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This article presents details on newest addition to the PARADIGM WORLDS - new race - BIOTEC.

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Paradigm Worlds - Biotec Cyborg

  • New Race - BIOTEC - Ladies and Gentleman, dear Creatures and You, noble Primary and Secondary Commanders, please welcome new creatures in our world.
    • Biotecs become integral part of Paradigm Worlds as they appear in two flavors:
    • Major and minor faction: Chitin Kingdom and Monsters. Chitin Kingdom swarms gather in centers which they call Hives. You can encounter this major faction in futuristic SCENARIO/ERA in the year 10K.
    • Biotec hierarchy may be compared to 'ant-hierarchy' with divisions to workers, soldiers.
    • Instead of single Queen, of mother of hive, biotecs commands is de-centralised. They all actively communicate and constantly solve issues, make decisions rather in groups than by a single commander.
    • There are high-ranked biotecs like Primary AI that gather and send data, but they are more like giant hub-servers than commanders in charge.
    • That makes - against all prejudice - biotecs most democratic nation and race in Paradigms as they constantly exchange data and suggestions and work common consensus in miliseconds
    • Only part of biotecs have higher intelligence, or sentience to take apart in civilized life. Rest... developed to semi-monster level. They belong to monster minor faction and act independently from their more civilized brothers and sisters.
    • Independently wild biotecs may be encountered as a minor faction, represented by Monsters.
    • Unique troops, so-called Summoners may instantly call for reinforcements, which arrive on field of battle. These summoned workers and light mobile cannot do serious damage, but is excellent as an element of diversion.
    • As faction Biotecs of Chitin Kingdom are at best middle-tier faction, certainly not overpowered. As a race they provide interesting choice for someone looking to for cyber-way-role as they have good knowledge of hacking [this is the way]
    • Lost Legion of Assimilation is run by Biotecs too. However, through winds of time, leadership changed, and in the Era / Scenario 10K - Legion renamed to Technomati Empire is led by enlightened Vampires.
    • Age of character may be very not-like-our, depending on race. Biotecs, mutants or vampires become adult at the age of just couple years.
    • To re-roll age (it does not affect game currently, it is made for immersion) go back from menu race and pick your favorite race again.

biotec race - Paradigm Worlds 1.99

Biotec's behavior may look strange to others. Their language is not possible to understand to any not-electronic/digital entity, however biotecs speak common language as well.

Biotecs - forced to use voice aparatus instead of swarm-communication - send high pitched short messages, that in reality are compressed voice messages in spoken common language.

If our words had to describe biotec relation to other creatures, we would probably use phrase 'autistic'. Communication with biotecs is not easy.

Biotecs operate in two levels of reality. By creating net of hive-connections they can communicate, and further create virtual servers, on which they gather data and various conclusions - like bees gather flower powder - and expand their virtual hive.

Biotec consciousness evolved to a state where these creatures run double life. First one, like any other creature, second - in virtual reality of hub servers. Feeling of time is different in each reality, biotecs often loose contact with real life to maintain hub server net.

Blck Hitin Rock - is made by Biotecs - PARADIGM WORLD

Huge, black, covered in electronic wires rocks, that became common picture of Paradigm landscape are effect of maniac, workoholic devotion of all biotecs to transform outer world to digital form. This weird, but quite strong and resistant material, named by other races as 'chitin' or 'black chitin', comes directly from biotec's body.

Biotecs gather in swarms, to collect, analyze, exchange data. After some time, such 'jam session' causes massive bio-chemical reaction in their organisms. It is unknown if biotecs perceive pain, or have emotions, but it has been scientifically proven that same chemicals are responsible for triggering most dramatic emotions in organisms of other creatures. Coming back to biotecs, in result of this bio-chemical storm, their mouth aparatus extracts large amount of black, digitalised fluid, that for next 15 minutes may be shaped into any form. After that time, it becomes hard and very resistant to damage.

Biotecs generally being a race living in large swarms know examples of individuals that decided to join civilized world as sworn citizens. They are very skillful carpenters and arms 'artists' as they create using best quality, black chitin.

Biotec - body construction presentation - Paradigm Worlds 1.99

Biotec is duo-life organism. It consists of so-called exoskeleton, inside which lives half-intelligent symbiot (the one looking like a huge squid). Biotec head is bio-digital organism, consisting of electronic parts and biological tissue as well. In case biotec gets into long virtual hub trans, 'symbiot' takes control over basic life support.

Some biotecs may become aggressive. There were cases, when biotec engaged itself in virtual reality so much, that was lost forever. In that case, 'symbiot' , primitive form of central nervous system, forced biotec in reality to search for food. It has no ability to conduct even simplest social actions, so in result biotec body attacked innocent creatures, like a slain would attack a plant.

This, and weird look,did not gain huge sympathy for their kind. However, Creatures of Paradigm Worlds are very tolerant, they do not know state of similarity, or supremacy of race. After all, mutation can turn any creature into unwanted surprise.

Biotec Faction Troop Trees


Chitin Kingdom - Paradigm Worlds 1.99

Chitin Kingdom and Monster faction uses exactly same troop tree


Lost Legion of Assimilation - Biotec faction - Paradigm Worlds 1.99

In years 5066 - 7022 Lost Legion of Assimilation has been run by Biotecs. In year 10K, control over Legion take noble, enlightened Vampires

This article present new race in PARADIGM WORLDS: We, the Creatures and is a part of article GLOBAL DIPLOMACY.


Dang. Im even more hyped for this release!

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These guys look badass!

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