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Changelog of the game, gets edited everytime I make a change.

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Changelog of the game, it get's edit every day when I make a change!

14.08.2015 - "The back from holiday update":

  • Added some stuff to the debug screen
  • Added a way to implement commands easier
  • Added /kick command for Staff
  • Made chat per player, instead of global so you can show messages for only 1 player
  • Made the chat filter dynamic so the censor stars depend on the length of the word
  • Added /help command
  • Added basic permission system
  • Added /list command for a playerlist
  • Added /staff command for staff members to enter the staff key ingame
  • Removed the Staff Key function from the name selector

30.07:2015 - "The Chat update":

  • Implemented a basic chat filter
  • Chat only shows when u already have choosen a name
  • Changed chat formatting
  • Chat opens only with the "ENTER" key now
  • New chat messages are now displayed at the bottom & old on the top
  • After 30 Messages the last one gets removed


  • Implemented a chat
  • Implemented /spawn command
  • Added moving platforms ( and saws :] )
  • Much Level Design is much


  • Level Changing Stuff
  • Edited the Camera Shake
  • Made Shake Zones Script so I can make scripted shakes
  • Moar Particles!
  • Edited the Connecting Screen
  • Remade the jumppad / magic elevator thing


  • Added Screenshake zones
  • Added Limbus logo while connecting
  • Fixed a bug that u can interact with the ui while connecting
  • Hidden the ui while connecting
  • Added a super "secret" character that I will give out to some people who helped me
  • Tweaked some enemy options
  • Added particles for the flying chainsaws
  • Tweaked some camera settings
  • Tweaked some code


  • Finished Enemy Script
  • Added animation for enemy


  • Started with the staff menu
  • Added music to the main menu
  • Added a sound when you hover over something in the menu
  • Did fancy menu stuff


  • Fixed bug that the nametag won't be hidden when died
  • Fixed Chainsaw bug
  • Fixed some other little bugs
  • Tweaked jumppad at beginning
  • Changed pause stuff
  • Fixed a controler bug
  • Added controller button for the tab menu


  • Tweaked jump particles
  • Changed reset script -> Made it more efficient
  • Changed gravity & physics stuff
  • Fixed bugs


  • Did level design stuff
  • Changed some script stuff
  • Cleaned up some code
  • Did particle stuff
  • Did organizing stuff
  • Changed nametag font
  • Added coloured nametags for staff members
  • Added login function (Currently only for staff)
  • Added auto name select
  • Added jump particle effects


  • Fixd Nametag position
  • Added Jump Pads
  • Created Spikes Sprites & Script


  • Added Cloud Build integration for Webplayer Builds
  • Added Github Version Control with private repo
  • Fixd stuff
  • Added nametags
  • Added nameselector
  • Added tutorial
  • Added Info API for showing Infos on game during the game

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