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Background to one of the bandit groups included in ECWAlpha7

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Lawlessness was curbed on the border of England and Scotland by King James I after his unification of those kingdoms. The Reiver families/clans were broken up with thousands forcibly transported to Ireland. However, on the outbreak of civil war brigandage returned, exploiting a lack of "joint commissions and justitiarie" who had policed the borders. These brigands included sons and grandsons of the original border reivers, but was nothing approaching a return to the institutionalised family/clan raiding system which blighted the previous century.

This mod includes these later day brigands. I have used poetic licence to retain the name border reivers and mount them as their forebears wearing some steel bonnets and jack of plate armours.

Moss troopers did not make an appearance in historical records until 1646. Many or most of these new brigands were disbanded or deserting Scottish soldiers, following defeats by Parliamentary forces and General Monck's occupation of Scotland. While exploiting the same countryside, they appear too late for a mod starting in 1642.

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