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Learn a little about our first civilization. [Portuguese - Pt-BR] Aprenda um pouco sobre a nossa primeira civilização. Agora nossas notícias estão disponíveis em português através de nosso fórum.

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Before we begin today's article, we will bring to you the answer to our official poll: Which should be the next civilization to be created?

In third place, we have: the Gaul Tuath.

In second place, we have a tie: the Spartan Kingdom and the Mayan Empire.

And in the first place.

With 65% of votes.

Chosen as our next creation:

the Roman Republic

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The first settlers of Carthage came from the Kingdom of Tyre, part of the ancient Phoenician civilization. Retold over the centuries in both historical record and folklore, the story of Carthage's founding is intertwined with the legend of Dido, first queen of Carthage. Dido's cunning escape from Tyre and eventual settlement in North Africa serves as the liveliest account of the city's creation. In Dido's tale, she is said to have acquired the land from a local king, after he agreed to sell her as much land as she could cover with an ox hide. Dido quickly cut the ox hide into strips, which she then laid out to encircle a large hill and the surrounding area - the birthplace of Carthage.

Carthage become the commercial center of the West Mediterranean region, a position it retained until overthrown by the Roman Republic. Also, they kept the control over three hundred allied cities. Throughout their history, Carthage used its allied cities and relied on mercenaries for its military needs, as the nation focused on maintaining its naval superiority.

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Ingame Carthaginian Flag

Carthage's merchant ships was unsurpassed. They visited every major port of the Mediterranean, as well as Britain and the Atlantic coast of Africa. These ships were able to carry over 100 tons of goods. In other ports, they tried to establish permanent warehouses or sell their goods in open-air markets.

Moreover, one of the reasons why Carthage became so powerful was because of their ability to dominate the waterways of the Mesopotamian Sea. Carthage not only controlled oversea trade routes for commerce they also had one of the most powerful navies in ancient history.

Carthage had a naval force that was feared by many kingdoms and empires in the ancient world. This city-state had a vast number of ships that they could use immediately for warfare. Carthaginians could place about 350 warships into the sea for the purpose of defense or to assault an enemy.

Many Carthaginians were excellent seafarers and they knew how to sail and fight on the open waters of the Mesopotamia. A lot of the sailors were trained in basic naval functions and military tactics. The Carthaginians were considered the best sailors in the ancient world and they were a deadly force to contend with if they were engaged on the seas by an enemy.

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Hannibal Barca, Carthaginian Leader

Hannibal Barca, was a Suffet and a Carthaginian military commander, generally considered one of the greatest military commanders in history. he distinguished himself for his ability to determine his and his opponent's strengths and weaknesses, and to play the battle to his strengths and the enemy's weaknesses—and won over many allies of Rome.

In Age of Empires 3: Firsts Empires the Carthaginians have the best improvements to warships and fishing ships. They also have the largest number of vessels and receive great support from their Home City in naval affairs. Also they have the largest range of mercenary units for hiring.

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  • Merchant ships: have more types of fishing ships than other civilizations and they have more improvements.
  • Seamen: possesses the highest limit of vessels in the late game and their warships are tougher.
  • Specialized docks: have two types docks a military, called Cothon, and another economic, called Harbor.
  • Coastal defense: docks can garrison ships and units, they shot if garrisoned.
  • Allies and mercenaries: most of their military units are from allies civilizations or mercenaries, costing more coins than other resources.

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In the next article: Military units, what we'll see in AoE3: FE.

Don't forget to answer our official poll We should bring back the military units in the first age?

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