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The Criidaar, a new addition to the Galactic council mod

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History Cataclysm timeline
After the tragic and horrible research projects conducted on the planet Gozan IV, the Taidan abandoned the research base with haste.

But they are not the only intelligent species inhabiting the planet. A lizard-like race, living underground found the base, investigated on their way, found technology, history and found out about what was going on around their home.

Time has passed, The Criidaar have made a decision, find a better home for a better future, as they now are a group of a few hundreds. From the technology they could find, a small crusade convoy has been made and set for the stars, never to return again, they destroyed everything on their miserable desert world.

Homeworld 2 timeline
They encountered the higarans and were under attack by them, as they were unknown and perhaps mistaken for a taidan loose fleet. The true reason will never be known, but the horror and death of many Criidaar will never be forgotten, only 3 ships have made it out alive.

After 2 years of galactic crusade, a suitable system and world was found, Criidaria, as it is called now, a hot, desert-like planet with canyons and mountains all over the planet. Fifty years of settling, they found something again, something mysterious, the builder will never be known. A network, a network connected to six planets, in three regions around the galaxy, 2 planets for each region. Instant travel, no costs, a star like structure they now use as their banner.

With this glorious way of sending aid to other planets in an eye blink, they started going to space, the first what they encountered on the Glorxr Region was a Warrior race, They are dubbed as the Vaygr.

In the other two regions they met a race with the same way of living, The Turanic raiders, they have grown close to them, so did the Raiders. Now the other regions, Focsctor and Necrss, they have grown small but steady, the Criidaar have 3 small regions but not one big territory, however, specially in the Vaygr reaches, no one comes unauthorized, if it happens, like some dumb vaygr idiots, they will be warned and escorted out, or be destroyed.

2 years after their begin in space, slipgate outposts have been build as the Criidaar favor a network of tunnels like their planets, The Turanics and Criidaar work together with a network like this, as brothers they move, they build and claim their territory with honor. The Criidaar has encountered the council, and joined as the youngest member, they speak for both themselves and on behalf of the Turanic raiders.

While neutral to the Vaygr, friendly to the Turanics, they do not have friendly intentions to the Higarans, the other races are either neutral or not encountered yet, but the Council has opened new business for the Criidaar.

Summary of Disposition
So the Criidaar are a young, new race, big buddies of the Turanics, they have 3 small territories and a network of travel together with the Turanic Raiders, they have no wars however, perhaps skirmish fights with the Higarans other merchanaries, or some dumb vaygr groups that ignore the warnings.

Criidaar will having trade convoys, but they are not attacked by the Turanics and mostly will mostly be going from one of the Criidaar planets to a Turanic outpost. Basically a kind of pirate race, but more kind. They don't travel loosely, but more in routes.

The Criidaar will be heavily focused on strike craft, perhaps more than 1 tier, like a bunch of Advanced fighters and corvettes, however they will have a capital ship killer frigate like the missile frigate and the ion frigate, and a anti fighter frigate, a single type of heavy destroyer, more expensive than the usual destroyer but more for heavy duty patrols, and the fierce battlecruiser, with a few heavy weapons and one major cannon, a cannon that can be disabled, repaired, but one that matches the Trinity cannon salvo with a single shot.

And battlecarriers, carriers can do not build frigates, but are far more armed than other carriers, kinda like the turanics

Ryuseimaru - - 419 comments

So...on the Forum pics, what is the untextured model in the middle? A destroyer?

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Lupus_of_nox_noctis - - 1,088 comments

Criidaria? No offense but try to be a little more creative with the name of their planet.

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