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This is a complete info about the playable classes of the mod.

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How to I run the game?
Download and run the Checkmate UT4Mod file; if that doesn't work (it doesn't always get associated properly), try the Zip Package. Just drop the contents of the zip folder into your UT2004 folder. To run the game, start UT2004 and select Community, then go to User Mods, select Checkmate, and hit "Activate" (or you could just run the Checkmate.bat file, in the Checkmate folder). You must have the latest UT2004 patch to install Checkmate.

How do I enter/exit the Rook's siege mode?
Press the key bound you have to Weapon Slot 3 ("3", by default). Once in siege mode the Rook becomes a stationary turret, with the ability to fire dual high-powered rockets. The Rook cannot move in this mode, but he is protected by siege shields which absorb a percentage of the damage he would normally take. The siege shields can be discharged with alt-fire to knock back nearby opponents. To enter siege mode, press the key bound to Weapon Slot 3 ("3" by default). To exit siege mode switch back to the Minigun or Pulse Rifle.

Can I play against bots?
Bots are "partially" supported; they can select player classes, however they're mostly oblivious to the fact that the King is the objective of the game, so for the best playing experience, we recommend playing online against human opponents.


How do I use the King's Warcries?
To use the King's EMP Warcry, press the key bound to Weapon Slot 1 ("1" by default). This warcry will disable enemy shields, de-cloak hidden Knights, break the Queen's grappling hook, and temporarily disable the enemy's special abilities (it will also disable your own special ability for a short time, so use it wisely). To use the King's Morale Warcry, press the key bound to Weapon Slot 2 ("2" by default). This warcry will boost the special abilities of affected teammates for a short time.

OK I'm playing...where are all the weapon and health pickups?
There are no pickups in Checkmate. Each class has its own type of weapon and special ability, and health cannot be restored. The Knight, Bishop, Rook, and Queen have regenerating shields.

How do I get ammo?
To regenerate ammunition for the Knight, Bishop, Rook, and Queen's primary weapons, stand near your King for a few moments. Each team's King has an ammo regeneration aura to ensure that his teammates don't abandon him (note that the actual aura range is much larger than the effect at his feet). Every class (except the King) also has the Pulse Rifle, which regenerates ammunition whenever it's not firing.

How can I find my King?
At the top center of your Heads Up Display, you will see an arrow that always points to the direction of your team's King. You can also press the "find base" keys (mapped to "M" and "N" by default) to show a "best path" tracer to your King. Keep in mind that the tracer will travel to the spot where your King was at the time the tracer key was pressed, so you may need to press it a few times to update his position.

What happens if my team's King is disconnected or kicked from the game?
If a King is disconnected or kicked, the highest scoring player on his team will become King, with the same amount of health that the King had before leaving.

How is the King supposed to be played?
Everyone will find their own way to play as the King, but here are some important facts to keep in mind:
-The King is the fastest class in the game
-The object of each game is to kill the other team's King, while protecting your don't be too reckless!
-When the King kills an enemy player, their credit value is distributed to the rest of the King's team, at full value. So a team with an active King will tend to have more credits than the team with a "run and hide" King
-The King's aura automatically regenerates ammunition for his teammates primary weapons, so be sure to provide support for your teammates.
-The King has a powerful pounce attack as his secondary fire; when used on the ground he will charge forward quickly and perform a powerful uppercut attack, and when used in the air he will perform a ground stomp. The King remains stationary for a few moments after using this attack, so be careful.


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