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There are going to be many features for this mod to come. Read the content to see what you will be getting.

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Features For The Alpha Reborn Project

The Mod:
New Main Menu.
New Loading Menu.
New Name.
Reworked Speach.
New Character Picture.
New blood splatter.
MP5's Ands Double Barrel Shotguns Go Into Pistol Slot.

Feature To Come:
New Storyline.
Weapons Tweaked For Real Damage.
Reworked Weather System.
New Sounds.
Money Lootable From Bodies.
Better Npc AI.
Npc's Carry More Necessary Items. (I mean such as they will carry more food, ammo and medical supplies as anyone would.)
Old And New Cars. (Mostly old)

There will be more new feature to come.

Re-Textured Weapons:
Not many of the weapons are re-trexture so far.

New Weapons:
M14 (Developed By: Stalker Wpn Community)

Derranged: Scripter/Texture Designer/Project Leader.
LoNer1: Texture Designer.

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