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Custom made profiles with colors and badges for your Homeworld game.

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Along with the Homeworld Remastered - DEMO pack, you might want to try this bonus material.
These are player profiles to be used in Homeworld2 regarding some of the races/kiiths present in Homeworld.

If you want to use this, follow these steps:
- Open your C:\...Homeworld2\BIN\ folder;
- Locate your PROFILES folder and rename it to something else, like "PROFILES 2";
- Extract PROFILES.ZIP to C:\...Homeworld2\BIN\ folder;
- Run the game, choose a profile and enjoy!


Color Schemes:
Compilation by Norsehound helped by DragonBuster / Riess / Dot / Ghostwind1 and Saberdark
Relic and diverse HW fans



I think I should notice that Norsehound's colour codes are bit incorrect. By actually looking into game files I found another codes. I don't know reasons, may it be intentional or error with however method he was using, but fact: almost all of his codes are bit off.

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Chimas Author

A friend mentioned that too. To be honest, I haven't checked myself.
Well, he based his framework in somebody elses compilation. You could supply me your findings at the same way we could start a thread at RelicNews.

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