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After watching a youtube video about my mod I decided to write this article for beginner players...

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WHY DID I WRITE THIS ARTICLE?: I encountered with a new youtube video about my mod recently. It is a 20 minutes length video about Episode 1. The person who tried my mod is a first time player for my mod. So he made too many gameplay mistakes while playing my mod. So I realized that first time players (or newcomer players) make too many gameplay mistakes that make them quitting from the game in very early game. I will talk about most common mistakes of beginner players (or newcomer players) to help next beginner players to avoid from these common mistakes. That is the purpose of this article.


First of all I want to thank "EvolvedPixel" youtube channel due to uploading a video about my mod. So I respect him. Because he is the first youtuber who uploaded a youtube video about my mod. So I am very grateful to him. However he was a first time player. So he made too many gameplay mistakes during his 20 minute length video. I will use his youtube video as an example to show all beginners most common gameplay mistakes.

This is his video:

MISTAKE 1: Before starting to play my mod all newcomer players need to read my "Gameplay Hints" and "Gameplay Tactics" articles at first to improve their playthrough experience. They last maximum 15 minutes for all players. He has never done before starting to play (in my opinion).

MISTAKE 2: Before starting to "DOOM Redux" campaign players need to start with "DOOM Tutorial Scenario" at first to get some basic experience about gameplay mechanics and system. He started with Episode 1 directly.


MISTAKE 3 [0:45]: Players need to choose "Moderate" ai difficulty level before starting to an episode for the most ideal ai behavior. However when players enter this game in the first time the chosen ai difficulty level is "Standard" ai difficulty level due to my mod's factory setting. So players need to adjust "Moderate" ai difficulty level manually. However he didn't adjust the ai difficulty level like the bottom picture.

Mistake 1 4


MISTAKE 4 [0:55]: Players need to read "History" section in the preview page of each episode. After starting the game players need to read "Hints" section at least for one time in each episode. So he has never done both of them.


MISTAKE 5: Players need to check "Objectives" section again after encountering with each "Objectives have changed" message together with their related sound effect. Because the game will always update this section until players finish the campaign. "Objectives" section has 3 components: "Objectives" part, "Key Items" part and "Informations" part... If players don't check "Objectives" section methodically they may miss some hints and information. He has never checked "Objectives" section in his video.

Mistake 2 4


MISTAKE 6: After player takes control of Marine "Stand Ground" Stance is the most ideal one for Marine. However player needs to turn on the Advanced Commands at first. After that player can select this stance for Marine from Advanced Commands. This stance is most suitable stance for your Marine. Because he doesn't change his position but he attacks his enemies. He has never turned on the Advanced Commands. Because he didn't have any ideas about it.

Mistake 3 4

You need to check the bottom 2 pictures to learn how to select this stance.

Stand G 1 2

Stand G 2 2


MISTAKE 7 [3:00]: Marine can talk with all Martian People Groups one by one by going to near of each group. However this information (optional mission) is only available in "Objectives" section. He has never checked "Objectives" section. So he missed talking with all people groups.

MISTAKE 8: All episodes contain many scenario texts. However their times were adjusted for eye reading. Their times are not suitable for loud reading. Also if players miss some texts they can check and read them again by opening the "Chat" section. Despite this reality he tried to read aloud the scenario texts during the video. So he missed many texts during the video. Also all youtube watchers can read all texts by pausing the video. So reading aloud is not required for youtube videos.

MISTAKE 9 [16:35]: After the battle section starts he made many mistakes against all enemy types despite the difficulty is the easiest one. Because he didn't have any experience. He didn't know that how to use "Hit and Avoid" Tactic against Imps. He didn't know that how to use "Hit and Run" Tactic against Lost Souls. He couldn't figure out the mechanic of the "Soul Cube" artifact. Because he has never checked "Objectives" section. Also he didn't play the Tutorial Scenario. He didn't read my "Gameplay Hints" and "Gameplay Tactics" articles. So he "tried" to play like a blind person.


MISTAKE 10 [17:45]: He has never saved the game during the whole video. When he sees a "Save Point" message he assumed that this is an "Auto Save" or a "Checkpoint". So he has never tried to save the game. After his first death he couldn't load a saved game. So he gave up from the game as the natural result. When players see a "Save Point" message they need to save the game manually from the game menu. There is no available auto save system in my mod. However the auto recording is available.

Mistake 4 4


MY LAST WORDS: So I tried to show you the most common mistakes of beginner (or newcomer) players. His video is a great example for these mistakes. I hope that this article will prevent next beginner players to avoid from these common mistakes. So they can take greater distances for my mod without giving up. Also you can watch my own Episode 1 Playthrough Video to compare his gameplay with my own gameplay. Lastly I want to thank "EvolvedPixel" again because I achieved to see many newcomer player mistakes with the help of his video.

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