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Information about the combat and customization mechanics, as well as the main game mode: Survival Campaigns (co-op and solo).

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In this article, I'll be talking about the combat system in The Afflicted Forests, as well as the primary game mode available for solo and co-op: Survival Campaigns.

The Afflicted Forests was inspired by a wide variety of games. Many aspects of our spell system were inspired by games such as World of Warcraft, DarkSouls, and the Elder Scrolls. However, the weapon system aims to mimic First and Third-Person-Shooters, offering a faster paced and more engaging RPG-style combat system.


Here is a short gameplay video displaying a combat scenario as a Wizard welding the Frost Staff and a few spells:

*Please pardon any incomplete animations or models - we're still hard at work improving the graphics*


Each weapon has a primary attack and an Ultimate ability. Primary attacks cost little to no mana, and can be used as quickly as your character can swing your weapon, offering a reliable source of sustained damage. Ultimate abilities typically have a longer cooldown, and can be used to unleash a powerful effect unique to each weapon.

In the video featured above, you will see the Frost Staff casting two abilities from the weapon: the primary ability, Frost Bolt, slows and damages the enemy it hits; and the ultimate ability, Ice Storm, that creates a frosty storm, causing heavy damage and slowing all enemies caught in its radius.

Spells & Abilities:

In addition to the two weapon abilities, you can also choose up to 10 non-weapon abilities when creating your loadout. These include spells that do damage, disable enemies, heal allies, or temporarily power up your character. The spells that you can choose from will depend upon the class you are currently playing.


There are 4 classes: Wizards and Druids (casters), as well as Clerics, and Rogues(melee).


Upon creating a character, you will not be asked to choose a class. Instead, you can play any class at any time, simply by equipping a weapon for that class.

Wizards and Druids can equip unique spells for casters, while Clerics and Rogues can utilize a set of exclusive melee abilities. All four classes can utilize a set of global Elven Abilities. Additionally, each class will also have its own unique set of spells. This way, there are many different ways to build each class, depending on your weapon and spell selection.

Here is an example of a Wizard's Spell selection. A wizard will have access to spells from three spell books: Wizard, Cater, and Elven:


What are Survival Campaigns?

Each 'Survival Campaign' takes place on a unique map. Waves of enemies will spawn until you and your team have all died. As a result, a major goal is to stay alive for as many rounds as possible! Additionally, each campaign will have its own Bosses, Allies, and Objectives... as well as unique Spells, Weapons, and Items offered as rewards. You will also be rewarded gold based on how many waves you managed to survive at the end of a match.

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Each map has its own quest line, hidden objectives, and rewards. Quests or objectives will become available as you discover new zones, level up, or gather more 'Arcane Energy' (currency rewarded for defeating plagued enemies in a match).

Upon death, all arcane energy is lost and any upgrades purchased with arcane energy are lost as well, but your character will retain all of its Experience as well as any Weapons, Spells, and Gold that you acquired (gold is used to purchase new spells, weapons, and consumable items in the Character Shop.)

For more information, check out the rest of our page, and feel free to send a message or leave a comment if you have any questions or suggestions!

In our next article, I'll go into more detail about the current Weapons and Spells available in the game right now, and hopefully provide some finished screenshots showing the character customization & information interface that we're currently working on.

Thanks, Ryan M.

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