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Behind the Indies interview with Dan "Kamikaze" Adams about Solar Warden

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Dan “Kamikaze” Adams recently had an interview with Behind the Indies with Brian C Schneider. Talking all things development related to Solar Warden. From Previous projects like MechWarrior: Living Legends, to how he developed some of the AI behaviours within game.

I’m psyched I got talk with Dan “Kamikaze” Adams about this game because, well, for one it’s a game I’d like to play and could see myself getting absorbed into just the management and diplomacy system even if that’s all the game was. It’s not though! It’s also a ship building, dog-fighting style alien ass-kicker! For me, when all those elements come together you’ve got the foundation for a great game. Polar Zenith (The indie development studio responsible for Solar Wardens) started with a good foundation and just kept building on it.

What did they build? Well, I’ll turn to Kamikaze for the answers to that!

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