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The first total conversion for Red Alert Yuri's revenge featuring the Doom universe. War between Hell and the UAC will take place on Mars... Two playable factions will give you a Doom 3 experience in RTS style

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1. New visual graphic enhancements:
DooM 3 lightning, shadows and shaders
will present in the red alert game rendering engine.
2. DooM 3 vehicles and infantry.
3. New super weapons and visual effects.
4. Custom palettes for explosions and effects.
5. DooM 3 sounds and music.
6. New sidebar designs for both sides UAC and Hell.
7. Disabled colour schemes for more realistic rendering.
8. Martian and hell terrain used as playable maps.
9. DooM 3 style loading screens.


How mutch of the mod is ready?

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