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Here is an updated list of all changes made by this mod.

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List of Changes:

New Units in Galactic Conquest:

-Clone Commandos and Snipers (Arc Facility).
-Jet Trooper (ARC facility)
-Clone Shocktrooper battalion (Coruscant).
-Senate Commandos (Coruscant).
-91st Reconnaissance Corps (Kamino).
-Captain Rex as a tech 2 republic hero.
-Ahsoka Tano as a tech 2 republic hero.
-Ki-Adi-Mundi as a tech 4 republic hero.
-Quinlan Vos as a tech 4 republic hero (Tattoine).
-Torrent Company (Any planet with a barracks and Captain Rex in orbit).
-Jedi Knight (Generic jedi trained on Coruscant, has a Delta-7 in space).
-Shadow Squadron (Y-Wing, Kamino).
-Red Squadron (Z-95, Kamino).
-Z-95 Squadrons.
-Acclamator II
-AT-XT (Heavy Vehicle Factory).
-G400 fighter (Rep, Ord Mantell).
-Nym, Vana Sage, and Jenkins (Rep, Ord Mantell)
-Mere Cruiser (Rep, Ord Mantell)

-Mar Tuuk as a tech 2 CIS hero.
-General Kalani as a tech 3 CIS hero.
-Umbaran fighter, Militia, and Hover Tank (Umbara).
-Death Watch (Mandalore).
-Gauntlet Fighter (Mandalore).
-Trandoshan Slavers (Trandosha).
-Pinnace Dreadnought (Geonosis).
-Octuptarra Magna Tri-Droid (Heavy Vehicle Factory).
-Mon Calamari Cruiser (Mon Calamari)
-Corellian Destroyer (Corellia)

Hero Changes:

-Gave Barris Offee a Delta-7 for space battles.
-Gave Aayla Secura an Eta-2 for space battles.
-Gave Shaak Ti an upgraded Venator for space battles.
-Gave Yoda an upgraded Venator for space battles.
-Delta squad now has the Prosecutor (Upgraded Acclamator) for space battles (Removed "Prosecutor" from regular name list).
-Gave Delta Squad self-healing ability again.
-Gave Red and Shadow Squadron new icons.
-Buffed Cody's health from 350 to 375.

-Changed icons for Asajj Ventress and Cad Bane.
-Gave Nute Gunray an upgraded Lucrehulk for space battles.
-Scaled down Trench's ship. (It's less of a titan and closer to 2x the size of a regular Providence)
-Buffed Trench's shields, health, and damage.

New Galactic Conquest:

-Rise of the Empire

New Planets in Galactic Conquest:

-Umbara to following GC's: Clone Wars, FOTJ, From Ashes.
-Thule to following GC's: Clone Wars, FOTJ, From Ashes, Outer Rim Sieges.
-Rishi to following GC's: Clone Wars, FOTJ, From Ashes. (System spy bonus and can only be attacked by infantry)
-Serenno to following GC's: Clone Wars, FOTJ.
-Christophsis to following GC's: ROTE, FOTJ, Clone Wars, Outer Rim Sieges, From Ashes.

Misc Changes:

-Added Enhanced Space Lasers mod.
-Changed the opening text crawl for the FOTJ campaign (It didn't make canonical sense).
-Added custom settings for all GC's except FOTJ and ROTE.
-Added ability for a lot more planets to build Mining Facilities.
-Doubled pop points for all landing zones.
-Added more ship names.
-Malevolence and Mandator can now be rebuilt if destroyed.
-Added the following units to land skirmish: AT-XT, Octuptarra, Death Watch, Trandoshan Slavers.
-Added the following units to space skirmish: Umbaran Fighter, Gauntlet Fighter, Pinnance Dreadnought, Z-95 Fighter, N1 Fighter, Acclamator II, Corellian Destroyer.
-Reduced price of all corvettes by 200.

Republic Changes:

-Republic bombers are reskinned to y-wings.
-Removed the restriction for multiple clone battalions.
-The special clone battalions now travel on your flagship.
-Changed sounds of clone commando blasters to regular trooper blasters.
-Increased LAAT health from 210 to 250.
-Increased N1 health from 70 to 100.
-Increased AT-TE speed from 0.35 to 0.45.
-Buffed Acclamator shields from 1600 to 1800.
-Slightly buffed Saber Tank shields.
-Scaled down Arquitens Cruiser to more accurate size.
-Gave unmounted BARC troopers the Take Cover ability.
-Buffed Star Destroyer stats slightly.
-Carida Arc Trooper bonus now applies to Clone Commandos too.
-Red Squadron now gets purged with Order 66.
-Lok Revenants now get purged with Order 66.
-Acclamators now spawn V-Wings at Tech 5.
-Replaced the light blue acclamator lasers with a darker one.
-Gave Clone Commandos and Snipers a small shield.
-AT-RT changes: Slightly lowered health, increased damage, and increased cost.
-Renamed Light Assault Cruiser to Consular Cruiser.

CIS Changes:

-Gave Mandalorian mercenaries better icons.
-Changed price of B1 battledroids from 150 to 100.
-Buffed Recusant damage from 30 to 40.
-Buffed Malevolence health and shields slightly.
-All CIS ships now get Hyena Bombers after Tech 4.
-Lowered Dwarf Spider Droid pop cost to 1.
-Lowered Hailfire Tank cost from 850 to 750.
-Buffed Munificent Frigate shields from 1200 to 1300.
-Increased Lucrehulk speed from 1.0 to 1.2
-Slightly nerfed Buzz Droid damage.
-Capped CIS SuperTank to 5.
-Made AAT’s more inaccurate against air units.

Bug Fixes:

-Fixed issue allowing minor named Jedi to multiply.
-Fixed Core Assault GC issue where you could train P1 clones after Tech 5.
-Fixed glitch preventing BX Commandos from moving.
-Fixed text for Clone Captains.


So you an play the RaW Mod together with this mod and they will complement each other ?

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Hey, you know how you have the planet Thule and the Supertank from the GC's Star Wars The Clone Wars video game, well is it possible to create the Dark Reaper too? it would be really cool to see it in the mod because none of the other mods have the Dark Reaper in it either.

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