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This mod this one constructed over AM:Rebirth mod. BrainBlood adds new features to this engine. From the beginning I want to be grateful with several persons who have facilitated to me part of the new code: To SysOp and the whole responsible Team of AM:Rebirth and for the code of the func_keypad To Buzzer and to the team of Paranoia that I give us the code of func_machinegun (Turret with models like HL2). To Highlander for the advanced Elights. I hope not to forget anybody.

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In the way of the end of chapter one of Brainblood you will find:

-All rebirth features and some new
-New Maps(of course)
-New Textures
-New Monsters
-More Gore
-Sexy Easter Eggs
-New Weapons(not yet)
-New Sentences(? to be done)
-New Prop models( working on, we dont want to steal anybodys work )
-Borrow features( Paranoia Turret, Elights, Keypads, Probably we are going to steal more code :p)

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sounds great!

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