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Bob The Blobs multiplayer.

As you know, today a game without a multiplayer mode (with a few exceptions), has a very limited lifetime. Or at least that's what we thought. So we decided to add some multiplayer content to Bob the Blob, including game modes and levels. Especially our coder was excited because of this, since it gives some new challenges for him to overcome, and now he finally got the chance to defeat other players with his skills! This led us to think about new game modes, problems in making them and solutions for them.

Checkpoint Race

In this mode the players race against time and each other while speeding through levels and exploiting the fastest route they can find. At the start of the match, each player's personal time starts to decrease and player must hurry to next checkpoint before time runs out, thus eventually reaching the goal. When the match ends, players can see and compare each other's statistics. We also added lives, so player loses one every time he/she falls away from the level and has to respawn. When a player runs out of lives, he can't respawn. The match ends when every player is unable to continue playing, either by having no lives left or by having completed the level without running out of time.

Free Play

In Free mode players have their own collision boxes and infinite respawns and time, and they try to be the first one to complete the level. Match ends when a single player reaches the goal.

King of the Hill

In KotH the players objective is to gather as much points as they can by climbing on top of the area designated as the "hill", and preventing other players from succeeding in doing so, usually by pushing them down from the level. The match ends when a certain amount of score is reached. To make things a little more confusing, the hill of course moves around the level.

Time Trial

In Time Trial the objective is to finish the level as fast as possible, and the winner is the player who has the lowest time when the match time runs out. This is quite similiar to Trackmania's multiplayer, as all the players are ghosts to each other and players can respawn anytime they want, resetting their time.

Party Mode

In this mode, collectable blobs start raining from the sky and players try absorb as many of them as they can. The player who has absorbed the most blobs when the time runs out, wins. Players can get advantages over others by absorbing mode blobs which grant them helpful abilities, such as 'illuminate' which makes the player shine brightly, blinding other players.

We'd like to get some comments on our ideas, and suggestions on what YOU would like to see in this kind of game.

Cybio - - 1,010 comments

I like the ideas ;-)

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Hilselinko Author
Hilselinko - - 30 comments

That nice to hear. Do you have any ideas what else we soud put in the multiplayer. Because we are open to new and fresh ideas.

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