Greetings Dear Old COOP Fans,


Check the Files section!

The mod includes:
- Cooperative version of the full ALLIED ASSAULT, SPEARHEAD and BREAKTHROUGH Campaigns,
- New menus,
- New, fully automatic respawn system, (Many thanks for Gabor)
- New exe files with working ingame browsers like before, (thanks to
- You can start visible servers, but don't forget to open the needed ports!
- You can use the old SP-Style Objectives window by using TAB (Many thanks for Chrissstrahl )
- The mod has 3 skill levels: Easy (original amount of enemies), Normal (more), Hard (many)
- If you play SPEARHEAD, you can choose your side! In Normandy you fight against the british arms, in Ardennes you find americans, in Berlin you'll confrontating with the soviets. I don't plane to make this to AA & BT.
- Thanks to Delovoy for the tests!
- Some maps are stayed as easy as it was the original, but some maps changed to a bit harder, or to really harder, like D-Day,
- Important: Don't try to play D-Day map if you're less than 3, because hat map is a really destructor map. (I suggest 2 sniper-player who cover the third runner...) This map is really hard. I think it's similar hard like the original was in the real life, but check it out, you'll notice why I say this.
- The mod could stay as a server-side mod, so ANYBODY can join to your game even, if they have no the mod! (the only different is that they cannot use the SP-Style Objective tab and they haven't COOP menus)

The mod includes these knowed bugs:
- SPEARHEAD's first map (t1l1) doesn't work on dedicated server
- We had not enough time for testing, so I could left some bugs.
- the engine can causes some unwanted suprises, because sometimes the map doesn't start its scripts. (the rate of these problems is less than 1%) These are the maps where I met with this problem:

  • - AA: m1l3c (lighttower - cannot destroy the equipment)
  • - AA: m2l1 (snow-camp - Major Grillo doesn't 'want' to enter us into the camp)
  • - AA: m4l2 (night map - sometimes player stucks into the road, before the 1st control point)
  • - BT: e1l3 (boat map - the Allied tanks doesn't want to enter into the city)

- on map BT e3l3 pls don't use backward when you drive the AB41, or your teammates will be dead,
- some maps can be a bit laggy, maybe the long codes cause this (like D-Day), but playable.
- I had to modify hard some maps to play them in coop.

To Install:
- Recommend to install the mod into a new MOHAA install, not recommmend to use with other mods.
- Delete the previous version's files (very important, if they are exist)
- Extract the zip files into your Medal of Honor folder
- if ask to overwrite the exe or pk3 files, click YES

To Play:
- To play with ALLIED ASSAULT & BREAKTHROUGH, run the attached moh_breakthrough.exe
- To play with SPEARHEAD, run the attached moh_spearhead.exe

So thanks for your patient + support, and I hope you'll like this mod.
I hope we'll meet on COOP servers.



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Dear Mohaa-Coop Fans,

I'm very happy to see the download stats and thanks for your positive feedbacks. I started to work on this mod more than 2,5 years ago and passed much more hours/days/weeks/months/years than I planned before. If I would have more knowledges in the scripting works it would be shorter. To b honest I'm not planning to add more features in the future (like axis mod for AA-BT), because there is many todo in my real life (family, work...etc.)

I would be very happy to see more servers - so if it's possible pls start a server for both games (for AA-BT and SH). We had no time to test the maps on dedicated servers (they are started and we could join) so I hope that it will work well as the non-dedicated servers.

So thanks again for your patient and hope we'll meet on server(s). As I said before the mod is server side so anybody can join. If you fear of the DM players, disable the friendly fire, so they cannot damage the coop feeling.

If you foind some very hard bug which blocks the gameplay, please write it into the comments, but don't forget to add evry detail to find the problem.

Best regards,

Status Report #9 - FULL Release!

Status Report #9 - FULL Release!

News 7 comments

I would like to believe that this will be the final version, because sadly I don't have any more time for the further developing. I wanted to add and...

Status Report #8 - Hi again,

Status Report #8 - Hi again,

News 8 comments

Here is some short, but really important informations about the actual Status: - the whole ALLIED ASSAULT campaign is playable in Coop! (33 maps) - now...

Status Report #7 - Bye!

Status Report #7 - Bye!

News 12 comments

Thank you that you followed the works and downloaded my coop-mod(s) for AA, SH and BT. Sadly, AA will be stay as half (or less) maded, but Spearhead and...

Status Report #6 - IT'S RELEASED!!!

Status Report #6 - IT'S RELEASED!!!

News 30 comments

As I promised, here is the first 2 Chapters with 11 levels from ALLIED ASSAULT and the full SPEARHEAD with its 9 levels.

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Coop mod for Allied Assault + Breakthrough v1.21

Coop mod for Allied Assault + Breakthrough v1.21

Full Version 16 comments

Hello Guys, Here is a small updated version of the mod. I had to fix a bug on map m5l3 (where you have to defend the bridge and use your binoculars to...

Coop mod for Spearhead v1.2

Coop mod for Spearhead v1.2

Full Version 5 comments

Here is the full cooperative mod for Spearhead. You can check the details on the summary page!

Comments  (0 - 10 of 208)

Hello, i had a problem with the map e3l1, the problem or "bug" is about the Jeep in this mission, i can't pass with my friends in that point in the British HQ, the Medic who drive the Jeep is out of this and the Jeep turn about 45° to the left and produce the sound when you use the Jeep (Is moving the Wheels but the Jeep is not moving) and i can't use the Jeep because is stuck in this point which is needed to progress in the mission, i don't know what is causing that bug because i don't have anothers mods, and in the objectives windows when i start the maps says that the first objective is completed, so is that my only poblem whit this mod, i need help with this please.

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Wanted to share my video of some random coop gameplay offline Lan Party:

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I have a problem/bug that i found... In Spearhead coop the last mission where you have to drive a t-34, crashes to the main menu during the loading process... I have not tried starting the coop mission in a dedicated server yet.

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Hi, can we play this using dedicated server instead of via tunngle/evolve etc? Like p2p connection is kinda laggy(and forwarding ports kinda hard btw)

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thx for this great mod! I reallz enjoy it.

but how can I change respawn settings? everytime we die, we start at the beginning of the map :( which really sucks..

also.. is it possible to have lives? like 3 respawns per player?

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1. The spawn-locations will be moved if you progress further in a mission.
2. In theory yes, but to the best of my knowledge the mod does not have that build in.

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Hello. Thank you so much for the work done! There is a question. Where can I find the list of maps to change the name of the map in the server settings?

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Giskard_hun Creator

After you start the game with "moh_breakthrough.exe" or "moh_spearhead.exe", go to Create Server tab and click to the empty red box near the "Select Map". It will show you all maps. If you move your mouse to the thumbnails, you can see the mapnames on the top-right corner. Write down the selected map's name to a paper which you would like to play and open "maintt\coop_server_AA_BT.cfg" or "mainta\coop_server_SH.cfg" with notepad and change the last line.

But I don't recommend to use dedicated server because it can causes problems during the game, so if it's possible start a simple listen server from the game directly.

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Hello you are one of those who did the mod for half life 2 Re Wolfenstein? I want to ask. can you use the food model for your fashion? I make sure to tell the killer vulfenshtayn(Russian, Wolfenstein. The first part is already the Last Bullet, and now I'm remaking the first part. So how can I help comrades , I would like to implement what I wanted to implement in the second part. Initially, the mod was supposed to be for 1 part. and only 3 part for half life 2. but with the code I have not developed in goldsource. so moved on to the Source and saw the first remake) perireticular and of Course I will show you or your team member who did, if you give good. can you still use a machine gun? for my fashion port of Wolfenstein would be very useful(also perirectal.)

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Hello! How can i create dedicated server in COOP ??

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