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My lovely mod will possibly have some multiplayer maps and modifications.

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Hello again.

So the road to the Great Rooftops Mappack Final Release is open, and I've been messing up with some Multiplayer stuff lately, and I thought, why not make a small multiplayer extension in Rooftops Final? Well, here is what I plan to do:

The Multiplayer part of the mod will have about 3 Maps, I don't know If I'm gonna add more, which will be:

  • "Rooftops" A wide open area from Map 3: "Rooftops"
  • "City Square" The whole City Square from Map 4:"Deus Ex Machina" in Multiplayer
  • "Junior High School" A Map I came up recently. It's totally irrelevant with the storyline but I think it will be cool to include it.

The teams of these maps will be SAS and Spetsnaz (a bit modified though). The Mod will possibly feature custom announcer voice for these teams and custom spawn and victory music. And my favorite feature, Player models will be the same as the Singleplayer Missions. Which means that SAS multiplayer player models will be SPi, Loz, Pan, Alex, AV and SV from the original Missions. I may do the same with Spetsnaz but I don't know yet. A final Touch I'd like to add is to make an In-game menu player model selection. So you can manually set what character model you wish to have from the original missions, not just random.

That's all Here is a video of the Junior High School map in its early state.

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good new :)

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Keep up the good work! You are definitely making CoD4 alive again! :D

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