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Welcome to another Dimensions VS Character Feature! For this round, we'll be showing off May Rose, the ingenious inventor! Learn about some of her custom made gadgets that makes her our projectile master!

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Character Feature - May Rose

Welcome to another Dimensions VS Character Feature! For this round, we'll be showing off May Rose, the ingenious inventor!
But before we get into that, we have a few announcements to make here!

  • Dimensions VS is being shown off at Battle Arena Melbourne 10 - Australias largest fighting game major! BAM10 runs from May 18th to May 20th, so come see us there!
  • To coincide Dimensions being at BAM10, we're hosting a Fan Art competition with a prize! Check the bottom of this article for more details!

Now without further adieu, let May take the spotlight!

May Rose is a tenacious, creative and energetic inventor! May fights alongside her trusty turret, and utilises an assortment of hand-made gadgets to dominate the battlefield from afar! May is known throughout her universe for her floating workshop, packed full of her crazy inventions!

May is our projectile master character - she's relatively slow, but she works the best at long range and is excellent at playing keepaways with her opponents! While she's good at keeping them away, other fighters who manage to land hits will send May flying, as she's one of the lightest characters on the roster!

When making May, we set out to create a strong an independent female character, whilst keeping her design cute and cartoonish. She takes design cues from games such as Mario, TF2 and Overwatch.

Up Special - Personal Evacuation Unit

This propeller powered gadget is capable of lifting May into the air and out of danger!
The more you press the special button, the faster and higher May ascends!
While useful for getting out of sticky situations, the Personal Evacuation Unit has a limited amount of fuel, which will leave May freefalling when she runs out!

Down Special - Build Turret/Wrench Smack

Out of all of her inventions, May Roses pride and Joy is the Rose Turret - this compact, portable, and powerful weapon is an amazing tool for keeping enemies at bay!
The first use of her Down Special simply drops the dormant turret in front of her. Once the turret is placed, her Down Special is becomes a powerful Wrench Smack that both knocks enemies back and upgrades her turret when hit. Hitting the turret twice with her wrench will fully build the turret, unleashing a barrage of bullets!

Side Special - Shock Gear

May Rose throws forward an electrified gear that attaches to the floor and starts rolling! This battery powered device is capable of climbing up walls and rolling along ceilings, catching opponents off guard and setting them up for some sneaky combos!

Neutral Special - Wrench Throw

Using Neutral Special, May Rose simply throws a wrench - a powerful ranged attack! While not particularly strong on its own, this move can be easily followed up, and can be used in between attacks to keep enemies away!
May can aim and throw the wrench in 1 of 8 directions, by simply holding the direction before throwing the projectile.

Thanks for reading!

Thanks for reading about May - here's a bonus picture of her!

We're hosting a Fan Art competition - the winning fan design will be turned into an ingame costume!
For full entry details, check our Facebook page.

So what did you think of May Rose? Let us know below!

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