Rooftops Campaign is a fan-made singleplayer campaign mod for Call of Duty 4.

Plot Summary:

The mod includes four main story levels and one secret bonus level that the player has to discover.
The story revolves around a small British SAS team staged in Greece that receives a distress call from a CIA agent who's been operating undercover in Italy. The SAS team deploys in Sicily and gets entangled into a large undercover Russian operation with a sinister purpose under the command of the evil General Romanov.


The gameplay of the mod provides various ways of providing fun scenarios for players to enjoy. The first few levels start slowly, by introducing the player to the main plot events and gameplay gimmicks, while providing a new and innovative stealth sequence as well as carefully crafted in-game cinematics. The final few levels are combat heavy levels that will test players skills and ability to fight in the game. The final level also includes a cover fire section where player has to provide cover fire to team mates from an elevated position, and later join them to take down the main enemy headquarters with many exciting set pieces and gameplay gimmicks happening in the meantime.

Classic & Remaster:

The Classic Version of the mod was originally released in September 17, 2016.

The Remastered Version of the mod was released in May 5, 2024 and it overhauls the whole experience, visually and technically by entirely re-scripting everything, and adding a plethora of better assets from later Call of Duty games to improve on the fidelity of the mod. There is a whole new custom UI, custom menu, achievements, and many other cool new features and improvement on the original game.

Easter Eggs:

The mod includes a plethora of Easter eggs for players to explore and discover. The main Easter egg of the mod involves a series of collectable items that once collected, you get radio dialogue from a special Easter egg character called Antonio Sartini giving more background information about the plot. In reward for completing this Easter egg, player has access to a whole new bonus level unrelated to the main storyline.

Other Easter eggs have players collecting various other items, like gold bars, journals, and hard drives. The latter two provide information about certain character's bio.

Besides those, there are a few other trivial Easter eggs that are of lesser importance.

Sequels & Prequels:

Rooftops Campaign has a sequel called "Rooftops 2" and a prequel called "The Deal"

The intended way to play them is the following:
"Rooftops 1" [Current Mod]
"Rooftops 2"
"The Deal"

The prequel involves spoilers for the story so it's best if it's played last.

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Rooftops Remastered is finally decided to be released on May 5, 2024!

Rooftops Remastered is a remake and overhaul of the original Rooftops Campaign. Everything is re-scripted from scratch, giving a much more upgraded gameplay experience and a much more player-friendly experience. All level geometry has been been deeply re-optimized and re-polished. Character models have been changed to higher definition ones from later games so they are consistent with Rooftops 2.Many of the prop models have been upgraded to higher definition counter parts from later COD games. The weapons have been changed to Rooftops 2 weapons instead of the limited COD4 weapons.

Here are the main upgrades the mod provides in a list:

  • Entirely re-scripted everything thus revamping the whole experience.
  • In-depth re-optimization of the geometry of the maps.
  • All weapons are replaced with Rooftops 2 weapons.
  • Better character models to keep consistency with Rooftops 2.
  • Heavy use of cool new animated sequences.
  • Re-done and better quality dialogues and cinematics.
  • Skip system for long dialogues and cinematics.
  • UI and HUD from Rooftops 2.
  • New progression system and achievement unlockables, just like Rooftops 2.

Finally, it includes a new version of the Rooftops Revisited level with the theme changed to WW2 and a Gun Game mode exclusive to that map.

YouTube Post:

Discord Invite:

r1r screens01 2

r1r screens01 4

r1r screens01 1

Rooftops 1 Remastered Reveal

Rooftops 1 Remastered Reveal

News 2 comments

Call of Duty 4 Custom Campaign Mod "Rooftops Remastered" Reveal video explaining what the mod will change compared to the Classic Version.

The Deal Reveal

The Deal Reveal


Revealing the long awaited "The Deal" Singleplayer Mission for Call of Duty 4.

I am officially back!

I am officially back!

News 2 comments

I was away and now I am officially back! I'll explain what's been going on with me lately.

Final Maps Delay

Final Maps Delay

News 1 comment

In this post I will explain why have I not released any map in weeks.

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Rooftops Campaign Remastered

Rooftops Campaign Remastered

Full Version 8 comments

Rooftops Remastered is an HD remake of Rooftops Campaign (2016) a Call of Duty 4 custom singleplayer mod. It's entirely rescripted, with new HD assets...

Rooftops Campaign Classic Rock Fix

Rooftops Campaign Classic Rock Fix

Patch 2 comments

A small patch that fixes that unreasonable mission failed function when you throw the rock where you were supposed to throw it.

Rooftops Campaign Classic

Rooftops Campaign Classic

Full Version 62 comments

Finally, the Main Release of Call of Duty 4: "Rooftops" Campaign is out and available for public! Watch the Launch Trailer I prepared for you guys, and...

Rooftops Campaign Classic Demo 3

Rooftops Campaign Classic Demo 3

Singleplayer Map 7 comments

The Third Demo is finally here! watch the launch trailer and Download it to tell me what you think about it.

Rooftops Campaign Classic Demo 2

Rooftops Campaign Classic Demo 2


The 2nd Epic Demo is finally released! Its release has been delayed due to some problems that occured a few days before July 1. Download, enjoy, follow...

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vassim - - 8 comments

Hello Can someone please tell me which version this mod works on? Thank you very much

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
TheWindowsGuy - - 29 comments

Rooftops Remastered Q2 2024
Source: Discord

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
TickleMeElmo56 - - 3 comments

Hello spi, any suggestions? I need version 1.5 of the game; I've tried searching for it online, but it doesn't seem to be working. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
SPi-99 Creator
SPi-99 - - 783 comments

Join my discord we can help you update it

Reply Good karma+1 vote
Guest - - 692,332 comments

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

bebrik - - 1 comments

How to download?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
ludzi321 - - 1 comments

i have a problem with the mod.when i try to start a new game the loading screen shows for like a secon and crashes.its givin me an error:couldnt load 'hud_g36c_mp'.do you know how to fix this.thanks

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AyCe - - 241 comments This guy who loves cod4 and MW2 and makes great videos gave your mod a try and loved it!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
RCSSIAPNO1 - - 2 comments

Best custom campaign ever. Appreciate your hardwork comrade/mate. Currently waiting for the sequel.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
ScarlettNET - - 16 comments

This was really really good! I had a lot of fun with it. My only gripe is that there were way too many invisible walls and handholding in certain parts (especially the opening stealth mission, I was stuck on that rock throwing part for ten minutes just because I didn't get the rock in the exact pinpoint spot I needed to and got noticed). Anyway I'm excited for the next installment in this, I had a great time! There aren't many CoD4 singleplayer mods so it's great to see one of such a high quality (especially a one man effort! I respect the **** out of this!!).

Overall great mod, although hindered by occasional invisible walls and the like.

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