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Here's a list of features that will be included in my Blood 2 - Extra Crispy modification. These features may be changed or added to before the release.

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Weapon Values changed:

The Flayer only requires 50 points of Focus to use it's secondary fire mode.
The Death Ray's primary fire uses 4 rounds.
The Death Ray's secondary fire uses 80 rounds.
The Death Ray's
The Bugbuster's Primary fire uses 10 rounds.
The Bugbuster's secondary fire uses 50 rounds.
The Combat Shotgun spread has been reduced.
The Combat Shotgun uses only one round when shooting grenades and now fires 6 pellets when shooting shotgun shells.
The Double Barrel Shotgun now fires 6 pellets when shooting one barrel and 12 pellets when shooting both barrels
The Tesla Cannon's projectiles now fly twice as fast
Flare Pistol power increased.
Voodoo Doll power increased
Life Leech power increased
Napalm Primary fire time speeded up.
Napalm Cannon power increased, splash area increased.
Napalm "secondary fire" takes 20 ammo but is devastating
Singularity Generator power increased
Singularity Generator now has a "secondary fire", which takes 100 and is very powerful but has a smaller range than the "primary fire" (this
new "secondary fire" creates a red and pink vortex so you can tell which fire mode is being used, primary fire is still a purple vortex, and
rifts are still a green vortex).
Singularity Generator "primary fire" has a quick spin up
Singularity Generator "secondary fire" has a slower spin up, to compensate for its extra power.
Howitzer power greatly increased, its now one of the most powerful weapons.
The Orb's primary damage rate has been decreased but it will now drill for 50 seconds before it explodes.
The Orb's secondary damage rate has been increased.
The Orb primary fire now only takes 32.5 focus to use.
The Orb secondary fire now only takes 75 focus to use.
The Vulcan Minigun now has a "secondary fire" mode which fires at twice the rate of the "primary fire" which now fires at a slower rate.
The Vulcan Minigun's spread has been decreased.
The Vulcan Minigun now fires only 1 bullet at a time instead of 4 at a time.
M-16 Assault Rifle "secondary fire" fuse decreased to 2 seconds.
M-16 "secondary fire" takes one canister off your ammo now, not 5.
BMG Sniper Rifle power increased.
Flare Pistol power increased.
Chosen Knife now increases in power with each enemy kill.
Maximum ammo and focus values rebalanced to allow more ammo at your disposal.

Weapon, ammo and item pickups changed:

Flashlight and Night Goggles now last for a lot longer.
Increased Flashlight brightness a little.
DieBugDie Ammo pickup gives you 4 more canisters, not 30.

Weapon Akimbo-ability changed:

Tesla Cannon can now be akimbo'd
Napalm Cannon can now be akimbo'd

Weapon fire modes changed:

Berettas can now fire in "secondary fire" when akimbo'd
Berettas "primary fire" now fires alternately
Flare Pistols can now fire in "secondary fire" when akimbo'd
Flare Pistols "primary fire" now fires alternately
Sawed-Off Shotguns can now fire in "secondary fire" when akimbo'd
Tesla Cannons can fire in "secondary fire" when akimbo'd
Napalm Cannons can fire in "secondary fire" when akimbo'd
Howitzers can fire in "secondary fire" when akimbo'd
The Death Ray's primary fire mode now shoots 4 laser beams with a slight spread to they cause some serious damage when bouncing around.
The Death Ray's secondary fire mode now shoots 40 laser beams in a spread formation that tears anything in the room to shreds. Be careful when using this mode.
The Bug Buster now showers deadly poisonous liquid or fire on your victims instead of hitting them with a stream.
The Flayer's secondary trap mode now fires out flesh seeking chains at twice the rate.

Enemy, AI and difficulty changes:

Improved enemies weapon selecting, the enemy will now use the weapon in its inventory which is the most powerful, and which it still has ammo for.
Fanatics and Cultists now navigate better.
Better aiming and sensing abilities by enemies
Better hit locationing with shots
Fanatics now explode immediately after suicide screaming.
Increased strength of all enemies, especially bosses.
Civilians are always weak now, even in higher difficulties.
Bullet gibbing is now not possible.

Sound Changes:

Fixed knife making bullet noises when using it on surfaces.
Fixed The Chosen vocal pain sounds bug (a sound wasn't playing just a clicking noise)
The Chosen do not speak now on suicide and death sounds are now short and brief.
The Chosen now play powerup pickup sounds correctly instead of after the powerup runs out.
Fixed door sound playing twice on doors which open slowly.
Changed Beretta firing sound
Changed M-16 firing sound
Changed Mac-10 primary and secondary firing sounds
Changed acid impact sound
Changed Napalm primary and secondary firing launch sounds
Changed Singularity firing sound
Changed Howitzer firing sounds
Changed Sniper Rifle zoom and firing sound
Changed explosion sounds
Changed Death Ray secondary firing sound
Life Essence pick-up sound has more bass.
Replaced all bullet impact sound effects for all texture types

Graphic and skin changes:

Caleb now has a red blood hand print on the back of his jacket.
All map textures have been sharpened to bring out more detail.
All model skins have been sharpened to bring out more detail.
All menu screens have been sharpened to bring out more detail.

Misc. Changes:

Ophelia's Nightmare Level map is now selectable in the Custom Level menu when using the "+enableretaillevels 1" command.
Weapons tab on by default as part of the HUD now.
Idle times for Caleb reduced so you get to hear his idle singing more often.
Idle time for weapons reduced so you get to see the cool idle animations on some of the weapon more.
Fixed create bubbles above waterline error and improved weapon muzzle bubble fx.
Fixed the ladder physics. They now work properly and its now possible to climb out of water on one of them properly.
Increased the distance you can use objects from, makes it a little easier opening doors.
Fixed a bug in the Cathedral sky during lightning.
Increased blood splats and blood drops.
Decreased smoke from weapon muzzles a bit to a more suitable level.
Improved Blood effects, Blood now fades out when there is too much on screen.
Changed the bullet impact effects to some new more realistic looking ones.
Improved smoke from bullet holes, looks more realistic now.
Increased the flare size.
Changed spark effects, increased the number of particles.
Changed default FOV to 86 to give the game a more "in yer face" feel.
Changed the credits list to be correct for Extra Crispy credits.


Thanks for you work with this. I love the sharpened textures. As for the fx enhancer, making player over-gunned is the absolute wrong direction for this game. There should be fewer woo mode weapons, not more. Also, speeding up the model animations makes the baddies a bit fiercer, plus improves their navigating. I might submit some earlier work I did as prof of concept.

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