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Some new stuff, some changes coming in 1ON1 3.0. Look on for details on maps, changes to gameplay etc.

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Map Selection - 12 different maps in standard

  1. Shipment (16)
  2. Great Wall (32) [64 in extension]
  3. Operation Blue Pearl (16)
  4. Iron Gator - Some fixes (16)
  5. Christmas Hill (Jones) (32)
  6. Operation Ocean (64)
  7. Night Flight (32)
  8. Warlord (64)
  9. Operation Road Rage (32)
  10. Gulf of Oman (16)
  11. Strike at Karkand (16)
  12. FuShe Pass (64)

Current maps available in an as-is expansion, soon after core 3.0 release

Amount of maps has been cut down in order to reduce filesize. A release with all maps would be around 3GB

Make sure all maps work perfectly and have secret kits.
Kit loadout menu

Front menu - Retaining SBX based menu
New branding, maybe new site
Music to fix
Balance weapons (M4 is way poonage)
Custom Animations
Include/check for 1.5 patch in installer, remove SF dependency
Custom shaders would be SICK!
Co-op will be default
Remove Singleplayer
Custom Game-modes in later patch - 3.1 or 3.2 (CTF, Death Run, Campaign, Rockets, Melee - Halo Swords style, Zombies - Nazi and escape style)
Include a ridiculous kit as well as the secret kit; flour bombs, Wiimotes, lightsabers
Secret Vehicles - Shopping Trolley, Golf cart, wheelchairs, cardboard box, trash can, forklift.
Player levels with unlocks (small, don't unbalance, maybe hats)?
Higher poly/higher resolution textures
New Models and animations for all standard kit weapons

Video for release

Bold is definite
Italic is suggested
Underlined are notes

Shamrok3 Author

Oh, if anyone sees something they think they can help out with, do say so, especially in terms of features being removed or dropped.

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But hows the kit customizing going?

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Shamrok3 Author

It's fully functional, but not implemented fully yet.
We still have to confirm the kits we're putting in.

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Shamrok3 Author

False; We have selected our kits now.

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Nice, can't wait!!!

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Why the hell remove singleplayer?! my connection sucks i can only play singleplayer!

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