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This article contains credits to all who have contributed directly and indirectly to the creation of this mod. Remember, Elite: Dangerous is due for release in March 2014, so please do head over to the forums (detailed in the article) to get involved.

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Freelancer: Mostly Harmless

An 'Elite' mod for Freelancer by Matthew Guy (aka Stormprooter)

This mod was built on the Total Coversion Mod Starter Pack by DnwUnder - see !!!TCMStarterPack.txt for full information.
A big, big thank you to DwnUnder for creating this starter pack, which saved me hours and hours of head-scratching trying to get started.

The space station and ship models were kindly provided by Gibbon & Griff, an extra special thank you to Gibbon for also helping to guide me through my first attempt at a mod, with his experience and tips & tricks. Do check out Gibbon's 'Genesis' mod at -
Griff can usually be found mooching around the Oolite forums -

Thanks to the Oolite community for having so much information about the 'Elite' universe available and open source, and without which, much of the content of this mod would not have been possible to do in the time.

A big thank you and "We are not worthy" to Adoxa (Jason Hood), for creating so many plugins to help mod this game.

A tip of the hat to Nightstalker, whose "Nightstalker's Universe" mod provided so much insipiration, and the odd idea to pinch.

Thanks to the Freelancer modding community in general, especially all at the Lancers Reactor ( and all at The Starport ( for providing a place where Freelancer modding help can be found.

Finally a word about Ian Bell & David Braben, the original 'Elite' developers, without the original game, this would not exist. The latest incarnation of Elite - Elite: Dangerous is out now - I can heartily recommend it to anyone who loves this series of games. Get started at

Tools used:

Freelancer Simple Save Editor 1.0 by TheJkWhoSaysNi
Resource Hacker™ 3.4.0 by Angus Johnson
FLScan 1.3 Freelancer Mod Scanner by Accushot
FLIDRefViewer 1.0.6 by "Unknown" German Developer
UTF_Edit - by "Unknown" developer - used to change various resources like the Universe Nav Map background
HardCMP 2.0 by "Unknown" developer - used to fiddle with the ship models hardpoints
FL Infocard Importer/Exporter by cannon (who kindly provided the source code to read/write the names/infocard DLLs)
Freelancer Mod Studio by stfx - extremely useful for debugging and visualising problem systems

Plug-ins - all by the legend "Adoxa"

JFLP - widescreen support (amongst other things)
AmmoLimit - limits ammo on defined weapons
EngClass - allows "classable" engines & powerplants to be bought and sold at equipment dealers
HudShift - shifts the hud out to the edges of the display
Numeric - shows numeric values for shield & hull on other ships
ShipClass - allows reclassification and addition of more ship classes to the game
Territory - allows customiztion of houses and displays system information when you jump into a system

Development Software

THe vast majority of files in this mod were created by a mixture of content data and procedural routines, I developed my own software to do this using the following:

Microsoft Visual Studio 2012
SQL Server 2012
Notepad (used to view the generated ini files)
Adobe Photoshop CS2

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