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Credits for community and OSP contributions to ECW.

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ECW is only possible thanks to community contributions from a lot of people. I apologise if I have forgotten anyone- please let me know and I’ll amend this listing.

WFaS team & Taleworlds - the base game
Thorgrim - Map editor
Weef Bellington - Quick Scene Chooser
Willhelm - Ultimate 17th Century & 19th Century Victorian Era Packs
Mtarini - Openbrf
Yamabusi - Highlanders models
Jan Tuma - Sturmhaube helmets pack
Sirwho - Now we have hair (concept)
Daedalus/Slawomir of Aaarrghh - Tavern animations
Caba'drin - Pre-Battle Orders & Deployment for WFaS
Motomataru - Formations: battlefield tactics kit (in PBOD)
Papa Lazarou - Spear bracing & shield bash animations (in PBOD)
The Mercenary - Spear-wall/Bracing Kit (in PBOD)
dunde - Custom Camera & key config presentation (in PBOD)
MadVader - Mouse-operated DeathCam (in PBOD)
xenoargh - Shield bash code (in PBOD)
Arch3r - Bridge battles
The Last Days Team - Saddleless horse, uncapturable troops
Dr Tomas - Twilight of the Sun King cannon code
gutekfiutek - Terrain borders from polished landscapes
Highlander/Hypercharge - Project Age of Machinery particle systems
Rubik - World map
Narf - Men at arms v2.1 & plate_armour_pack_warband
Crusaders Way to Expiation Team - Battle flags, cloaks, cow, sheep & scene props
wanderer - YesMoreHorses
barf - Burgonet
jubal - Galleon & cog
Llew - Flintlock firearms OSP
AndyYa - Alive Horses
3dregenerator - Dogs & cats
Black Watch 1745 - Pike & Shotte Montero cap & bonnet, war cries
Al Mansur - Map icons
Dazzer - German mercenary uniforms, drummer/piper animations & sounds, play testing
Kraggrim - Cuirass
Mark7 - CWE flag shader algorithm
BNL Eighty Years of War Team - black powder barrel, 3 uniforms, 2 hats, spanish rapier
_Sebastian_ & BOE team - Battle of Europe sea cannon & powder ladel
Furok & Grim Age team - Pistolier horses
supernode, ravi & FoxCat - Flags
YourStepDad - play testing
hoboistice - weapons combined capabilities and combat animations


Anyone know the name of the music played by pipers?

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