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(updated for version 0.0.10.RC3) Most of these weapons have been designed around vanilla weapons. The goal was to take out those weapons and modify them to have new ways of fighting. At one point I created new types of weapons to fit the super weapon role and roof weapon role that is not yet in cosmoteer. Each time you will see a new vanilla weapon, you will see new variants of it!

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(updated for version 0.0.10.RC3)

Most of these weapons have been designed around vanilla weapons. The goal was to take out those weapons and modify them to have new ways of fighting.
At one point I created new types of weapons to fit the super weapon role and roof weapon role that is not yet in cosmoteer.
Each time you will see a new vanilla weapon, you will see new variants of it!

**Akinata classic weapons**:

Cannons :

User Posted Image

**Perforator :**

The penetration of the vanilla cannon was already good but there was no true penetration cannon.

This one fuse two ammo shells into one armor piercing shell capable of piercing one bloc of armor and still going further inside the enemy ship.
Its cannon has been stabilized enough to store one more shell without everything falling down after the shake caused by firing a shot.
However its bullet is a bit less effective against shields.

**Howitzer :**

We have now some good armor piercing weapon, but what about a cannon using explosive rounds?
This big cannon fuse 3 shells into one HE shell dealing less damage but increasing its blast potential.

**Scatterer :**

Where is my shotgun? Ah here it is! This weapon is a bit special as it launch a volley of hot metallic balls upon its target.
Who needs to aim when you can cover the area with lead?

**4 ball cannon :**

Or sometimes named the scorcher has a particular design for its barrel, it looks like the tip of a flamethrower. No it does not cover the area in scorching flames but fires 4 very hot projectiles.
It may lack precision but it will set anything it touch in fire.

**HDTC :**

Aka Healing Doctor Twin Cannons.
*Let’s heal the enemy by killing them so they won’t get sick anymore*

This twin cannons use the special self-propelled bullets to be sure to track any space virus that needs healing.

**Overcharged Cluster Cannon :**

Usually those overcharged batteries does a lot of damage to shields and most of them can drain energy upon exploding, but not this one.
Here was used reverse engineering to make sure that those energy balls it fires does not harm shields too much.
Why? Because this weapon projectiles will duplicate itself each time it pass threw a shield and its duplicates will also do the same.
It can efficiently cause mayhem if targeting an over shielded side of an enemy ship.

Uniques :

User Posted Image

**Saw blade launcher :**

Originally designed to cut wood with style it is now used as a starship weaponry. The saw blade is so durable that it can withstand an explosion. This was taken into consideration when it was designed with 2 big TNT sticks. The saw blade will explode upon hit and penetrate the enemy ship, then explode again after a while supposedly decapitating crew on the way (can’t damage crew yet).
Sometimes the first explosion damage the second TNT stick disabling its detonation capacity.

**Saw blade launcher variant :**

Unfortunately some of the saw blade used was not of top quality and would easily break upon the first blast. Since wasting resources is not an option a new weapon was designed around those defective products. Both TNT sticks on the saw blade would now detonate just before colliding with the target and spread the 10 teeth of the saw blade in all directions with a powerful penetration force.

Lasers :

User Posted Image

**Burster :**

Instead of firing your weapon one shot at a time, why not unloading everything it got in less than a second instead? Thus the burster was born. For it to be effective the weapon need to be fully charged again before being able to fire again. It works great with ships designed to constantly rotate.

**Laser gatling :**

A classic rapid fire laser weapon that need to reload and cool down after a while. Its precision is not bad and it does a bit more damage than the vanilla laser blaster but its reloading time is a bit long and might pose some problems against continuous firing weapons.

**Pulsator :**

Fire 4 short lived beams in quick successions. This weapon is quite handy since it has great range and precision but it lacks the fire power other small weapons have and is not very effective against shields unless having a great number of them.


User Posted Image

**Drill missile launcher :**
A particular fusion of a napalm container with a small drilling machine mounted on a missile.
This missile can efficiently cut through any none armored ship setting everything it touch on fire.
Sadly the drilling machine used was used for asteroid excavation and lack the power to penetrate starship armor.

**Unstable drill missile launcher :**

Why unstable? Because this is packed with explosive. This missile will often detonate before going too far inside its target because of all the vibration caused by the drilling machine.
But it is still a good way to make the target explode from inside.

**Turret missile launcher :**
One day a crew member had the wonderful idea of replacing a big cannon barrel with a missile launcher tube so he could finally have the satisfaction of aiming directly at his target with a missile.
It may not have been the greatest of all ideas but at least the missile launcher is sturdier than any other one.

**Overcharged missile launcher :**
The missiles coming from this launcher have a side effect upon hitting a shield, It can harm directly the shield generator. This is very handy against bubble shields or high regenerative shields.
Apart from that it can drain energy and overcharged energy from other parts and can completely stop a ship from moving.

**Longbow missile launcher :**

This missile launcher use an experimental fuel to propels a missile into high speed towards its target.
It first launch the missile a slow speed for it to take time to align itself with the target then accelerate in a powerful blast. It does not deal more damage than a regular missile but it is so fast that it can travel a longer distance and dodge some of the point defence shots.

**Warp missile launcher :**
The first thing that was created when the crew successfully miniaturized a FTL drive was to weaponize it. Thus the first FTL missile was invented. The power of the mini FTL drive is not that much and require quite a lot of energy to activate so it was required to use overcharged batteries to build the missile. When launched it would activate its FTL drive and jump behind the enemy ship.
It is very efficient against ships with no rear point defense protection.

Supports :

User Posted Image

**Thunder ray :**

A modified electro bolter that fire an electrical beam to drain energy. It lose the ability to fire through shields for a greater range and more draining power on hit.

**Ammo eater :**

Why drain energy when you can drain everything else? This cannon shoot corrosive shells that release corrosive clouds on hit. Those clouds will attack and corrode any missile part, ammunition and ammo shells in the area of effect. The technology is not well developed yet but it is still useful against big weapons using a lot of ammo to fire.

**Overcharged battery cannon :**

This was the first weapon ever created using overcharged batteries. Although at that time no one new how to use them efficiently as a fuel for any weapon. So they instead used a modified and pressurized barrel for it to launch anything and used it to launch those overcharged batteries toward the enemy to see what would happen. And the result was quite satisfying, the enemy ship would lost its shields and energy powered components quite fast. It seems that this has also some effect against overcharged components too.

Point defences :

User Posted Image

**SEMPD :**

Aka Suppressive Energy Mass Point Defence.

This little point defense system was born after a failure at creating an explosive point defense system which would destroy all incoming missile in a multitude of blasts. The weapon not working, it was turned into an anti-missile wall system. This can launch several mine like anti-missile energy balls to from a wall of death all around the ship. For the wall to be effective against side missiles all the SEMPD on the ship will fire upon detecting a missile no matter where it is located on the ship.

**DCA :**

Aka Defense Contre aéronefs. (this is for my French touch)
It means defence against aircraft.
Its design was taken from old WW2 anti-aircraft cannons and behave roughly the same way. Its bullet can hit any missile even when it is far away from its main bullet with a big blast. Although instead of destroying all missile in the blast it will release lots of mini PD mines that will just sit there to intercept any more incoming missiles not destroyed by the main blast.
It can slightly damage any ship it hit but it is not meant to be used against ships anyway.

**TWAC :**

Aka Twin Wedged Auto Cannon

A fast firing double barrel AA cannon builded on the side that can target missiles AND ships.
Keep in mind that it is not very effective at taking down side missiles and its DPS is a bit lower than the medium cannon.

But it is still the perfect weapon if you don’t want to waste space on point defence.
The TWAC has also a unique way of refilling its ammo storage. It has an automatic ammo refilling system from pipes going under the ship towards the nearest TWAC auto loader.

**Laser point defence :**

The amazing fusion of laser technology and the point defence tracking system.
It fire a very fast laser bolt at a great distance with nearly perfect precision.
The only downside is its cost and its low rate of fire making it not very good against swarm of missiles.

Specials :

User Posted Image

**Suicide bomb :**

A suicide device packed with a lot of explosive that can be detonated at will or when it gets near an enemy ship. The blast is so powerful that it will also heavily damage your own ships.

**EMP suicide bomb :**

A suicide device packed with overcharged battery cells that can be detonated at will or when it gets near an enemy ship. The blast is so powerful that it will also drain any energy on you ship in the area of effect.

**Suicide multi-missile bomb :**

Yes this one doe self-destruct too but instead of delivering a powerful damaging or draining blast all around it, it launch 5 short missiles towards its target. The missile have the same destructive force as regular ones but has less range and less fuel.
This weapon was mostly used by bombers for cheap hit and run tactic or by suicidal enormous ships to deal a ton of damage before the main fleet arrives.

**Detach bombs :**

Harmless mini bombs that self-destruct upon detecting an enemy ship to launch fighters.
There is 3 different versions coming in 3 different colors designing 3 different range at which they will detect an enemy ship for separation. You are still able to detonate them at will if needed.
Upon detonation they will destroy up to 3 blocks of structure all around it.
The impulse the detach bomb create upon detonation can be used to propel little asteroid or suicide ships without thrusters when packed on one point but it is not very effective in taking down ships.

**Tractor beams :**

One long range, one close range. This harmless reverse ion beam is capable of attracting any ship it touch. It was a powerful technology for months until they found a counter measure to it with bigger thrusters and engine rooms. It is still useful in few situations like pulling back an annoying kiter or going faster toward an enemy ships to ram it.

**Hook gun :**

When the target is turning too fast or when you want to think of yourself as a pirate boarding an enemy ship the hook gun is here. It fires a big close range iron arrow head that will attach your ship to the target.
It may occasionally be used to poke enemy ships.

Others :

User Posted Image

**Overcharged shield generator :**

After weaponizing the overcharged batteries the next step was to upgrade shields.
Luckily the overcharged batteries were stable enough to use them to power a shield generator.
It gave it 50% more range, 25% more resistance to damage, immunity to basic power draining weaponry and a wider shield arc.
This would have been the future of shield technology if it was not taking too much time to overcharge one battery or not draining everything around the shield generator when it explode.

**Layered armor block :**

This is a new type of armor that isn’t especially stronger than the regular armor but it can efficiently take a greater deal of punishment from heavy weapons.
The only down side is that it will go down faster against small fast firing weapons.

**Current 0.0.10.RC3 test guns :**

**Asgard plasma beam roof turret test :**

For anyone to see by themselves why roof beams is not a very stable technology.

**NOPE missile launcher :**

Coming from an evil mind, this weapon launch a special missile packed with few NOPES that no one would want inside their ships.
Imagine leisurely traveling through space and suddenly this thing hits you and a bunch of NOPES is starting to crawl inside your ship. Anyone with a sane mind would immediately self-destruct the ship.
Joke aside, this weapon is just a prototype that does not work as intended.

**Mine launcher :**

Tired of getting chased? The enemy ship does not stop ramming you? Then this weapon is for you! It launch a bunch of mines which will severely damage any ship getting in contact with it, even yours.
The mines may be targeted by point defence, they still pose a great threat and works very well with kiters.

**akinata big weapons**:

Light weapons :

User Posted Image

**Light cram cannon :**
A classic battleship 3 barrel cram cannon for when heavier guns are needed. It is the perfect fusion of the howitzer and the big cannon, launching bullets that explode on impact releasing metallic fragments that can penetrate any ship.
It is just a bit more costly on the number of shells used.

**ARC cannon :**

The first energy sniper ever made. Can take any shield or part it hit in one hit!
Its bullet can also penetrate shields but it will lose 50% of its damage potential each time it do so.
It may have a very long charging and reloading time but that is to be expected from a sniper like weapon.

**Dakka dakka gun :**

Release your inner ork and pour a bullet hell onto the enemy!
This weapon was created just for the pure satisfaction of firing alot of bullet in a very short time.
But be careful, the bullets are quite slow and each rotating barrels needs some time to recharge.

Medium weapons :

User Posted Image

**Destroyer cannon :**

A very large super cannon with an incredible range but slow rate of fire. It comes with a protective metallic cylinder that open or close whenever the weapon is ready to fire or not.
The originality of this weapon reside in the bullet it fires.

That bullet has 3 stages :

.The first stage is a self-propelled bullet that will guide itself toward its target. It has a medium area of effect and can push smaller ships on impact.
.In the second stage the main shell is released, losing its guided ability but increasing its area of effect and its damage versus shields.
.In the third stage the bullet will detonate and release several mini self-propelled missiles so that even if the main bullet missed the target it still has a chance of dealing some damage.

Each stages are set by a timer.

**Repeater :**

An enormous fixed 3 barrel Gatling gun that can fire repetitively howitzer shells at a great distance and with more force than a regular cannon, increasing the speed of the shell.
You may want to watch out for your factory placements as you will have to refill its ammo storage completely if you run out of ammo before being able to fire again.

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