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Age of Chivalry: Hegemony will soon see an entirely updated new release, featuring five new countries and many new units, graphics and features. This article covers one of the new countries: the republic of Venice.

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In this feature we are returning to Italy to take a look at one of the most famous medieval Italian states: the most serene republic of Venice!

Age of Chivalry: Hegemony


Venice is an old and powerful city-state. Long part of the Byzantine empire, its early development has been markedly different compared to that of the other North Italian cities. The city looked East more often than not, building up an impressive set of colonies in the Eastern Mediterranean, a set of holdings that was maintained even after Venice brutally assaulted her own mother city, Constantinople, in the devastating Fourth Crusade of 1204.

Like her superb rival Genoa, Venice has mustered an impressive naval assortment. But where Genoa stumbled at the turn of the 15th century and became a protectorate of other states, such as Milan and France, Venice carefully maintained her independence through a combination of forceful diplomacy and her unique island capital. Furthermore, Venice can rely on the traditions of both East and West, hiring Balkan horsemen - the Stradiots - and employing them in the Italian Peninsula alongside the more traditional Italian Condotierri.

Raiding Venice
A Genoese raid on Venice goes awry when a raiding party of Genoese Guards and Foot Knights is surrounded by Condottiere, Stradiots, Pikemen, Footmen and Foot Knights. In the background stand the San Marco Basilica (the Venetian Monument) and the Palace of the Doge (the Venetian Court).

Backing up Venice's military power is her magnificent arsenal. The new arsenal (Arsenale Nuovo), built in the 14th century, offers the city advantages other states can only dream of. The Arsenal houses some of the most skilled construction workers of Europe, able to build complicated and expensive military machinery at cheaper prices and in less time than in most other places, thanks to employing a unique type of assembly line organisation. Furthermore, thanks in part to advanced machinery goods can be moved more efficiently.

But Venice can only invest in so much, and consequently a choice must be made between becoming ruler of the seas to protect the Stato da Mar (the territories in the Eastern Mediterranean) or expanding control over the Italian mainland, the Domini di Terraferma. Different situations will require different policies, but both offer Venice the opportunity to become a great power!

Unique Units:
Stradiot (light cavalry)
Spadaccino (medium infantry, requires Domini di Terraferma)
Condottiero (regenerating, heavy armoured cavalry, requires Mercenaries)
Work Barque (ship that can construct Water Walls and Water Gates and repair other ships)

Unique Technology:
Arsenale Nuovo (Peasants carry +5 resources, carracks 10% cheaper, ships +1 pierce armour)
Galeass (upgrades the Galley to the stronger Galeass)

Team Bonus
: Docks 20% faster

Characteristics of the civilisation:
• Light Cavalry upgrades free
• Get Water Walls and Gates
• Has access to the Galleass
• Demolition Ships +50% hit points
• Markets and Docks cheaper
• War Cog more expensive, takes longer to construct
• Has access to the Episcopal Court

Policy Decisions
- Stato da Mar (enable Caravel research; Work Barques work more quickly, fish traps carry more food, water walls +1/+4 armour)
- Domini di Terraferma (enable Spadaccino research; light cavalry (including Stradiots) +5 attack vs. siege weapons, farms hold more food)

That concludes our feature on Venice. Watch this mod to keep up to date on the upcoming release and be notified of screenshots and features!

TheCeLL87 - - 803 comments

water walls and gates?! That will be very interesting...

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Nuttah - - 1,201 comments

Wished for those things ever since I saw them in the Hun campaign.

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Dead|Wing - - 3,063 comments

I am so excited for that addition. Like Nuttah said, I've always wanted those since the Hun campaign. I spent Ages trying to work out how to put them in in the Scenario builder, but to no avail.

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ZoneOP - - 136 comments

Wow this looks truly amazing!

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FortressMaximus - - 1,664 comments

Just some corrections: "Condottiero" is singular, "Condottieri" is plural. The Italian name is: "Basilica di San Marco".

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Silvermarch - - 569 comments


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