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An overview of weapon forging in Arakion. One of the three pillars of character customization.

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Hey everyone!

With the demo closing in. I am going to begin posting youtube and twitch videos detailing separate aspects of Arakion. The first video covers the basics of weapon forging.

Each hero starts with nothing but the rags on their back and a gift from the Maker - knowledge enough to craft equipment that will strengthen them for their journey.

Weapons: A Hero's weapon is a unique bit of magic. A spear can be a magical spear that grants buffs to skill damage, or it could be a masterwork weapon of war. It all depends on how it got to be a spear: Every hero starts with nothing but their fists. Each time a hero wishes to forge a new weapon, they must choose from among several options. An option may improve magical ability, physical prowess or something else entirely. Even if a weapon is forged to something completely different, it keeps all of its old memories through the magic of the Maker.

Armour: A Hero starts with nothing but rags. Armour can be modified in two ways - by improving existing armour, or by adding new pieces. You might, for example, choose to add shoes to your outfit before upgrading to actual pants on your way to your first outfit!

Until next time!


alimux - - 53 comments

great job ! it's promising !

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Lavid Author
Lavid - - 60 comments

Thanks! I will have a demo out soon for everyone to get a good look at the game!

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taintedpyro813 - - 664 comments

Looks pretty cool :)

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