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A list of people, teams, and companies that this mod owes credit to. It will be expanded with time. Please, be forgiving and merciful, and if I forgot to mention you or your work here, notify me and I'll fix it; the mod has been in the making for more than 4 years now, it is very difficult to remember everything properly. Thank you!

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  • Oliver, for edited mods, parts of textures and new normal maps
  • TimeGolem
  • Rgcotl, for gloves, used with permission
  • Fredelios
  • IggorBB
  • TheWanderer
  • ArchieDuke, for the wonderful map and various OSP packs
  • Dariel
  • AlphaDelta
  • Mount & Gladius Team
  • TLD Team
  • Pino
  • Ficus
  • CountRomann, for various xiphos models, used with permission
  • Dedal, for Map Icons
  • Barf
  • TheSpecialist
  • Spak
  • Migdeu19
  • GRIM Age Team
  • Ettenrocal


  • tocan, for helping with many scripts, offering more scripts, being a friend and an all-around awesome dude
  • Caba' Drin
  • Lav
  • 1257AD Team
  • The great modders from Taleworlds Forums, for help over the years


  • Martin Helsdon, for his art, from the Armies and Enemies of Dragon Pass
  • Merlkir


  • Farya Faraji
  • Tyler Cunningham Music
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