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First off check this out:

Special Equipment

Hello, Dwayne Douglass, lead designer on Killing, My Friend again. We just released our trailer as you can see above so this will be a short feature. As we revealed in our last feature, the standard load out consists of one primary weapon in the Primary Weapon slot, one sidearm in the Sidearm slot, a single knife and one piece of Special Equipment in the Equipment slot. So I wanted to talk about Special Equipment, what they are and how they work.

Special Equipment come in two flavors but they all take up the same equipment slot. They either enhance the player and your abilities or survivability or they enhance the weapons you carry. If a piece of Special Equipment that enhances weapons is chosen they will enhance any weapon that can use said enhancement (Silencers won’t work on knives for example. They are already silent!) Special Equipment allow further customization to your play style which is the backbone of Killing, My Friend as each enhances a different area of gameplay. Some will help to keep you alive longer, some will make you more deadly and some can help out in a pinch.

All Special Equipment is chosen before the game starts but can be dropped and changed on the fly during gameplay as well so you aren’t stuck with one if the situation changes and you decide to change it up. The enemies use Special Equipment too so you can pry it from their cold dead fingers in a pinch.

Much like the weapon classes, fans of Action Half-Life will find these very familiar although some of them have added benefits not seen in our mod. So here they are:

Silencer: When equipped, this weapon attachment eliminates muzzle flash and reduces gunshot sounds significantly. Cannot be equipped on either shotgun, the Magnum, the Magnum Semi-Auto, the Assault Rifle or the Western Six Shooters. When equipped the player does not show up on the radar when firing silenced weapons. Large reduction in Enemy AI detection.

Bulletproof Vest: When equipped it reduces damage when hit in the body. Also negates all bleeding damage taken from body hits. Thrown knives damage is reduced but they ignore its bleeding effect protection.

Bandolier: When equipped ammo capacity is doubled. Doubles the Primary Weapon slot to allow the player to select and carry up to two Primary Weapons. Allows dual wielding of Submachine Guns. (That means you can carry five pistols mister!)

Quick-Draw Holster: When equipped player can quickly swap between weapons by reducing draw animations significantly and eliminating any re-holster animations. Slightly reduces reload times on sidearms.

Laser Sight: When equipped this weapon attachment significantly reduces the movement accuracy modifier. Allows better accuracy to run-and gun. When used by enemies, can cause momentary flare that will slightly blind players. Cannot be equipped on either shotgun, the Western Six-Shooters or DMR.

Grenade: The grenade is the “oh crap the team is about to wipe” weapon and can be purchased with fame during the course of the game. But it can also be selected from the Special Equipment menu. When chosen as Special Equipment, it’s the only way to obtain a grenade at the start of a game. Big bada boom.

And that’s it for this feature. Next up is how we make a Samurai sword, a Thompson Contender or even a flame thrower fit into our weapon class system with Weapon Mods and Weapon Mod Combos. Keep a look out for it!

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Sweet stuff, I enjoyed the trailer a lot.

Keep it up, guys!

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TKAzA - - 3,154 comments

Action HL Rocked, all the best with this!

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Hard-BoiledSoftware Author
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