from the horrors of war... Forever called the "Sirius sector", after it's biggest and brightest star in that sector.

BS17/2164A.D. - The Alliance's top-secret operation, "SIRIUS EXODUS" is set for launch from a remote and well defended Alliance outpost on Jupiter's moon, Europa. Unfortunately, somehow the Coalition forces discovered the information in time and sent a destroyer fleet to stop the ships from launching... Thanks to the valiant efforts of the defending Alliance fleet, all 5 ships, The "LIBERTY", the "BRETONIA", the "RHIENLAND", the "KUSARI" and the "HISPANIA" all break through the Coalition blockade and successfully engage their light-speed engines towards the Sirius sector in hope of finding a new home(s) for the Alliance peoples.

BS15/2166A.D. - In pursuit of the Alliance sleeper ships, the Coalition forces launch the "STALIN" sleeper ship in the direction of the Alliance sleeper ships towards the Sirius sector, never to be heard from again. (The sleeper ship's wreckage would only be discovered centuries later in the newly discovered Nephele system via the X-3043's discovery and it's alien jumpgates, presumably found and destroyed by NOMAD forces before the Coalition people could disembark to a habitable planet.)

BS15/2166A.D. - The final battle between the last remaining remnant of Alliance forces fleet near their Pluto outpost in the Sol system are "blitzkrieged" and engaged by the overwhelming Coalition fleet. But to both sides surprise and dumbfounded notice, mankind in the middle of this conflict makes their first extraterrestrial contact! Unfortunately, these E.T.s did not come in peace... Both the remnant of the Alliance forces and a large majority of the Coalition fleet were quickly destroyed by the purple, translucent alien ships... Forever known as the "NOMADS".

BS13/2168A.D. - The NOMAD forces drive the remaining Coalition fleet all the way back to Earth, destroying all human outposts along the way. Back on Earth, the remaining Coalition sleeper ships, the MOSCOW and the MINSK, were hastily completed and prepped for launch as soon as possible. Their destination was ironically, the Alliance's "fall-back" location, the Altair sector, in order to protect the colonists in the Sirius sector from the new NOMAD threat.

BS12(?)/2169A.D. - Perhaps the darkest day of all mankind throughout history... This was most likely the year that brought the dreaded day of judgment to all remaining humans left on Earth. The NOMADS finally arrive in orbit near Earth. After all initial resistance and remaining Coalition forces in orbit and on the planet are wiped away by the superior technology and numbers of the invading NOMAD fleet, the alien menace... Without pity, mercy or remorse, destroys all trace of mankind from the planet's surface in horrific genocide by targeted orbital bombardment of all human cities and towns. We suspect the few that actually did survive this attack did not live long after wards for obvious reasons... The NOMADs obviously are very efficient killers. Amazingly, they somehow left the Earth ecologically habitable in this attack... In spite of their sparing our planet itself, may we never forget the treachery of the NOMADS attempted genocide of mankind and pay them back in full with interest for this act on our cradle of civilization.



0AS/2180A.D. - The "HISPANIA" sleeper ship arrives in Omicron Alpha; although not formally recognized in Sirius history or folklore, this could suggest that the "Outcast" colony is older than any of the "lawful" colonies and that the "Corsair" colony is even older. The history of the "HISPANIA" before it reached the Sirius sector is said that the vessel was possibly sabotaged by either the Coalition spies or by perhaps even by spies of one of the fellow allies of the Alliance! Due to this, the "HISPANIA" limps into Sirius at sub-light speed; at the first solar system with a habitable planet, the passengers of the HISPANIA take a vote. All people of the future "Corsairs" took to the escape pods of the "HISPANIA" and landed to the surface of the first somewhat habitable planet found in the solar system in what would be known as Omicron Gamma. The remaining passengers of the "HISPANIA", later to be known as "Outcasts", limped along in the sleeper ship until they came into the system with a planet of a barely habitable ecosystem, of what would be eventually known as Omicron Alpha.

1AS/2181A.D. - The Manhattan colony, interstellar passengers of the "LIBERTY" sleepership, is established on what will be known as planet Manhattan, in a system that will also be eventually known as the New York system, in the Sirius sector.

2AS/2182A.D. - Within this following year, the remaining Alliance sleeper ships make land-fall at their respective, future capital planets in each future capital system. The "BRETONIA" lands on it's future rainy, temperate capital planet, New London; the "KUSARI" lands on the future water/island world of New Tokyo; the "RHEINLAND" lands on it's cold, frigid world of New Berlin.

6AS/2186A.D. - Theoretical date of the "MOSCOW" and the "MINSK" Coalition sleeper ships arrive in what would become known as the Sovetskaya system. After initial terra-forming of it's massive capital planet christened, "Murmansk", the new Coalition colony is founded. This will eventually become the capital system of the future Coalition "House" in the Altair sector.

88AS/2268A.D. - Rheinland-born corporation, ALG, is founded to handle the cleanup of Daumann and Kruger mining operations within New Berlin.

100AS/2280A.D. - The Samura-built and operated Yokohama shipyard begins producing Kusari Naval Forces ships, as it does to this day.

181AS/2361A.D. - Universal Shipping, already wealthy from the California-Colorado silver trade, cements its reputation as the premiere Liberty shipping company by signing a contract to handle all shipping between Ageira Technologies facilities and Deep Space Engineering(DSE) construction sites.

188AS/2368A.D. - Jump gates are now connecting New Berlin to the Hamburg system, this leads to massive industrialization. Hamburg becomes the industrial heartland of the Rheinland Empire.

197AS/2377A.D. - The West Point Military Academy base in the New York system is established.

215AS/2395A.D. - Trade Lanes go into mass production; Ageira/Interspace Commerce(IC) alliance begins.

220AS/2400A.D. - Bretonian government establishes the Gough Station in the Magellan system to assist disabled vessels and clear trade routes.

230AS/2410A.D. - The Norfolk Shipyard in the New York system is completed.

250AS/2430A.D. - A catastrophic decline in ocean harvesting on Honshu occurs, the second Kusari colony, which causes settlers to search for alternative means of survival. They will eventually move off-planet to become the Gas Miners Guild(GMG).

258AS/2438A.D. - The Bretonia-born corporation, Border World Exports, aka "Bowex", is founded.

300AS/2480A.D. - Tau-29 is discovered by a Kusari research expedition.

300AS/2480A.D. - The jumpgates between the Shikoku system and New Tokyo system are completed and active.

300AS/2480A.D. - The Sigma-13 system becomes the GMG's primary gas production area.

310AS/2490A.D. - Bowex receives a royal charter from Bretonian Prince Harry the XXI.

310AS/2490A.D. - The Oder Shipyard in the New Berlin system is constructed; the Daumann headquarters are moved to it.

312AS/2492A.D. - The Freiburg Station constructed by Republican Shipping in the Stuttgart system is used as a clearinghouse for produce harvested on Stuttgart.

321AS/2501A.D. - A Samura-backed coup d'etat in the Kusari government overthrows the ruling Hideyoshi dynasty. The fleeing loyal Hideyoshi Royal Guards escape to found the Blood Dragons and currently seek to return the Hideyoshi line back to power in Kusari to this day.

330AS/2510A.D. - The GMG signs an exclusive agreement with Samura for distribution of H-Fuel. Aomori Station, already serving as an equipment depot for Honshu miners working the lucrative oceans of gas in the Crow Nebula, becomes primary point of contact between GMG and Samura.

350AS/2530A.D. - Samura constructs the Osaka Storage Facility in the Honshu system.

350AS/2530A.D. - The Deshima Station is constructed to house itinerant foreigners which is influenced partially by the strict and recent New Tokyo entry requirements into Kusari space.

400AS/2580A.D. - In an effort to curb overpopulation problems in New Tokyo, Kusari government begins offering huge corporate incentives to relocate operations to the Kyushu system. Samura seeing a keen opportunity, decides to invest.

400AS/2580A.D. - Initial attempts at terra-forming planet Harris in the Tau-31 system begin.

410AS/2590A.D. - The Solarius Station in the Omega-41 system is completed.

412AS/2592A.D. - Republican Shipping establishes the Alster Shipyards in the Hamburg system to supply the Rheinland Empire with transport freighters, lifters, and repair ships.

450AS/2630A.D. - The Kruger ship "Danzig" is lost in the Giftnebel while returning from the diamond fields.

450AS/2630A.D. - An exploratory expedition headed by Franz Schulman, who is financed by Daumann and the Rheinland government, stumble into Omicron Gamma while mapping the far reaches of the Walker Nebula. The local inhabitants, soon to be known as "Corsairs" throughout Sirius, sense a historic opportunity... They attack the landing party en-masse, kill all save Schulman, of whom they take hostage to gain control of the mother ship "Schiller" in orbit above the planet.

450AS/2630A.D. - The Bretonian government charters the corporation, Planetform, a terra-forming company.

460AS/2640A.D. - The Rhienland corporation ALG is tasked to clean up the Ruhr uranium mining field that Daumann had exhausted and left abandoned.

465AS/2645A.D. - The planet Curacao, in the soon to be known "Cortez" system, is discovered by the "Tantulus", a Liberty survey ship, while researching a new jump gate route between Liberty and Bretonia space.

475AS/2655A.D. - The luxury-vacation corporation, Orbital Spa and Cruise, founded in 475AS by Tony Cortez, seeks to establish itself and exploit Curacao as a pleasure planet.

500AS/2680A.D. - The ill-fated "Dallas Incident" in the Texas system: an Ageira jump gate research project goes horribly wrong, killing thousands of Ageira employees instantly. The supply ship "Ft. Worth" is lost in the tremendous system-wide explosion. Note that some popular histories cite this as 521AS.

500AS/2680A.D. - The Alien Import Prohibition Act - prohibiting the import of any alien organism onto inhabited planets - is passed in Bretonia. This leads to the establishment of CRL.

500AS/2680A.D. - The term "Corsair" comes into popular use in the inner worlds as "collective slang" for raiders from the impoverished Hispania colonies.

510AS/2690A.D. - The Kishiro corporation selects the now-fallow Honshu as the location for its main optronics manufacturing facility.

512AS/2692A.D. - An explosion in the Alster Shipyards in the Hamburg system kills hundreds of workers. The resulting labor unrest leads to the early prominence of labor movements in Rheinland.

521AS/2701A.D. - After the Rheinland-Kusari embargo, Interspace Commerce loses millions of credits as both Houses nationalize their trade lanes. The massive debts that those Houses incurred are wiped away and the Trade Lanes become each respective House's property. IC begins moving to cargo insurance.

535AS/2715A.D. - Deep Space Engineering completes the trade lanes across "The Barrier", a huge ice field stretching across many light-years, in which now links Bretonia and Liberty space.

535AS/2715A.D. - The Gough Station is decommissioned by the Bretonian government and effectively abandoned by all Bretonian personnel.

550AS/2730A.D. - The Bering system trade lanes are completed. Within that same year, the nearby Republican base in the Bering system is also abandoned.

550AS/2730A.D. - The Bretonian government charters the exploratory/research ship "Fearless" to explore the fringes of the mysterious Edge nebula. After several years spent crossing the outer Omega systems, they discover the system to be known eventually as "Omicron Theta" and it's only initially visible orbiting planet, Pygar.(later to be found, the planet Vespus is hidden in the nearby Edge nebula) Upon completing a brief survey of the planet and retrieving several strange artifacts that were sent back by courier ship to Cambridge, they continue on into the mysterious clouds that traversed the eastern end of the system and are never seen again.

550AS/2730A.D. - The Ames Independent Research Station is established by the Zoners to study the "Kuryo Anomaly" in preparation for the construction of trade lanes by Deep Space Engineering. Jump Gates couldn't bypass this system because of the danger in traversing the dark matter clouds of the Kuryo Anomaly, a lesson painfully learned in the "Dallas Incident" in the Texas system in 500AS.

550AS/2730A.D. - The GMG completes the initial survey of the Sigma-19 system. After intense negotiations, the GMG signs an agreement with the Kishiro corporation to finance a jump gate to the system in exchange for mining rights.

580AS/2760A.D. - The early independent miners, later known as "Zoners", from the New London system reopen the decommissioned Gough Station in the Magellan system. It would later be re-christened as "Freeport 4".

600AS/2780A.D. - The prison base "Sugarland" is built under the control of Liberty Police, Inc. (LPI) to handle the overflow from the "Huntsville" prison base orbiting planet Houston in the Texas system.

600AS/2780A.D. - Economic collapse happens overnight on Denver.

600AS/2780A.D. - The Fuchu Prison base is moved from the New Tokyo system to the Shikoku system.

602AS/2782A.D. - The Shinkaku Station is built to provide Samura access to the abundant ammonia, water, and oxygen ice fields present in the Tau-29 system.

603AS/2783A.D. - The Nago Station is constructed by the Kishiro corporation in the Tau-29 system.

605AS/2785A.D. - The beginning of the "Eighty-Years War" between Rheinland and the Gas Miners Guild(GMG).

614AS/2794A.D. - Ed Garner, Ageira Technologies patriarch, founds the Detroit Munitions station in the New York system.

620AS/2800A.D. - The planet Kurile in the Sigma-17 system, is discovered by the GMG. Samura eventually manages to construct a research platform on planet Kurile as part of an effort to harvest the micro-organisms for use as fish food on the planet Junyo in the Shikoku system, which is an incredibly successful initiative.

630AS/2810A.D. - The impending collapse of fisheries throughout Kusari space in 630AS motivates the government to begin terra-forming Junyo using recently discovered alien organisms in order to jump-start the nascent ecology. By 680AS, the planetary environment had been sufficiently altered enough to begin wide-scale production of luxury foods.

642AS/2822A.D. - Yuyu Matsuda, a young but critically acclaimed poet, publishes a poem called, "Golden Chrysanthemum in Bloom". Charismatic and well-spoken, Matusda has a considerable following among young Kusari women who find their lives lacking in direction, but are reluctant to become married and fulfill their traditional role in the Kusari society.

648AS/2828A.D. - Yuyu Matsuda is seen among those in the botched assassination attempt of the planetary governor of Kyushu.

650AS/2830A.D. - Rootless spacers from both the Texas and Hamburg systems refurbish the abandoned Republican base in Bering; it eventually becomes "Freeport 2", the second Zoner base in the Sirius Sector.

650AS/2830A.D. - Jump gates between the Honshu system and the Sigma-19 system are completed and active; the Gas Miner Ogashawa is stationed in the system by the GMG and begins full-scale operations.

654AS/2834A.D. - The first Independent Miners Guild(IMG) base is established in the Tau-23 system, known as Java Station. Bretonia Mining and Metals(BMM) surveyors somehow missed the system Tau-23 during the great mapping period in 450AS. A couple of Cambridge geology professors on research sabbatical stumbled across it in 654AS. Lacking the practical experience to develop the resources of the system, they persuaded some BMM mining engineers to start a new company, known as the Independent Miners Guild(IMG).

668AS/2848A.D. - The GMG decisively defeats the Rheinland Imperial Navy at the Battle of Yanagi Cloud in the Sigma-13 system.

679AS/2859A.D. - Probable birth of Bundschuh as a New Berlin University radical student group.

680AS/2860A.D. - A major dark matter storm that was predicted by Ageira Technologies based on Ames Research studies fails to materialize. Ageira, which had built costly alternative trade routes through Galileo for Liberty based on the predicted storms tries to redeem itself by ousting an elite development team and several executives. Several of the ousted re-emerge as the core of the northern Lane Hackers.

680-685AS/2865A.D. - The GMG/Rheinland "Eighty-Years War" winds down.

685AS/2865A.D. - Liberty companies are granted free access to Rheinland space in a critical agreement following the "Eighty-Years War".

685AS/2865A.D. - The "Eighty-Years War" ends with New Berlin bankrupt, economic collapse in Rheinland follows shortly after.

685AS/2865A.D. - End of the Stuttgart farming subsidies; radical elements of the Stuttgart Growing Association(WVS) will eventually become the LWB founders.

685AS/2865A.D. - Interspace Commerce (and other Liberty companies) enter Rheinland again following significant trade agreements with the Rheinland government.

690AS/2870A.D. - Edinburgh tourism begins; Cambridge scientists become concerned about potential for ecological damage to the planet Gaia due to Orbital Spa and Cruise operations there.

700AS/2880A.D. - A California Minor research base is opened to study the micro-organisms brought back from expeditions into the Omicrons.

700AS/2880A.D. - Disgruntled miners take over Leipzig Station in the Dresden system on Von Rohe's Day, sparking a Rheinland-wide rebellion eventually known as the "Popular Revolt" or "Dresden Revolt". The Bundschuh plays a significant part in the revolt, running supplies to rebels in Dresden. The Rheinland Imperial Government is eventually toppled and the Bundschuh is briefly a legal political organization.

702AS/2882A.D. - The "Popular Revolt" began in the Dresden system finally overthrows the Rheinland Empire.

702AS/2882A.D. - Unemployed Rheinland workers begin joining the Independent Miners Guild(IMG).

705AS/2885A.D. - The Workers Convention of Rights is finally ratified by the Rheinland government, primarily due to Bundschuh influence.

710AS/2890A.D. - An amendment in the Sirius Commerce Pact allows the Liberty corporation Interspace Commerce(IC) to establish a base in the New Tokyo system; Roppongi Station is built shortly thereafter.

715AS/2895A.D. - The increasingly-conservative post-revolution coalition government in Rheinland finally forces the Bundschuh back underground.

715AS/2895A.D. - Vierlande Prison is stationed in the Hamburg system orbiting the gas giant planet Hannover.

720AS/2900A.D. - In the Bering system, the Zoners force the radical Unioners to stop criminal transactions at Freeport 2; the Unioners in response found Pacifica base on an asteroid in the Tanner Belt.

723AS/2903A.D. - The Kusari Naval Forces Battleship "Nagumo" is constructed and then launched into service.

730AS/2910A.D. - Liberty corporation Synth Foods takes control of the WVS (Stuttgart Growing Association). The LWB is founded in reaction.

730AS/2910A.D. - Bretonia Mining and Metals(BMM) surveys Tau-23; rich mineral deposits discovered lead to jumpgate construction, much to the surprise of the already present IMG at Java Station.

730AS/2910A.D. - The Bonn Station is built and operational by Interspace Commerce(IC) in the New Berlin system. Bounty Hunters are present from the beginning.

740AS/2920A.D. - Cobalt is discovered on the planet Gaia in the Edinburg system. Bretonia Mining and Metals(BMM) attempts to get mining permission lead to founding of the Gaian movement in Bretonia space.

740AS/2920A.D. - A Kusari ship hauling alien organisms across Tau-31 is attacked by pirates and ventures far off course. A hull breach kills the crew immediately whereas the ship drifts into the gravitational well of planet Harris and subsequently crash lands on the surface. To many scientist's surprise, the organisms not only survive the impact, but they flourish in the frigid, oxygen-deficient environment of the planet's surface. This is only found out several years later by a Planetform expedition looking for planets as terra-forming candidates. The resulting expedition caused Planetform to intiate immediate plans for terra-forming of the planet.

750AS/2930A.D. - The planet Los Angeles Ageira Technologies employees who created the extremely complex scanning and database system known as USI (Universal Ship Identification) depart the company acrimoniously. They eventually become the "southern" Lane Hackers.

751AS/2931A.D. - Outcasts begin smuggling cardamine into the New London system. The Outcast vessel "Puno" is lost in radiation fields on it's very first run.

752AS/2932A.D. - The Founders' Day Revolt by miners in the Dublin system occurs; the first major loss is the gunboat "Storm".

752AS/2932A.D. - Planetform, Inc. initiates the first stage of terra-forming on planet Ayr.

760AS/2940A.D. - The Freeport 10 station is established by a band of Zoners looking for an outpost as far from the colonies as possible.

771AS/2951A.D. - Liberty's plans for terra-forming the Hudson system's planet Atka come to a rumbling halt when a suspected Xeno attack squad blows up a Planetform terra-forming vessel. Planetform refuses to pursue any more terra-forming operations until the criminal Xenos are cleared out of the system. The disaffected Xenophobes begin planning a "Liberty-Free Republic" to be based in the system.

777AS/2957A.D. - The Liberty Navy Battleship "Rio Grande" is constructed and launched into service.

780AS/2960A.D. - The famous bounty hunter "Lucky" Logan Conner (usually stationed on Freeport 5) ventures too far from the safety of the Gredos Cloud on a raid into Omicron Gamma and disappears without a trace. It was rumored that the Corsairs trapped him and then disabled his ship to let him die a slow death by asphyxiation.

784AS/2964A.D. - The Dark Matter Storm originally predicted by Ageria Technologies finally arrives in the Kepler system, 104 years late. Among the major losses in the trade routes between Liberty and Kusari space were the "McKinley" (Universal Shipping), the "Nikko Maru" (Samura), and the "Kamakura Maru" (Samura). The storm destroys the old trade lane through the eastern part of the Kepler system.

791AS/2971A.D. - The legendary "Corsair-turned-Bounty Hunter" Jesse Casas disappears in the Napo Cloud. Captured as a young Corsair on his first mission to the inner house systems, Casas spent years imprisoned in the Vierlande prison base before his release and becoming a Bounty Hunter.

791AS/2971A.D. - Orbital Spa and Cruise stations it's state-of-the-art luxury liner "Hawaii" in the system usually orbiting. An incredibly popular destination, the Hawaii has operated at near capacity almost from the beginning. The location of the ship outside the policed boundaries of the colonies is also rumored to be part of the attraction, and much of the popularity of the Hawaii lies in the implied promise of forbidden fruit available to those who can afford a ticket.

792AS/2972A.D. - The beginning of the Liberty Navy "Hudson Campaign" against the Xenos; the battleship "Rio Grande" plays a significant part.

797AS/2977A.D. - The Red Hessian "Twilight Squadron" comes to Omega-5 and subsequently suffers a 90% attrition rate due to Corsairs.

800AS/2980A.D. - As the Sigma-13 system gas clouds near depletion, the GMG moves to acquire new gas miners from Kishiro to make low-density mining profitable again.


805AS/2985A.D. - The mysterious death of the Rheinland Chancellor on-board the destroyed Rheinland cruiser "Donau", by the deemed criminal organization called "The Order" in the New York system near planet Manhattan nearly sparks a war within the Sirius sector between the two houses. Little known to most people in Sirius, in reality, it is the beginning of what is eventually known as "The NOMAD War", against the alien race who decimated the human population of Earth centuries ago.

805AS/2985A.D. - The Liberty battleship "Mississippi" was originally scheduled for decommissioning and turned into a museum. However, due to increasing tensions with the Rheinland government, the Mississippi is kept in active service for the next 5 years.

806AS/2986A.D. - The Kusari Naval Forces battleship "Myoko" previously was scheduled for decommissioning this year, however escalating tensions between the Sirius houses are keeping the vessel from seeing retirement and is kept in service for 4 more years.

806AS/2986A.D. - Further escalation of hostilities by the Rheinland government spill over into nearby Bretonia space in the Omega-3 system resulting in increased tensions between the Bretonia and Rheinland governments.

807AS/2987A.D. - Due to the recent events surrounding the Liberty Navy, the Liberty Police Inc.,(LPI), Liberty Security Force(LSF) and circumstances of newly discovered alien artifacts, the Liberty government institutes a total ban of all alien artifacts in or out of Liberty space. Also certain LSF agents, a Mr. Edison Trent and Ms. Jun'ko "Juni" Zane were declared part of a conspiracy of collusion with criminal organization "The Order" surrounding the destruction of the Rheinland cruiser "Donau" and therefore wanted as suspects in that disaster as they quickly flee Liberty space in light of the news.

807AS/2987A.D. - Serious escalation of hostilities between Bretonia and Rheinland occur with the invasion of the Leeds system puts both militaries on full alert and puts all Houses within Sirius on high tensions as to prevent escalation into all-out war. The battles in and near the Leeds system strangely also span across the Tau systems as if they are looking for something... Another strange result of this conflict was defection of two Rheinland officers to the Liberty military forces who claim the entire Rheinland government is being taken over by alien forces and that they must be stopped...

808AS/2988A.D. - Even more escalation of hostilities by the Rheinland military now spills over into Kusari space, namely with the Rhienland's old enemies, the GMG, this time with the backing of the Kusari Naval Forces in the GMG's place. The whole of the entire Sirius sector verges on the brink of total, all-out war!

808AS/2988A.D. - An attempted coup d'etat within the Liberty government as the Liberty President is taken into custody at the secret Alaska system Liberty base where an unknown raiding party, possibly "The Order" free the President. The resulting news sends shockwaves across Sirius as things within each of the Sirius houses begin to further deteriorate and escalate, from government, to military to civilian level operations and corporations alike. Civilians of each of the houses begin rioting and in some extreme cases panicking resulting in martial law declared and a full state of emergency in every Sirius House, even reaching into some of the outer colonies. More and more reports come of strange and suspicious "alien" activity throughout all of Sirius, especially in Rheinland.

809AS/2989A.D. - A secret deep space mission surrounding "The Order" supposedly discovers an ancient alien superstructure in a system deep within the Edge Nebula. It's resulting encounter with the hostile alien forces called the "NOMADs" brings about their defeat by the The Order's use of a alien artifact activating a alien jumpgate, sucking all nearby NOMADs into it, banishing them to an unknown location within our galaxy. The resulting battle causes all alien reports and supposed activity to come to a halt. All governments immediately cease hostilities and institute an immediate co-ordinated investigation across all Sirius governments into the cause of the recent calamities and considers the possibility of an alien attack against all of humanity in Sirius.

809AS/2989A.D. - The resulting co-ordinated investigation of the Sirius houses determines that many people of all the major houses and even outer colonies were infected with a NOMAD parasite and that a full-blown invasion and eradication of human life from the Sirius sector was attempted by the alien race, the NOMADs. All previous personnel of all Sirius houses who were involved to help stop the invasion or declared criminals due to this situation are exonerated and in some cases, given medals for their actions of bravery in protecting humanity from the NOMAD threat. The official story to the public of all Sirius houses is that the NOMAD threat is gone and that we are safe, forever.

810AS/2990A.D. - "The Order" is now "un-officially" a quasi-legal, high-level access, multi-government funded secret "BLACK-OPs" organization of all the Sirius houses governments and militaries to forever monitor, observe, research and guard against any future NOMAD threats. The Order also begins to start researching and experimenting with alien technology in it's own labs for use against the NOMADs and for the Sirius houses militaries to prepare for any future alien threat(s).


810AS/2990A.D. - A lone and well known mercenary pilot working for the Kusari government by the name of "Black Dragon", begins his rise to power and honor within the Kusari peoples. Eventually with the assistance of three other pilots by the callsigns of "Wolf", "Shadow Hunter" and Phoenix", Black Dragon would go on with his new found allies to found the Dragon Corporation, a law-enforcement organization on contract to the Kusari government.

811AS/2991A.D. - All Sirius house's private corporations and firms dealing with deep space exploration have set forth lucrative expedition contracts to all capable civilian pilots and crews to explore the outer reaches of known space in the Sirius sector to find any and all anomalies, namely jumpholes, that could allow another NOMAD invasion. This has a two-fold effect: One, it will hopefully provide some sort of beachhead for the Sirius houses to keep watch for any trace of NOMAD activity, two, this allows for future expansion into possible new solar systems with habitable planets for future colonization.

814AS/2994A.D. - The efforts of "The Order's" scientific staff, labatories and their breakthroughs in technology and science from the NOMAD equipment's research have yielded fantastic results which brings forth the next generation in ships, weapons and defensive equipment for all the Sirius houses militaries. Hopefully this will be the technological edge the Sirius houses need to defeat any future alien threats... Unfortunately, these advancements would not been seen for another few years while they are brought from prototype to full-production for all Sirius house militaries.

815AS/2995A.D. - 5 years after the "NOMAD War", the Sirius houses and outer colonies have completely recovered from the effects of the attempted alien invasion. All of the house militaries' instituted crash rebuilding programs of their assets and manpower have bolstered them back and even beyond pre-NOMAD war levels for threat of any future alien attack. Due to these programs, many ships scheduled for decommission were simply re-fitted and upgraded, many bases were also upgraded and thanks to a good recruitment and enlistment rate during this time, the ranks were quickly re-filled from the losses incurred during the NOMAD War.

815AS/2995A.D. - An incredible discovery by a Rheinland explorer vessel on the far side of Omicron Alpha is made; an ancient jumpgate, most likely of NOMAD origin, is found there. The ancient gate leads to a previously uncharted and unknown "backwater" solar system to be called, "X-3043", or more commonly referred to, as the "Crossfire" system. Another incredible discovery is found in the system as the explorers stumble upon a massive network of the same kind of ancient gates, laid out in a cross pattern near the center of the solar system. This discovery sends a mixed emotions across Sirius of fear and dread, but also of opportunity and expectations of profits and financial gain due to the system's massive, rich asteroid fields to be exploited.

815AS/2995A.D. - Finding the massive network of NOMAD gates sets all Sirius house militaries immediately at high alert and instantly mobilize their naval forces into a single armada into action towards the X-3043 system to investigate and contain any threats.

815AS/2995A.D. - Many new systems within the Sirius sector of the Milky-Way Galaxy are discovered, explored and charted from X-3043, with strangely, but mercifully little to no NOMAD presence is found at first. This would however, change a year after the initial explorations.

815AS/2995A.D. - The resulting discovery of the X-3043 system causes a massive corporate exodus of ships, vessels and mining crews to the system as corporations across the Sirius houses vie fiercely for claims and contracts for the system which many consider a veritable gold mine. As a result of the massive influx of civilians into the newly discovered system, one of the newly discovered systems from the X-3043 system, the "Custodian" system, had a jumpgate built by DSE there to connect it to the New York system for trade, commerce passage and to be setup as a military attaché outpost for monitoring the majority of the traffic coming through it to X-3043.

816AS/2996A.D. - Frontier regions being frontier regions, society’s most detestable characters found ways to bypass security in the Custodian system checkpoint to X-3043 and strike at the miners and their cohorts. Violence broke out, measures were taken and incidents occurred. The stronghold in Custodian was reviled by the criminals of Sirius and they came to know it by the grizzly moniker of, “Planet Blood.” Priding themselves in their principles and dutiful service, the label was taken on as a badge honor of the Custodian guardians, it was then they forever became known as, the "Blood Guard". Dedicated military and police personnel of the Blood Guard fostered stability and flourishing commerce in X-3043. Overnight, men went from rags to riches and for a short time, life was adventurous and fruitful in the mining outfits.

816AS/2996A.D. - A year has barely passed since the explosion of new colonies and new systems found in Sirius when the dreaded fear of all Sirius manifests itself again... The "Second NOMAD War". The planet known casually as “X II” amongst the locals supported an undetected Nomad colony under the planet's surface. Preparations were underway by the NOMADs since the moment the first humans jumped into the system apparently. The NOMAD fleet struck with resounding force... All at once, NOMAD battleships dropped out of cloak and commenced the attack. The casualties were staggering as hundreds of colonist ships were destroyed, crippled, or soon to go missing. The Houses mustered the remnants of their fleet, with civilian support and hit back with all their might. During that historic battle that ensued, the NOMADs would go down in history in a blaze of horrific self-immolation. Their planet was scuttled, destroyed, reduced to little more than asteroid field, to deny colonists any acquisition of their technology. To this day, the charred remnants lie scattered across the system as a debris/asteroid field. Indeed, without the heroism of the servicemen and women that day humanity could never have been delivered such a resounding victory.

816AS/2996A.D. - In the days leading up to the final battle of the Second NOMAD War, scouts were sent and had arrived in the newly discovered Nephele System, off from the alien jumpgate in the X-3043 system. The scouts were investigating an apparent SOS call from an allied, Red Hessian pilot within the system. Instead, amazingly they found in it's final resting place, the long-lost Coalition sleeper ship, the "STALIN". Abandoned scaffolding and heavy equipment were blanketed near the vessel and a adjacent major asteroid. No survivors were found, all was in desolation in and around the vessel with evidence of a gunfight discovered by closer examination. The new owners, Bundschuh rebels exiled from Rheinland space, proceeded to salvage the vessel. In doing so they came into acquisition of an impressive databank of lost Coalition and Alliance information. It contained knowledge lost since the times of the almost largely forgotten Sol War of Sirius's ancestry. Of particular interest to them were the designs for several Alliance ships. Examination of the logs revealed that the Coalition had planned to manufacture them. They were meant to infiltrate colony space and be covertly supplied to any rebel forces. The STALIN's crew standing orders had been to topple all enemy establishments and await for reinforcements. Unable to locate the Alliance colonies, the crew instead perished trying to establish their own. That was centuries ago... (back in BS122/2166A.D. to be exact!)

816AS/2996A.D. - Once though MIA or KIA, is the majority of the remaining Kusari fleet at the end of the main battle of Second NOMAD War. The Kusari fleet Head Admiral orders the fleet to follow the few remaining and retreating NOMAD forces through one of the jumpgates in X-3043 to a system later referred to as the "Nomad Lair". After a brave and gutsy pilot, who's name, rank or affiliation is not known or given, breaks through the NOMAD defenses and nebula of the "Nomad Lair" system, it is discovered that the Kusari fleet has followed and engaged the retreating forces into a massive NOMAD capital system with yet another marvel of their technology, a Dyson Sphere nearby, like the one discovered in Omicron Major by The Order at the end of the First NOMAD War! Incredibly, this unknown pilot manages to escape the horrific battle between the NOMADs and the Kusari fleet in the later to be referred to system, "Death Valley" and gets a data-disk to planet Crossfire's government of the X-3043 system. The data-disk reveals to the joint military forces on planet Crossfire of the Kusari Head Admiral's report of their current status, position and intelligence of the situation for immediate reinforcements for withdrawal, before they would be totally annihilated by the overwhelming NOMAD forces.

816AS/2996A.D. - A very unique result of the final battle of the Second NOMAD War... The human settlement on the destroyed planet "X II's" moon, now offically re-classified as a independant solar body in the X-3043 system, amazingly survived the bombardment of the war of which mostly took place in the X-3043 system. It was renamed planet "Crossfire" after it's solar orbit and planetary spin was re-established by the marvels of the Liberty corporation, Deep Space Engineering's experimental techniques which proved a complete success. It's climated was modified by the newly built terra-forming stations courtesy of the Bretonian firm, Planetform. Almost immediately it was built upon by the Houses as part of their spending package for reconstruction by the joint effort of the Sirius houses and to be established as the system's capital planet for all trade, commerce and military use. It would go from dusty, arid wastes to metropolitan sprawl virtually overnight.

816AS/2996A.D. - Yet another phenomenon of the destruction of planet "X II" in the "Second NOMAD War" in the Crossfire system... The planet's destruction not only leaves behind a massive asteroid and debris field, but a unique anomaly still being studied to this day... A high-density cosmic object referred to as a "gravimetrical core", which is the only real trace of the destroyed planet "X II's" existence. The research of this phenomenon will hopefully shed some light into explaining exactly how a planet's gravitational field is generated, manipulated or exactly how it effects other objects within it's gravity well. Since nowhere in mankind's history has it ever amassed enough firepower on a planet to literally obliterate it, at least this horrific event is a unique opportunity to study it's fragments and remains from a scientific perspective.

816AS/2996A.D. - Less than a year later after the Second NOMAD War, a massive capital-ship shipyard is built in high orbit of planet Crossfire with designs from all the Sirius Houses being built there, called the "Crossfire Docks" Shipyard. This is yet another part of the continued ongoing joint effort of the Sirius houses to form a front-line and "beachhead" for any further NOMAD attacks. This is also to provide a salvage port for the fallen ships and vessels still drifting in around the Crossfire system from the aftermath of the final battle of the Second NOMAD War.

816AS/2996A.D. - The end of the year brings forth the fruits of the Bundschuh's labor of the incredible discovery in the lost sleeper ship "STALIN's" databanks, from the technical readout and specs for the once-lost Alliance fighters of the mostly long-forgotten Sol War! That effort helps to finally bring the rebirth of the ancient fighter ships of the old Alliance of Sol: the Phoenix, the Patriot, the Grendal, the Mirage, the Reaper, the Sai, the Crusader, the Hades, the Tempest, the Coyote, the Naginata, the Shroud, the Wolverine and the Predator. All of these ships are brought back and put into immediate production during this time by all the Sirius houses, with modest upgrades and improvements. They also employ the recent technological advancements and discoveries of "The Order's" research and development to help create the next generation of Sirius fighter ships able to take on and defeat any threat as a multi-role, space/planet environment superiority fighter.

817AS/2997A.D. - The founding of the Dragon Corporation by the Kusari mercenary pilot "Black Dragon" occurs early in this year. Their first major contract for the Dragon Corps is made with the well known "Blood Guard" faction of the Custodian system, in where the Dragon Corp provides garrison reinforcement in the Sigma-19 system against a pirate faction known as CHAOS, an infamous band of pirates under the leadership of a certain "Commodore Jib".

817AS/2997A.D. - The ensuing, three week conflict of the Dragon Corps and pirate CHAOS forces enthralled much of Sirius Sector as battles raged through the Sigma-19, Tohoku and X-3043 systems. A newly hired pirate faction, HUN, came with raiders from all corners of the Houses to assist the pirate CHAOS clan. Concerned for the welfare of their people, the Kusari Naval Forces donated ships and supplies to support the Dragon Corps’ struggle against Commodore Jib and his pirate menace. With the Blood Guard leading the way and a new law-enforcement organization aiding, called "PiA", at their side, pilots such as “"Warrior",” "“Flame",” and “"Firelove"” drove the pirates all the way back to their home planet in the Casius system, making the campaign a resounding success. So impressed by the Dragon Corp pilots’ honor and valor, the Kusari Emperor bestowed upon the Dragon Corporation the gift of the whole Tohoku system, formely owned and inhabited by the former governor Tekagi, of whom was killed by NOMADs. Dragon Corp pilots would forever more be the eternal guardians of the Kusari House. Many more contracts would soon follow. “Black Dragon” and his mighty squadrons became famous throughout Sirius and competed ferociously with the Hogosha for regional influence.

818AS/2998A.D. - Between the salvage operations of the final battle of the Second NOMAD War and the furiously on-going mining operations in the Crossfire system, the population of planet Crossfire explodes. within several years, the population reaches 1.2 billion people, with a majority of them in space around the system in salvage, mining, exploration or scientific operations. This is known by many in Sirius as the 1st Crossfire Boom of 816AS. The effects of this rapid industrialization will quickly expend the natural resources of the system and causes the various corporations and firms on planet Crossfire to venture out into the alien jumpgates into the nearby systems to find more, newer resources. This in turn, causes yet another major colonization effort and industrial explosion into most of the connecting systems of X-3043. As a result of this, many new planets in the nearby systems of X-3043 are quickly colonized, some planets establish governments and economies in nearly a matter of months. Many Sirius residents refer to this as the 2nd Crossfire Boom of 818AS.

818AS/2998A.D. - An unfortunate side-effect of the 2nd Crossfire Boom of 818AS is the prevalence of invading Outcasts into the neighboring systems of X-3043 in an effort to find a new, more hospitable, earth-like homeworld for their people. This in turn causes a minor, but nearby inter-system war to break out between the Outcast pirates and all other nearby governments, factions and corporations of those systems connected to the nearby X-3043 system. To the cursed descendants of the "HISPANIA" crew, to colonize a world more hospitable than their own was considered a birthright worth dying for. With the Houses still weakened and rebuilding from their clash with the NOMADs, this was the opportune moment in the eyes of the Outcasts. Efforts to halt expansion were in vain however, as planet Crossfire had already assumed its rightful place in Sirius as a major hub of commerce. Regardless of the danger, droves of pioneers who come to X-3043 are still met by the blazing guns of those maskers. The conflict will likely carry on for decades more.

819AS/2999A.D. - Tensions are increasing even further in the Crossfire system and on planet Crossfire between the planetary government as the privateers, mistreated workers, smugglers, freedom fighters, and even entrepreneurs are finding out that the working conditions and bureaucracy they are dealing with day to day operations is "outrageous", let alone the threat of pirate activity, of which the military and bounty hunters seem lax in responding to. To the labor classes, corporations and private firms, it was clear that the House governments were already overstepping their bounds, meddling too eagerly in their lives, complicating their already complex business affairs and not doing enough to keep the Outcast threat contained. The general resentment and simmering mood of the working "middle-class" of planet Crossfire and the X-3043 system is threatening to create a furor boiling over into possible civil war.

819AS/2999A.D. - The situation of the labor revolts within the X-3043 system against the local government finally comes to a head, as all of the privateers, mistreated workers, smugglers, freedom fighters, entrepreneurs, even some questionable, possibly criminal organizations band together under a single banner. Within a matter of months, with all of their combined technical know-how, ability and resources, they create a rag-tag flotilla as a show of force to the local Crossfire government and even the Sirius houses that even though they all fought under a single cause again their common enemy the NOMADs, their gross mis-treatment under the corrupt government of the Crossfire system and that the tyranny of the Sirius houses was no longer going to tolerated. These people also believed that the unity of the Sirius houses was short-lived and that any resemblance of re-establishing the old Alliance of Sol amongst the Sirius houses would be futile. Therefore, they were staunchly against it... Thus, the "Confederated Strike Force"(CSF) was born. This para-military force would set out to shake loose from Sirius the chains of tyranny once and for all, starting with the X-3043 system.

819AS/2999A.D. - The CSF fleet's show of force sends the entire planet of Crossfire into a panic and puts all Sirius house militaries at high alert. A representative of the CSF fleet issues a list of demands to the Crossfire government and Sirius houses or they will begin using their newly combined might to make all of Sirius "..see things 'their' way". They do not seek bloodshed of innocent blood, but they will not hesitate to use force to see their demands made. The vid-monitors across the Sirius sector light up like a neon sign of the news hours later...

819AS/2999A.D. - The news from the Crossfire system of the upstart Confederated Strike Force fleet across the media outlets and military reports in Sirius infuriates the leadership of all the Sirius houses. Each leader from the Sirius houses gives a scathing and damning speech in response against this new rag-tag outfit of a para-military force and their demands. Considering all the recent events of the NOMAD wars, the new Outcast threat within the Crossfire-connected systems and the fear of the return of the Coalition after the sleeper ship "STALIN" was discovered in the Nephele system, the Sirius house governments were furious. After all the people in Sirius had been through, all the efforts were done to maintain peace and order after the wars they recently experienced, this was a serious step back from the new levels of inter-house cooperation they were previously enjoying. There was even negotiations being considered in re-establishing a newer version of the old Alliance treaty of humanity's home world, Earth in the Sol system. In light of all this, the response to the CSF was swift and plans by the Sirius houses was put into action immediately. Within a few months, the Sirius houses assembled thier knowledge, resources and might into a combined fleet called the "Alliance Star Fleet"(ASF). The supremacy of the Alliance Star Fleet was unquestionable, they were prepared to rise to the challenge. Their mission was simply: unite the Houses, defend humanity from all threats foreign and domestic, and secure freedom and justice for every man, woman, and child in Sirius. Thus, this is the events that began the long ASF/CSF conflict which has once again, become another battlefield front in the Crossfire system.

819AS/2999A.D. - The ASF fleet finally arrives in force in the X-3043 system and the first major battle of the CSF/ASF war kicks off in the final month of this year. The Crossfire government is put back in power from the CSF unsurpers and after a day of losses by both sides of the first battle, the CSF's main forces makes a withdrawal from the system, with lingering CSF "harraser" fighters making hit and run sorties afterwards. Occassionaly the CSF will bring a battleship with some escorts in through one of the jumpgates and another "skirmish" will kick off somewhere in the system, usually near one of the many X-3043 alien gates. This continues on to this day in the X-3043 system. In response, the Crossfire government and all Sirius houses issue a general warning all corporations, firms, civilians and their vessels traveling to X-3043. Those ships who are not allied with the CSF are ordered to either stay out of the system or try to stay clear of any areas of on-going conflict, as they will not be held responsible for any loss of property or life due to the on-going battles and skirmishes between the CSF and ASF force's friendly or hostile fire. Any individual allied or is found out aiding CSF forces anywhere in Sirius will be branded as a CSF agent and will be arrested immediately by ASF or Sirius house militaries or police forces. Any ship allied or is found helping CSF ships or vessels in Sirius will be shot down by any ASF ship or Sirius house military/police forces if hostile fire is exchanged.

820AS/3000A.D. - The constant unpredictable CSF/ASF conflict within the X-3043 and the still persistant Outcast menace in the Crossfire systems have driven corporations and mining firms to once again re-direct their attention to other areas of space within the Sirius sector for new prospects. The general concensus is to direct the attention away from the conflict-laden areas and also away from the main areas of pirate activity. This leads to yet again more expeditions within the Sirius sector to new, unknown regions and uncharted systems.

820AS/3000A.D. - The theoretical completion date by Planetform of the planet Harris terra-forming project in Tau-31. However, due to a recent mechanical failure undetected by Planetform technitions and monitoring personnel, the 2nd and 3rd terra-forming complexes were only operating at 25% efficency for an undetermined amount of time and therefore after examining current atmostpheric levels, the estimate for completion has been pushed back another 20 to 30 years.

820AS/3000A.D. - An incredible discovery is made as a result of the latest Sirius expeditions, although it's true cause is heavily rumored. The location of a rare and unique cosmic anomaly in a previously uncharted and uninhabited system is found, off from the Dublin system in Bretonia space. The new system's name given is called Hyperion, after the "nickname" given to the cosmic anomaly, referred to as a "Hyper-Dimensional Wormhole". This incredible anomaly upon sending an exploratory ship through it has led to discovery of a long nearly-forgotten, but a familiar system to Sirius astronomists, known as the "SOL" system, humanity's cradle of birth in the Milky-Way Galaxy and home solar system!

820AS/3000A.D. - Upon discovery of the once thought lost Sol system, it is quickly discovered that an alien race is still present in the system, none other than the NOMADs; along with a new, unknown alien race who are just as hostile, but surprisingly even more powerful! Most long-range deep space probes and a few deep space scout ships are instantly destroyed coming into range of the new hostile alien race's vessels. The only reports of the new race is that they are predominantly green looking from the few visual observations given and their ships are of a strange, "insect-looking" appearance and possibly of organic construction, as most scans and probes of the them have yielded little data, as the NOMAD ships do... Right before they are targeted and destroyed by the same mysterious aliens.

820AS/3000A.D. - The incredible news of the discovery of Sol and it's mysterious new alien guard working seemingly in concert with the NOMAD forces mobilizes "The Order's" new armada, utilizing 2nd generation developed NOMAD technology to assemble and re-group at the "Hyper-Dimensional Wormhole" in the newly discovered Hyperion system. This begins "OPERATION RESTORE SOL", planned secretly by the Sirius house militaries and governments to fight, defeat and drive out the ancient alien enemies and thier new found allies from our home solar system.

820AS/3000A.D. - The Order's "OPERATION RESTORE SOL" suffers a 45% overall casualty and loss of ships/vessels in the assault/invasion fleet in the several month long campaign in the Sol system against the NOMADs and their new allies. The long and bitter series of battles near each major planet and it's respective moon system, with the particular battle over Earth being the most fiercest, the Order's new "30th Order Fleet" proves to be the victor against the alien hordes and it's defenders. The alien threat is completely destroyed, leaving hopefully no communication to alien forces outside Sol for chance of reinforcements. Later it is discovered from old data from the First NOMAD War, that these ships are of an even more ancient race than the NOMADs and are their supposed "masters"; they are referred to as, the "DOM'KAVASH" from the best translation of alien artifacts available.

820AS/3000A.D. - The offical news released to the public throughout Sirius of Sol's liberation literally heralds probably the first inter-system celebration ever known in Sirius and even puts most of the conflicts going on in Sirius to a rare and unique stand-still for a few days. The most ironic fact of this entire celebration is the date in which it happens, July the 4th! This is the date of independance for Liberty's the old Earth nation's liberation, the United States of America's day of independence recognized from the British monarchy, in 1776 A.D. All around Sirius, this date is now celebrated as Earth Independence Day from the alien hordes in grand celebrations, where it is known that even the pirate groups take the day off of raiding to celebrate!

820AS/3000A.D. - With the Sol system firmly back in mankind's hands, "The Order" quickly begins plans for contructing a new base of operations in orbit around Mars. Shortly thereafter, a perimeter is established and patrol routes at setup daily around the Sol system for detection of any further alien presence. With the base completed and it's intergrated shipyards finished, the secret Order outfit begins immediately on a crash-program to rebuilt it's fleet from losses incurred during "OPERATION RESTORE SOL" and to upgrade it's existing fleet to the latest 3rd generation alien technologies. This is done to prepare "The Order's" new "31st Order Fleet" for any future alien invasions.

821AS/3001A.D. - The offical re-building and salvaging of what was left of Earth's ruins has begun with efforts brought forth from every end of Sirius, by nearly every known faction, with even some pirate factions getting involved on the promise of peaceful terms. Even though most of what the Coalition forces left behind in Sol were totally destroyed or still drifting in space in pieces, thankfully the jumpgates and warp buoys were still in one-piece and most were still functioning even after centuries of rust and decay had set in, which greatly helps speed the efforts of salvaging and rebuilding up after all jumpgates and bouys were repaired. It is estimated mankind spend the next 30-40 years cleaning up the debris and "corpses" of old Coalition bases, vessels and ships and of the NOMADs and DOM'KAVASH still in most of the Sol system's planet's orbits, even though most of it has burned up in atmospheric entry on each respective planet.

821AS/3001A.D. - With a few mega-cities re-established on Sol, the blossoming trade of old Earth relics has started to explode and reaches the fartherest ends of Sirius. Long and arduous trade routes began to funnel treasures back to every corner of Sirius space, where they command the highest prices to those wealthy enough to pay. The real-estate value of Earth has also caused it to become the home of the wealthiest, richest and most well-to-do within Sirius. The uber-elite of Sirius, once Sol was made ready for habitation again, drove many of them to Earth to live and experience the ancient home of mankind firsthand. Although most of Earth still lies in ruins, being "cleaned up" or is uninhabitable waste-land, there are still the habitable, rebuilt mega-cities and contients that have been literally transformed into most could consider a paradise.

822AS/3002A.D. - Peter Abbot Blinch, a 28 year-old paralegal turned Orbital Spa & Cruise guide in Edinburgh, comes forward with what he knew about his cousin Jack Blinch's recent life events has left all of Sirius completely dumbfounded... His story surrounding his relative and his incredible journey has led to a discovery in the Sol system, a dimensional rift leading to a formerly unknown region of the galaxy, the Altair sector. After a small independent expedition there, scouts discover nearby hostile Nomad systems and settlements... Also found are recent conventional jumpgates of human-level technology! To the expedition scouts it appears to be the long-missing distant decendants of the Coaltion civilization and peoples of ancient Sol, occupying over a number of nearby star systems in the Altair sector! In spite of the nearby dangers of Nomads and the recently discovered Dom'Kavash alien races, these hardy people have apparently survived and even thrived for centuries now in their new home in Altair space.

822AS/3002A.D. - The discovery of the Coalition civilization in the Altair sector sends a flurry of secret expeditions by various Sirius militaries into the newly discovered Dimensional Rift in Sol to investigate and gather more intelligence of the old Earth Alliance's ancient foe. All expeditions, save the one by the Order, did not return. With the return of the Order's expedition and grim tidings of the situation, it seems little has changed between the descendants of the Alliance and the descendants of the Coalition.

822AS/3002A.D. - Results of the expeditions into the Altair sector of a possible re-emerging ancient Coalition force becoming a threat to the Sirius houses plays towards the Alliance Star Fleet's campaign against the Confederated Strike Force. With the specter of yet another enemy dangling over the people of Sirius, support steadily dwindled for the CSF forces. This culminated in the establishment of a unified, Alliance government on Planet Crossfire in the X-3043 system. The ASF/CSF conflict begins to dwindle down to minor skirmishes and raids, with the local news media making each event much more bigger than it really is. Deep down, the forces of the ASF and CSF know that if the situation demanded it and a unified threat to them both appears again, they will join forces as brothers and sisters of Sirius once again to combat a common foe.

822AS/3002A.D. - The ongoing sorties by the Sirius houses fleets into Altair space to further investigate the Coalition forces are met with harsh resistance by not only by the Coalition, but also by hostile alien forces of the NOMADs and DOM'KAVASH. The resulting situation has resulted in a serious rate of attrition for both the Sirius houses and the Coalition forces, often both are nearly obliterated at the same time by the alien forces in the connecting systems between the Dimensional Rift and Coalition space. The raids of each side of the Sirius houses and Coalition into the opposing side's territory almost always ends in a stalemate, as Coalition raiders are quickly destroyed by the Order's defenses in Sol and the Sirius houses raiders are swiftly destroyed by seasoned Coalition defenders in Sovetskaya. These raids are also not limited by just the houses either, as occassionally, alien forces will also invade Sol or Coalition space with just as much ferocity. The flare up of this inter-system, inter-house, inter-species, three-way war seems endless and costly for all sides in both the Sirius and the Altair sectors.

822AS/3002A.D. - After 6 months of heavy losses by both the Sirius houses and the Coalition via the alien forces, summits are held on Planets Curacao in the Cortez system in the Sirius sector and on planet Murmansk of the Sovetskaya system in the Altair sector. Negotiations between the Sirius houses and the Coaltion house are drawn up for terms of a ceasefire and the formation of a military pact to unite against the NOMADS and DOM'KAVASH, respectfully. In light of the superior technology and numbers of alien forces against humanity in Sirius and Altair, after centuries and centuries since the Sirius Exodus, the Sirius houses, children of the old Earth Alliance and children of the old Earth Coalition, finally unite against their common foes. The reunion of all of known mankind from ancient Earth is now begrudging made, to ensure all of thier survival in both the Sirius and Altair sectors of the galaxy.

822AS/3002A.D. - An incredible and massive campaign against the DOM'KAVASH in the Altair sector by the Coalition forces nets them the maps of many DOM'KAVASH systems and location of a alien "hypergate" deep within DOM'KAVASH space, where it is reported that a massive battle takes place there. The large Coalition assualt fleet invades into a DOM'KAVASH system called "Menton" deep within the DOM'KAVASH's space seeking to destroy the assumed entry point of DOM'KAVASH forces into the Altair sector. No word of the fleets or any communication regarding their current position in the massive battle in the Menton system afterwards is recieved, as it is feared they are all lost to the defending DOM'KAVASH forces in attempting to destroy their hypergate.

823AS/3003A.D. - Due to the Coalition's recent defeat in deep DOM'KAVASH space, the alien threats of the NOMADS and DOM'KAVASH in the Sirius and Altair sectors continues to escalate. According to the attrition rate and logistics from the Coalition's top generals after the grave loss in their gambit to destroy the DOM'KAVASH Hypergate, they indicate that the Coalition's defenses could collapse by the year's end. The onslaught of the combined might of the NOMADS and DOM'KAVASH's forces has found a way to overcome even the Coalition's powerful and once thought invincible, Dark Reign Ion Cannons, of which form the main basis of their defensive grid of their territory throughout the Altair sector.

823AS/3003A.D. - There are now grave concerns by the Alliance generals in the Sirius sector for the growing NOMAD presence and recent DOM'KAVASH presence in Sirius. Civilian causalties are mounting higher by the day as enemy alien operations branch aggressively from the Omicron systems in the Edge Nebula. Even though most alien forces observed have not fielded anything beyond scouts, fighters or small capital ships, there are concerns the NOMADS and DOM'KAVASH will eventually begin an invasion into Sirius with thier biggest and most powerful capital ships yet. All Sirius house militaries continue to remain on the highest alert status.

823AS/3003A.D. - With it's huge financal status and political clout with all the Sirius houses, the Gas Miners Guild(GMG) begins to do it's part to secure humanity's future and way of life in the Sirius sector. The GMG begins to increase it's H-Fuel production by 175% to meet the growing needs of Sirius's militaries and increases funding to it's up and coming GMG Research and Development Division to further the technology to combat alien threats. A massive recruiting effort is also employed by the GMG for all able-bodied pilots for deep-space exploration and system charting. Several months later, the GMG mobilizes it's new fleet to rise up to the growing threats all around Sirius.

823AS/3003A.D. - A notable GMG laboratory, Beta Lamda Labs, makes a huge discovery of more an archeological nature from a recently discovered planet in a exploratory drilling operation. An ancient humanoid civilization in an previously unknown system is discovered and cristened with the name, "The Ancients". This long-lost race of aliens were apparently destroyed by their first contact with the NOMADS eons ago. This race possessed technology slightly more advanced than man-kind's currently employed technological advances. The months of research and discovery afterwards at the dig site on "The Ancients" planet yields incredible finds and advancements in technology for the GMG. The solar system of the Ancients is named by the GMG as the "Devron" system, after the GMG exploratory vessel that discovered it.

823AS/3003A.D. - After a secret top-level meeting with the CEOs, top officers and liasons of the most powerful Sirius corporations, the most incredible breakthrough by the GMG laboratories is revealed. Within a few months, a imposing, sprawling space station is built on the edge of the Omega-3 system near Bretonia space. Attached to this new station is the GMG's crowning achievement and mankind's greatest milestone yet, a prototype Hypergate! After brilliantly solving the incredible power supply needs of the hypergate by the GMG labs, the gate however still has one drawback to it... It can deliever a spacecraft safely to it's targeted destination, of which is the Milky-Way's Inner core, but the trip is one way. With no way to send the necessary labor and physical capital to construct a return gate on the far side, it is understood that whoever went through the Hypergate may become stranded.

823AS/3003A.D. - After a day of it's initial activation, the GMG Hypergate in Omega-3 has it's first traveler, a volunteer of GMG's Hypergate intiative. In nothing but a mere scout ship, this lone, either incredibly brave or incredibly stupid pilot, on what is basically a suicide mission by the GMG, is selected to investigate the Inner Core sector to hopefully find a route back to either the Sirius or Altair sectors. The success of the mission has basically no guarantees, or little chance of the pilot returning home... But with the dire circumstances in the Sirius and Altair sectors, this unfortunately requires dire actions. Only time will tell of this noble, heroic pilot's adventure into a region of the galaxy where no human has tread.

824AS/3004A.D. - To more effectively manage The Order's defensive operations, the Alliance decides to create a new organization called the "Silver Arrows", of which it's primary objective is to explore the NOMAD and DOM'KAVASH systems and to the study their various and powerful alien technologies. This leaves "The Order" to a more protective role back in the colonies in the Sirius and Altair sectors. The Silver Arrows routinely launch many minor fighter-only expeditions into hostile, alien environments with it's fighter wings, which sneak further into enemy territory than previous Alliance or Coalition fleets. These para-military pilots begin to develop expertise in alien dog-fighting, system charting and finding alien technologies allowing the human technology to improve considerably over the following years. On some occasions, The Order calls for reinforcement from the Silver Arrows ranks to cover multiple invasion zones in Sirius or for overall force reinforcements to put end to those invasions faster. Exploring uncharted systems and dispatching invasion zones in the Altair or Sirius sectors has led the group to develop it's organization's motto: "We explore, we defend".

825AS/3005A.D. - After few years of the Silver Arrows fighter-only exploration and expeditions, the Silver Arrows Labatories(SAL) scientists began to stall in their research due to the fact that not much lab equipment can be brought in the field, where the pilots often are. The Silver Arrows Command(SAC) in response begins to develop a new fleet of capital ships that would bring standard astro-physicist lab equipment to the reaches of deep alien space to study newly discovered phenomenons and to fight the massive, deadly DOM'KAVASH motherships that the small fighter wings encountered much too often. The first ship to leave the SAC's space dock on Manhattan was a experimental Osiris Class battleship, the "Discovery". Equipped with top-of-the-line nav computer, scanner, state of the art fission reactor core, prototype weapon and defensive systems, the ship was ready to enter service into hostile, alien space. A fully functional astrometric laboratory was installed to allow scientists to conduct experiments and the ship was modified with a second hangar to the rear of the ship to allow a second wing of escort fighters to be docked on board. In essence, the Discovery a first and one of a kind naval vessel ever seen in production, a prototype: a battle-carrier that also does operations as a exploratory science vessel, a self contained moving battlestation. The first command of this experimental flagship was given to the young, yet experienced, Captain Sam Thomas who excelled in multiple previous expeditions with his fighter squadron, Alpha Wing. The ship engaged on few shakedown missions in Sirius NOMAD territories in the months following its launch before taking part in a more dangerous operation in the Altair sector.

826AS/3006A.D. - The Silver Arrows' flagship "Discovery" is sent on a new mission in the DOM'KAVASH systems of the Altair sector to study more closely the DOM'KAVASH Hypergate in the Menton System. However, on its way to it's intented destination, the ship is spotted by DOM'KAVASH ships performing trial runs of a new jump technology which allows the DOM'KAVASH ships to purposely create jump holes to travel from any point in space to another. The "Discovery" gets ambushed and the aliens use their new technology to send the battleship to an unknown destination, deep into the galaxy away from the Altair sector. The Silver Arrows dispatches all pilots to deep-space missions to find the lost flagship, with the hope of bringing back the men and women of the "Discovery" home.

828AS/3008A.D. - The Silver Arrows Command is on the verge of losing it's Alliance backing and funding due to failure of finding the lost "Discovery" flagship and with little to show the ASF Command of it's progress in the SAC's alien experiments results, dissolving of the fledgling para-military outfit looks inevitable... Incredibly though, days shortly after being declared officially lost by the ASF command, the battleship reappears through the Dimensionnal Rift in the Sol system and lands on Earth after two years in the unknown regions of the Milky-Way Galaxy. After more than a year of being listed as 'missing-in-action', Captain Sam Thomas brings his ship back with a few holes in the hull but the "Discovery" was still in one piece. Amazingly with no casualties reported on the Captain's crew roster and ship log, they return with many, many secrets and discoveries for the Sirius scientists to study. The analysis of the ship's nav computer and the testamonies of the crew reveals that the ship has been sent by the DOM'KAVASH into what is known today as the Inner Core sector, the very center of the Milky Way galaxy.

829AS/3009A.D. - Thanks to the many Inner Core expeditions of both the Gas Miners Guild and the Silver Arrows, automated, self-defending, repair buoys have been left in select locations in space to aid pilots in the hostile UNITED DOM' Occupied Territory systems (formerly Dom'Kavash space) of Venn, Celldra, Sadurn, Jormdar, Pyrddra, Mepther and Ryssk to help pilots repair their ships from hull and system damage sustained in combat by the UNITED DOM factions. Thanks to this brilliant innovation, this could be the catalyst that the Sirius houses and Dom'Kavash hope could stem the tide of inter-galatic war in their favor against the United Dom' Invasion forces.


840AS/3020A.D. - Estimated completion of the California Minor terraforming. The original projections for terraforming time were on the order of 400 years, but alien organisms have accelerated the process over four-fold.

850AS/3030A.D. - Estimated completion of Liberty Debris Field cleanup.


Absolutely astonished i am ;D

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