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I collected the promised list about the most important changings.

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Gameplay changings in generally:

- the mod based on the DM, which means the axis weapons are same deadly as the player's allied weapons. I know that it will causes some negative critics from the fans, but pls don't forget that this is the fair way! (+don't forget, that the enemy has only 1 life, the player has unlimited!)
- at this time the mod doesn't includes those maps where the player is on a moving jeep or truck and the player's only goal is to shooting. It cannot work in coop, just imagine what happens ith the other players and what happens when the player is killed.
- the player cannot pickup the enemy's weapons, he can use only his own default (choosed) weapons,
- the player can pickup and use the ammos from the dropped axis weapons in his allied weapons...
- the player can choose different allied models, and for ex. if he chooses the SAS model, he can use the sten smg gun against the american thompson. Sten is great in this game!
- the levelchange works fine, so you can play the whole campaign from start to end.
- you can start dedicated server
- the compass is working in Spearhead. In Allied Assault sadly not, this is why I plan to play the AA maps under Spearhead.
- you cannot use the original objective-board to check the actual objectives, the players will get automatic messages when they get new objectives.


In fact, you can pick up any weapon from the game, but you need to drop your own gun and then you can grab the other, but you can't have two guns.

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