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Here i will sum up most of the basic features and what is possibly going to be implented.

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This is what i have in mind for first release

-Small maps with intense action and manhack destruction.

-Realistic and well fitting maps.

-Very different types of maps. Example: Desert, Urban and so on.

-Some "Bonus Manhacks" which will drop ammo, health, e.t.c. This will make survival more fun.

-I will include files which will allow you to change the HUD color to your liking!

-New crosshair, new HUD font.

-Fresh new weapon sounds.

-Basic weapon reskins.

-Map secrets, some special maps.

-Some remake maps fitting "Manhack Attack" mod fine. For example some HL1 maps.

-Easier to map for the mod. I will be adding Manhack spawn system and so on in the mod files, for the ones who wish to map for this little mod.

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