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The Bay of Athos is the home to High Guard - the Capital of the Meroei - Read more

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The Bay of Athos

Meroei Homeland


The Bay of Athos is a coastal area along the northern side of Taon and home to the Meroei race. Standing aloft a high cliff sits the city of HighGuard which watches vigilently over the sea.


House of Valeron

King Tabios Valeron of the House Valeron currently maintains his seat of power in the castle at High Guard. His gather, Melris Valeron recently passed and this young ruler has jumped to the challenge of kingship leading his armies south to expand the Meroei empire and take advantage of the Mysmaal civil war.

Shields of Enruel

The Shields of Enruel are a holy order who worship The Ascendant under the high priest Exarch Willam Stormbreaker. Acting as priests to the local community and defenders of the weak in far off lands the order is often involved in important missions dictated by the high ranking brothers and sisters of the order as well as directly assisting the King.

The Shields have a long history which is carefully maintained by Historian Helios Hammerfall

The order rotates it's leader every 5 years and the current chair is Sir Lugh Danan although not as experienced as permanent members such as Willam Stormbreaker and Helios Hammerfall, Sir Lugh has kept a good balance between the needs of the civilians of the empire and the spiritual needs of the order.

The Seventh Circle

Far to the east of the Bay the Seventh Circle practices numerous magical arts for scholarly understanding and to train new students in one of the many different schools. The Circle is led by Arch Magus Zephos Sunchaser, a master magician and founder of the order

Thanks to their master of elementalism the circle has granted High Guard with an indispensable labour force and army

The Unseen

Nestled in the damp caves of the Bay sits the rogue guild known to some to be called 'The Unseen', their shady dealings affect most of the lives of the people of High Guard. Led by the ruthless dealmaker Ludos Dassladin, their influence stretches beyond the Bay of Athos to other settlements to the south.


King Tabios Valeron of the House Valeron - Ruler of the Meroei Empire
Exarch Willam Stormbreaker - Spiritual overseer of the Shields of Enruel
Sage Xivia Starbinder - Researcher of the Seventh Circle
Knight Captain Tolis Maloran - A high ranking military leader in the Shields of Enruel
Torian Rockhopper - A travelling merchant of the Red Banner Traders pushes southern rarities on the people of the north
Ellie Riabel - A local inhabitant
Terian Blunderlust - A travelling merchant from the southlands
Guard Omrin Balis - A local guard
Guard Hamil Stormbreaker - A local guard
Crista Applelight - A local trader
Jode Myrshire - A local trader
Trista Starbinder - A local trader
Sir Lugh Danan - Leader of the knight guild 'Shields of Enruel'
Kerrin Blacklight - A local trader
Pip sunchaser - A local trader
Ludos Dassladin - Leader of the rogue guild 'The Unseen'
Baron Maloran - An upstart baron granted land to the east, he holds a tight grip over the people and his purse
Lady Liera - A high ranking member of the Order of Enruel
Arch Magus Zephos Sunchaser - Founder of the Seventh Circle



Those unfamiliar with the lands would be unwise to walk along the rocky shores of the coast where undead roam the cliff side. Despite several years of research by local mages the source of this undead problem is yet to be discovered, most believe the undead were here long before High Guard was founded and even the meroei arrived


Crocodiles and snakes are most common along the Bay of Athos which are a frequent problem for travelling merchants to the south

Wolves and bears can also be seen in the deeper parts of the forests but with the dwindling thick forest areas they are becoming rarer


Although not often seen by many, treants are known to inhabit the swamplands. These creatures are not naturally aggressive unless a woodcutters axe makes its way in the wrong direction and strikes one of these ancient creatures

Bandits & Smugglers

Those looking to lighten others purses have been spotted along the trade cliffs to the south, they are a constant menace for the guards who are stretched thin already


Recently pockets of goblins have been reported by locals believed to have come from the windy caverns to the south. The guard are currently investigating the cause for their arrival

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