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This is a list of the areas in Siberia region which you can choose for your hunting trip. Also, detailed information about these areas is displayed for your knowledge.

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  • Snowy taiga, misty forests, steep slopes, mountain ranges, waterfalls, caves... and much more is waiting to be explored by you! So, Diana Hunting offers 8 amazing areas that you can choose to hunt animals or to familiarize yourself with the place.

1) Yakutia Forest

Yakutia Forest

This area features the Verkhoyansk mountain range
that runs parallel and east of the Lena River,
forming a great arc that begins in the Sea of Okhotsk
located north. Along the banks of the Lena River
there are the Lena Pillars, a natural rock formation.
In the southwest is the Udachnaya pipe, an open-pit
mine that has diamond reserves. The Lena river divides
this forest, characterized by scattered coniferous trees
that make this an open area for newer hunters.
Hunting platforms are available throughout the forest
to keep the hunter safe.

2) Lake Baikal

Lake Baikal

This is the largest freshwater lake by volume and
located in a rift valley, created by the Baikal Rift
Zone, where the Earth's crust is slowly pulling apart.
The lake is surrounded by the Baikal Mountains on the
north shore and the Barguzin Range on the northeastern
shore. In addition, this lake is fed by inflowing rivers.
The small but tourist-wise village of Listvyanka is
located on the southwestern shore of Lake Baikal which
grew along with the development of navigation and
it is famous for its trade history.

3) Taymyr Island

Taymyr Island

This is a large island in the coast of the Kara Sea.
The climate in the interior of the island is harsh,
with frequent blizzards and low temperatures.
Siberian firs are the dominant plants of the island
biome, and can make vision difficult when hunting.
To the east is a small lake containing icebergs,
which can serve as a hunting stand.

4) Putorana Plateau

Putorana Plateau

A high-lying plateau crossed by mountain ranges at the
northwestern edge of the Central Siberian Plateau. The
Yenisey river divides the Western Siberian Plain in
the west from the Central Siberian Plateau to the east.
Most of the plateau is covered by taiga forests of
siberian larch, but in some areas you will find endemic
flowers covering the flats, especially in the highlands.
Mountain ridges are present in the southwest with
narrow passageways that could be a death trap for
hunters. To the southeast is the Talnikovy waterfall
which belongs to the highest Waterfalls on Earth.

5) Sayan Taiga

Sayan Mountains

This area is a mountain range of Alpine character
with good larch forests, but much steeper from
the center to the south. The vegetation in this
region is so dense that, together with the steep
slopes, it makes hunting even more difficult.
Part of the Yenisei River flows this taiga and
to the south is the Lake of mountain spirits.

6) Kamchatka Peninsula

Kamchatka Peninsula

known as the "land of fire and ice", the peninsula has
a high density of volcanoes and associated volcanic
phenomena, with many active volcanoes that caused
lava flows in the center. In this part, also, there is
a dead forest originated by the eruption of the
Tolbachik volcano. The topography is dominated by two
mountain chains which extend in a NE-SW direction
separated by the Central Kamchatka Depression, a deep
and wide valley. Kamchatka boasts abundant flora zones
where forests of pine and birch are dominant.

7) Ural Mountains

Ural Mountains

The Ural Mountains are a mountain range which
consists of a series of parallel ridges that
runs all over the east and west of the region.
In contrast to the abundant lowland forests,
the slopes and peaks have little vegetation.
All this area has very low temperatures and
features a fairly dense fog that makes it
difficult for hunters to see.

8) Altai Massif

Altai Mountains

This region is a mountain range that represents the
most complete sequence of altitudinal vegetation zones
in central Siberia: from steppe, forest-steppe, mixed
forest, subalpine vegetation to alpine vegetation.
The area is studded with large lakes and features a
great waterfall on the south. A slight mist is in the
north with humid coniferous forests and further east
there is a cave system. The southern part is
characterized by being a frozen taiga with slopes that
are extremely steep and difficult to access.

You know more about those areas...So, join to Diana Hunting Tours and hunt your biggest animal trophy.


Tormer: Project leader, mod title, maps, animal animations, hunter model and animations, trophy ship, supply ship, animal sound effects, binoculars, compass, wind indicator.

Jake Sutton AKA "Raptor Klaw": Menus, Animal Call SFX, modified animal skins, logo, ship voices, animal prices suggestion.

MurtBurt3: Weapons, Weapon descriptions for menus, bullet pictures.

Native Relax: Menu Soundtrack.

Ulquiorra and Paleop: Conifer trees.

AnAlpaca: Waterfalls.

ZTABC Team: Musk Deer, eagle-owl and Lynx models.

JimmyzHoopz: Wolf model.

Aurora Designs: Tiger, Snow Leopard and Moose models.

HENDRIX: Bear and Wild Boar models.

Ulquiorra: Wapiti model.

Tamara Henson: Siberian Ibex and Snow Sheep models.

IBCircuits: Programming.




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