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What happened before the war????? Find out here to know more about this mod.

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Year 4224, something weird happened somewhere near Japan. People from all over the said place visited the portal. Until someone came out with flying chariots and said:

"You will submit to the powerful empire of the Ensemble, or you will be annihilated by the likes of us. Your pathetic world of garbage shall be no more. Only your full devotion to magic will save your life."

It was the Emperor of the Ensemble. An old elf of about 2000 years old, he mind controlled all the visitors and made his new army. Then, a few weeks later, the entirety of Japan succumbed to the said emperor. News came from all over Asia that Japan is now officially an enemy of humanity. Thanks to a few refugees, the few Japs allied with the Western nations.

A few months later, China, the Korean Union, South East Asia, India, parts of the Middle East, Central Asia, parts of the Oceanic Islands(Oceania) and East Russia are all in the influence of the said race. They became known as the Eastern Magical Alliance.

Now the remaining free humans, those that are in the Pan-American Continental Alliance, European Union, West Russia, and the remaining free countries around the world formed the new Western Science Federation. They created new technologies throughout the war.

Then the allied Unknowns occupied both Antarctica and Africa, then they formed the Southern Polar Army.

However, the WSF blamed the North Pole inhabitors for the said portal, as there were secret magic organizations hating humanity for its technology. They created a terrorist faction known as the Northern Imperial Force.

Likewise, the Vatican and the central part of the world has become a battleground, with no clear consensus between the various cardinals. Even the Pope himself is conflicted and unable to pick a side, which forced him to lead a coalition of crusaders around the world. They formed the Central Crusader Coalition.

Now, all sides are in this war. Alliances between the NIF and the EMA existed, forcing the other three to do the same. The power between both alliances are equal, and an all-out war begins......

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