The features of what we plan to put on Aylus and what we have right now.

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This game is deep in alpha and has only been worked on for about 5 months but in that time we already feature...

  • Whole continent E'srans formation
  • Whole sub continent Galos formation
  • Oculus Rift Camera Working
  • Saving and Loading
  • Working Inventory System
  • Weapons and Items
  • Working Melee Combat System
  • Working Ranged Combat System
  • Day and Night Cycle
  • Level Up System
  • Real time sea ferrying
  • Swimming

*please excuse the quality for these are Images for the Inventory Slots.

*Day Night CycleWhat we plan on implementing...

  • Magic System
  • Questing System
  • Dungeons
  • Completion of the rest of the world
  • Basic crafting system
  • Home owning

Better GraphicsThink the Graphics are good? We think they're just ok, but if the Project is successful we plan on Adding...

  • Better Bumpmaps
  • God Rays
  • Real time Water with light Reflection and Diffraction
  • Better Shadows
  • Clearer Vista's
  • Dynamic Depth of Field
  • Better Texture Occlusion

What we may consider

  • *fishing
  • *farming
  • *horse riding
  • *pet / companion system
  • *drowning
  • *Party / Guild System
  • *Hardcore Mode: survival stat implementation Hunger, Thirst

*Oculus Rift CameraWe want to be a Virtual Reality Role Playing GameIf we planned to be an online RPG with Oculus Capabilities we had to get that off the check list pretty early.Oculus rift is planning to be one of the main selling points but is not necessary and we will soon implement it as a toggleable feature switching from First Person to Third Person to Oculus 3D.

We hope you understand this game is still heavily in Alpha status but we've been making a steady rate of progress, and plan to release an early access whenever all four continents have a large enough area of play.

The development is seeing a steady increase to the goal of completing the game enough to release early access but as we are telling you there is still much to be done, but we hope you appreciate our honesty.

A-LOT of space is still under development and still needs to be filled

Be Sure to leave comments! You're a Part of this Debate too!

Almost everything we Make is made by us so very few of the budget will go to third party creation and if it does it's for good reason.


Type Wyvern Sword

We're not an MMO. We're an Online RPG

What we plan to release (*but is not yet final) for the multiplayer is going to be alike to some survival games out today. Server based selection to choose your game.

Competitive Mode

We also are thinking of making a competitive option for free for all arena combat and adding arena combat maps and small skirmishing areas.

Single Player

We are thinking of maybe having a single player and that decision may be decided by us or public interest. *all plans for multiplayer are in discussion and shown here but are still a work in progress and are not yet final.


I LOVE all the things youre may enter in the game. And of course what you have in : D

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Awesome! I can't wait!

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Will you be able to make custom maps?

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