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Get acquainted with the heavily armored, hard hitting Major Renegade! Check out their unique character kit here, and find out what makes them a force to be reckoned with!

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Character Feature - Major Renegade

Long time, no update! It's been a while since we posted here, but believe us - we've been incredibly hard at work on the game. To give a small list of the huge changes we've made:

  • We've rebuilt the game from the ground up so that netcode is incorporated in everything.
    Redesigned several character kits to be more in line with their original vision and play style.
  • Changed our animation pipeline (redoing some old moves in the process) so that our moves are more responsive, feel better when they land, and are generally more balanced.
  • Remade some old stages, including Hiro Raceway and Last Location.
  • Polished movement systems, including implementing proper dashing and turning.

We'll be posting more about those updates as the game gets closer to completion - for now, here's an introduction to our newest fully implemented character, Major Renegade!

Major Renegade is a tough as nails, genetically modified supersoldier, who is best described as Earth's most infamous hero. Renegade tears paths through battlefields using all sorts of advanced weaponry, however they are most renowned for their use of their Hardlight Glaives.
Not much is known about them, except that they always seem to get the job done, no matter the cost.

Renegade is the slowest, heaviest character in the game - the tradeoff is their extremely hard hitting moves that can easily make up for more than a few hits! This promotes a methodical approach to combat, where Renegade must predict an opening and throw their attack out early!

Renegade takes inspiration for their design and moveset from the standard Space Marine hero tropes, drawing upon games such as Halo, Destiny, and Mass Effect, and bringing them all together in a way that truly cements them as our powerful heavy-hitter character.

Up Special - Destiny Ascension

Major Renegade's up special, Destiny Ascension, delivers a powerful jet boosted uppercut that brings their foes skyward. At any point, they can use it again to combo with a strong backhanded slash!
This move can also be used off-stage to recover, but be warned - missing the ledge will leave you in a free fall state that makes recovery impossible!

Down Special - Armour Lock/Orbital Descent

That huge armour isn't just for show! Renegade smashes the ground using Armour Lock, creating a protective bubble capable of shielding damage and reflecting projectiles. Holding this move overcharges the shield, causing a short ranged explosion that sends enemies flying!
When used in the air, the ability becomes Orbital Descent - Renegade reels back and drops like a meteor, crushing anybody unlucky enough to be below them! This can instantly transition into Armour Lock as soon as Renegade touches the ground, but is incredibly risky to use off stage!

Side Special - Reckless Charge

Despite how big they are, Renegade can quickly close the distance using Reckless Charge. Enemies caught in the trample get carried along for the ride!
Reckless Charge can be used to chase enemies Renegade has just launched, or combined with Destiny Ascension to make for an extremely powerful recovery!

Neutral Special - Hardlight Grenade

Renegade has access to specialty use Hardlight Grenades which turn into miniature minefields when detonated. These are incredibly versatile and allow Renegade to control the battlefield, becoming a brutal finisher to combos and forcing enemies to fight on the Major's terms!
Renegade's playstyle revolves around setting up moves using this grenade - either comboing into powerful smashes while the enemy is stunned, or using their carrying Up/Side Specials to reliably get extra damage off.
The grenades can also be used to set up the stage to the Major's advantage, making enemies wary of the grenade zone and potentially opening up opportunities of attack!

Thanks for reading!

Here's a final sneak peek at some of the alternate costumes for Renegade.
And please keep in mind that everything is subject to change - this is Renegades kit as of August 2017!
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Thanks for learning about Major Renegade and their special abilities!
What did you think of them? Let us know below!

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Major Renegade is a Major Badass! Really cool skins too.

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SMSola Author
SMSola - - 1 comments

Thanks, we're glad you like them!

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