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How I made non-player characters in Boot Hill Bounties.

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Every Friday during this countdown to release I want to focus on more of the development side of Bronco County. Here, I’ll talk about the process behind developing some aspect of the game and the thoughts behind it.

There are around 300 or so residents of Bronco County to meet! So how did I make so many? In the video below, I’ll walk you through the process…

Making Bronco County feel alive and full of personality is an important aim of Boot Hill Bounties. And to make towns feel lively, they need people. Non-playcharacters (NPCs) are found everywhere and great effort was put into making even the most minor character have a unique look, name, personality and purpose for enriching the game.

people11 Corral Countdown 46:  NPC Creation (Friday Devblog)

Often characters do not simply deliver a line of dialogue and are never interacted with again. You’ll encounter them again at different times in different places just as you would any real person. For example, you might find Freeman Starks working at his job over at Prospect Bluffs but also find him having a drink at the Skunkwater Saloon in Cyprus Flats from time to time. Also, characters might reference family members that you can find in other towns that you can also meet. These are the subtle details that bring Bronco County to life.

people31 Corral Countdown 46:  NPC Creation (Friday Devblog)

This brings us to the end of our first week at the Corral Countdown. Look how much we’ve covered about the game in just five days! Can you believe that there are still 45 more updates to go. What will we talk about next week? Keep following this blog up until release day on December 1.

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