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This article contains my answers about most common criticisms for my "Age of DOOM" mod...

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WHY DID I WRITE THIS ARTICLE?: Since the release date of my "Age of DOOM" mod it was always criticized by some players due to its some elements. So I decided to write my answers for most common criticisms. Also I will give all readers some minor news. I will use "the related criticism and its answer" system.



C1: "Why do you still use medieval textures instead of original Doom textures? This just doesn't fit the whole Doom concept..."

  • ANSWER 1: This is true. You are right. However while I am good at level design (triggers, gameplay ideas, scenario designing etc...) I didn't improve myself enough to add new graphics from other games. You know that I am mostly the campaign (level) designer like I said in the "Credits" section. If Guyza and/or Gallas add Doom textures to the Age of Empires 2 game engine or if I improve my knowledge to add new textures from other games I may add them to my "Age of DOOM" mod later along with a new update.


C2: "The early campaign cutscenes last too long. Also they are boring. I don't want to waste my time by watching them. You could made them shorter..."

  • ANSWER 2: This is not a pure action mod like classic Doom games and traditional id Tech 1 Doom wads. This mod tries to tell a new story (and its own lore) along with the Age of Empires 2 game engine. This is a Half-Life style mod. It has a "slow start" to tell its story. This is not a "clear the map by killing all monsters" game. It has intense cinematic sequences in early game. After the Demon Invasion starts (Episode 2) this mod becomes much more action packed. However until the Demon Invasion starts this mod is cinematic. Also when you watch a science-ficton movie you will need to spend at least 2 hours. This mod's all cutscenes are much more shorter than that time period. Also if you focus the cutscenes to understand the plot I am sure that you won't get bored.
  • Also ike I said before only first 2 episodes contain intense cinematic sequences. Last 2 episodes are mostly action episodes like traditional Doom maps.


C3: "Some sound effects are too loud. Also I didn't like the dialogues. I didn't find dialogues Professional..."

  • ANSWER 3: You can lower the sound from Speakers without muting it. Also it is true that I am not a Professional science-fiction writer. I wrote dialogues to enjoy people and with my own perspective. However I tried to be realistic and logical while writing all episode lines.


C4: "I tried to read aloud the dialogues. However I couldn't catch them. They are very quick..."

  • ANSWER 4: Their times were adjusted for eye reading instead of loud reading. Also you can open "Chat" section of the game to read the dialogues again.


C5: "Doom is not a story based game. It is a pure action game like DOOM (2016) and DOOM Eternal games. This is a bullshit. Why are you trying to tell a story in a Doom mod? It is interrupting the Doom's pure action. I want to kill monsters in Doom. I don't want to listen a story..."

  • ANSWER 5: Each person has own perspective for a game (or a mod). My perspective is closer to "Tom Hall" perspective instead of "John Carmack" perspective. This is my preference. However after the Demon Invasion starts in Episode 2 this mod becomes much more action packed like original Doom games.


Dead Boring

C6: "The top comment..."

  • ANSWER 6-1: The Guest said that the pleasure of shooting is gone. My answer is that each game engine has its own advantages and disadvantages. The Age of Empires 2 game engine is not a shooter engine. However it has some advantages against id Tech 1 engine in some portions (along with its disadvantages). My suggestion is trying my mod to experience its all advantages and disadvantages yourself. You can also watch my some youtube videos to see this engine's advantages (and disadvantages). I mean that this mod is a different taste or a different fruit. If id Tech 1 is an apple then this one is a pear.
  • ANSWER 6-2: Also the Guest said that no RTS either. This is wrong. The ancestor mod of my mod (Vampire Revenge)is a RTS mod. My "Age of DOOM" mod is a storytelling campaign mod. However it is possible to make new RTS scenarios with the resources of "Vampire Revenge" mod or my "Age of DOOM" mod. Even if I want I can make a new Doom RTS campaign right now.
  • ANSWER 6-3: Also the Guest said that you need to reselect your unit again each time for the next command. Because this mod is made with the Age of Empires 2 game engine. However after you reselect your unit many times reselecting your unit will become automatically. You will start to do everything automatically. You need to warm up to this mod by playing it. Also it is not a big deal. The controls are easy. Players can enjoy from this mod easily in my opinion. [The rest of the Guest's comment was answered in my previous answers...}


Tutorial Hard

C7: "Tutorial is nearly impossible..."

  • ANSWER 7: Tutorial was quite hard for the first time players in mod's v1.0 release. But after mod's v1.1 update Tutorial became easier for all newcomer players. Players can finish the current Tutorial v1.25 easily.


C8: "I couldn't figure out what do I need to do and/or the mod is too difficult..."

  • ANSWER 8: First of all before starting to play my mod you need to read "Gameplay Hints and Tactics" article to understand its logic. Also players need to start from the "Tutorial" campaign at first instead of starting from others. Also full playthrough videos are available for this mod in "Full Playthrough" article of the "Article Guide" to get help from them if you too stuck during the gameplay .


C9: "RTS engine is not suitable for a shooter game or a Doom game. This is impossible. There will be engine limitations. So this is madness..."

  • ANSWER 9: The Age of Empires 2 engine is not a standard RTS engine. You can think it like Warcraft 3 custom scenarios. There are tons of possibilities with the Age of Empires 2 game engine along with UserPatch v1.5 and tons of utilities. This engine gives players best possibilities along with the Warcraft 3 custom map possibilities. You can click HERE for more.


C10: "The mouse control is boring for a shooter mod. I don't want to reselect and command units again and again with a mouse. You need to reselect and command your unit again each time for the next task. This is boring..."

  • ANSWER 10: When you drive a car you need to give a signal many times due to traffic rules. Giving a signal looks too hard at the beginning. However giving a signal becomes automatically after some repeat. You can think this one like the signal situation. They are same. Also you can read my ANSWER 6-3 again.

Click HERE to visit my "Age of DOOM" mod page.


this dev is providing something for free to you and if you don't like it don't play it. that is about everyhing i have to say about this. the nerve of some people critizing someone who gives something that takes effort to make on their own away for free,... i really don't get it. how about these ppl reach out and ask to help?

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Well said. Modding should first and foremost be about having fun creating something that you yourself like to play. That will not be to everyone's taste, but such is life.

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