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The following is infomation on the Anshari, what is this species, what is their role in the future of Evolution. All shall be reveled

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Hello. I am Elite222 as you already know. Currently you know of the Andvari and our own species; Humanity. However, there is a third species that you have to learn about. The Anshari. The Anshari are a species that is actualy much older than the Andvari and Humans. But have a slow evolution progress.

The Anshari are a dark people. They're believes are twisted and horrifing that would make even the toughest of human soldiers vomit. The Anshari believe in combining their own people into creating massive hive minds. Other than that their culture is unknown to even the Andvari. The Andvari were horrified by the Anshari when they first made contact. Sparking the Anshari/Andvari war out of fear. While the Anshari were advanced they didnt believe in warfare and violence. But ever lasted unity in a utopia socity. However their utopian vision is twisted and horrifiying. The Andvari eventualy won the war and forceably exiled the Anshari for a millena. However, the Anshari will return. More twisted then they were before.

What is their role in the future?:
Well the Anshari's twisted and inhuman culture returning to known space forces fear into humans. However no matter what the Anshari want to intergrate every species into their utopia, when the UTS Goverment refused the Anshari declared war. The Anshari are similar to the Ori from Stargate but their culture is more inhuman then the Ori and their technology is still primitive compared to them. But, history tends to repeat itself if you dont learn your mistakes from your past...

The Anshari will be explained more indept in Evolution II: The Anshari War.


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