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How many Steam Achievements will Boot Hill Bounties have? How will you get them? Answers in one of our last updates.

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Steam Achievements are special rewards for completing various game objectives, and Boot Hill Bounties has got 52 of them. Why 52? Because that’s how many cards are in a standard deck of playing cards (minus jokers).

Playing cards are the motif for achievements in Boot Hill Bounties with a each suit representing a type of achievement.

3OfSpades Corral Countdown 6: Steam Achievements10OfSpades Corral Countdown 6: Steam Achievements7OfSpades Corral Countdown 6: Steam Achievements

Spades – Spades achievements are awarded when defeating especially tough bosses.

4OfDiamonds Corral Countdown 6: Steam Achievements8OfDiamonds Corral Countdown 6: Steam AchievementsKOfDiamonds Corral Countdown 6: Steam Achievements

Diamonds – Diamond achievements are earned when you reach certain milestones in the story.

3OfHearts Corral Countdown 6: Steam Achievements7OfHearts Corral Countdown 6: Steam AchievementsQOfHearts Corral Countdown 6: Steam Achievements

Hearts – Hearts achievements are gained when complete various side quests found in the newspaper.

10OfClubs Corral Countdown 6: Steam Achievements6OfClubs Corral Countdown 6: Steam Achievements9OfClubs Corral Countdown 6: Steam Achievements

Clubs – Club achievements are found when you accomplish difficult challenges, like completing every Rusty Challenge or collecting every treasure in the game.

Simply finishing the main quest should earn a player half the achievements, while most players will probably get a few more. But only the most tenacious players will get all 52 achievements. Good luck!

Later this week, we’ll talk about another kind of achievement checklist. And this one is much harder, but with a much bigger reward…

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