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One of the most popular MOD of Red Alert 3 currently in China: Armor Rush. AR has been developed for almost 5 years since 2013. Now, AR is coming on MODDB! Welcome to discuss in discord: Yuy9z3R

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Brief introduction:

Allied Sub-Factions:

1. Hawk Eye
An Allied faction concentrates on air forces. With anti-vehicles planes like "Valkyrie", they can annihilate enemy's entire armored forces. Upgrades on warplanes could ensure their advantage in air battles and air-to-ground supports.

Unique units: Nightingale, Valkyrie, Harbinger Gunship

A high-tech Allied faction that specializes in cryo and Chrono weapons. NEMESIS' stealth technology can turn their soldiers into great threats to the enemy and conceal their bases. However, NEMESIS lacks heavily armored vehicles.

Unique units: Neptune Tank, Canvasser, Chrono Legionnaire, Ares

Japan Sub-Factions:

1. Kagerou
A deadly army consists of kamikaze troops and vehicles. With their high maneuverability, Kagerou troops can strike where the enemy is weakest. The most powerful kamikaze unit could even create a nuclear explosion.

Unique units: Class-L Sudden Transport, Shadow Ronin

2. Tenkei
A powerful artificial intelligence army which mainly depends on Tenkei Mother Ships, massive flying fortress which could provide nano core construction. Tenkei has two technology trees: one focuses on cannons, and the other on aircraft. Each unlocks different units for construction.

Unique units: Tenkei Mothership, A-Wing, U-wing, Yamato

Soviet Sub-Factions:

1. KGB
The old intellignce agency of Soviet Union, which has transformed into a strike force. KGB mainly use toxin & tesla weapons and is able to build tesla tanks. The range of KGB weapons are limited prior to tier 3, meaning they often engage enemies in close quarter battles.

Unique units: Tesla Storm Troop, Tesla Tank, Badger, Pavlichenko

2. Scarlet Crescent
A China-based faction which holds strong fire powers. Scarlet Crescent's Type 59 tank could be modified for different combat scenarios. Their armored vehicles can deal great damage in a short time, but they are vulnerable against air strikes.

Unique units: Flametrooper, Mortar Cycle, TongGong, Type-59 Tank, Overlord Tank, Katyusha


  1. Armor Rush is still developing. AI of Tenkei & Scarlet Crescent are not available, so choosing them in skirmish battle could cause game crash.
  2. Tenkei might not suitable for those who hate Japanese animations and voices.


  1. Thanks to all who have helped us to make this mod.
  2. Japanese voices of Tenkei units are extracted from animation Arpeggio of Blue Steel.
  3. Painter of in-game cover pages and new textures: Link Nov
  4. Main model suppliers: Yifeng, suvzi
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