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ie FOR CHARACTER NOT IN REAL LIFE!!! (can be for expansion pack)

ie Main Character for F.E.W mod
NAME: Chang Hak-Myong
AGE: 27
RANK: Lieutenant (Field Commander)
COUNTRY: Republic of Korea
BACKGROUND: Born in Seoul to a middle class family, Chang was raised like any other child. He graduated Secondary School and then joined the Republic of Korea Army when he was 18, he went to Officer training school to become a Commander. Then, when he was 25, during a flight near the DMZ, his S-70 Black Hawk was shot down by a North Korean AA Gun. After crashing into a forest in which everyone except him survived, he was found by a North Korean Partisan group who promised to send him back across the border. As they manouvered through the tiresome terrain of the DPRK, they come across a PRoA patrol, he snuck behind a Chinese PRoA soldier, snapped his neck and stole his ammo and QBZ-95 and led the partisan charge towards the patrol. He was actually happy to be with the partisans and decided to be with them. He was later proclaimed by the RoKA as MIA. When the PRoA invaded the RoK 2 years later, he led a Partisan group in Inchon when he found a dead generals Command Tablet giving a brief history of the conflicts leading to the present, and an order to go to a local Pan-Asian Republic firebase and retrieve new orders. When he arrived at the firebase, he approached the Camp Commander and to his amazement, it was his old CO, and was re-instated into the RoKA, and given the title of Field Commander.

ie Main Character for US-Russian Pact for F.E.W: GC mod
NAME: Alexandr Mikhailovich Voronin
AGE: 23
RANK: Senior Sergeant (Field Commander)
COUNTRY: Russian Federation
DIVISION: 76th Airborne Division VDV
BACKGROUND: Born in Moscow in 1990 to a High-Class family, his father a Soviet Paratrooper in Afghanistan, and his mother, an American Police Officer, and on his dad's side, his Grandfather, who struck it rich in 1936 with the oil company VORONIN OIL, in which Alexei (as he is affectionatly called) is the heir to. He graduated Secondary School 462, and joined the Russian Paratroopers whilst he was 17, and joined in time for the 2008 Russia-Ossetia War. During a patrol, a Georgian T-72 seperated him from his squad and was lost in Georgia. For a year, he was nowhere to be found, and he still thought that the war wasn't over, so he shot at peaceful Georgian Military vehicles as the drove by. As he traveled north to go to Russia, he encountered a service where he could get back home. He came into Moscow with colors and guards and crowds. He got promoted from Yefreytor to Senior Sergeant for outstanding combat. When he was 22, he married a Senior Sergeant named Natalia Sokolov, a Member of the VDV's 45th Detached Reconaissance Regiment. When the Second Russian Civil War broke out, he was rushed to defend Moscow from the Communist Ultranationalists led by Mikhail Zirkovsky. The units were >>>//..TRANSMISSION ENDED///.>> (ill tell you the rest via PM)


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