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How I'm going to include boss fights into Therium-2.

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It's been a little while. So let's talk about boss fights.

I've gotten out of the hopsittal, and I no longer have an appendix, so that's quite dandy!

I'm going to include boss fights into each path that you can take through Therium-2. They'll usually be a difficult fight, but they can also range from a challenging bit of stealth to running away from someone, or even chasing them down.

I've got a good, clear vision on what each path's boss will be, so it won't be any shot in the dark. I've actually finished a WIP version of the A path's boss fight a little while ago, and I thought of posting it to the ModDB page, so here's a video.

They'll be mostly strung together by dialogue cutscenes for many of the outcomes, like if you lose, if you knock the enemy off a cliff, if you take too long, etc.

In this boss fight, that cutscene that triggers halfway through the fight is actually a mechanic (though it's not obvious). It triggers if you take your time, and actually restores the health of the boss to 100%. This means either you can rush him down before that cutscene is triggered, or it's a matter of defending yourself until that cutscene triggers, and then you let yourself go.

It's not finished, clearly, so take what you see with a grain of salt.

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