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Hello Ninjas! In this post we go over the new updates and features that are now live!

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Hello Ninjas!

In this post we go over the new updates and features that are now live


Deadly enemy ninjas are now roaming the world! All AI enemies are divided into one of these ranks: D-Rank, C-Rank, B-Rank, A-Rank and S-Rank. They higher the rank, the more powerful they are, with S-Rank being insanely hard even for groups. Each AI is placed into a separate zone based on rank. Should you dare provoke them, they will hunt you down, so be careful!
Our plan going forward is to make AI smarter and improve combat awareness. In the future, we plan to add world bosses with special mechanics and behavior patterns.


In this update we have moved from a small scale testing area to a full size world map. While still in it's infancy stage, the map will serve as a baseline for every landscape update going forward.
In addition, we have made a brand new village, serving as the starting area and where most of the instructors can be found. The village walls serve as protection from enemy camps just around the corner. The plan right now is to incrementally update the village architecture and introduce new activities in the vicinity.


Target-based spells that also have movement effects will now bring you closer to the target, making it much easier to land abilities! This also includes some regular taijutsu-based spells regardless if they require a target or not.
This is one of the experimental features we enable with hopes of striking a good skill balance between target-based and action combat. We plan on change and improve many similar features in the future so stay tuned!
Another much needed improvement that received an overhaul was air-control. You can now more easily control your character while in the air, giving you a bit more precision and predictability in combat. We plan on building upon this system and enable air-combat with combo-like abilities.


We now have a launcher! You don't have to manually download each new update any longer, we got you covered. You can find the download link on our Discord server, or from our IndieDB page.


Ninshu Online v0.5 is now live and we invite you to download the game and try it out!

If you're new to Ninshu Online, you can check out our Youtube Channel where we post new updates.

Check out the Madara Challenge where we take on the roaming S-Rank ninja.

Check out the new PvP video showcasing new and updated combat mechanics.

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