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Events of the Andvari Empire after the Vega Ceasefire Agreement. This will explain all of their political and war events from 2313 to 2345.

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September 5th 2313:
-Emperor Amun the First signs the Vega cease fire agreement proposed by the United Terran Systems.

December 25th 2315:
-The Amun family is killed off in a assasination campaign, Emperor Hedetet takes the throne and disbands the Imperal goverment

March 10th 2315:
-The Parlament Andvari Empire is founded, the Council of Elders runs the goverment as the emperor is just a authority figure

-Rebel activity and terriorist attacks arise throughout PAE space. The Imperal Navy is spread thin. Causing economic damage to the PAE's imperal treasury.

-Phase Shield technology is discovered. All PAN fighters and bombers are equipt with this new technology.

-The Honderi Resistance is founded west of the Andvari Empire and wage full war againts the PAE goverment.

-Proton Beam technology is discovered, allowing the development of the new artiliary destroyer design. Replacing Mefdef destroyers.

-Honderi forces take the Aten Nebula from the Andvari.

-The PAE and UTS sign the Centaur peace treaty. The Great War era begins.

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